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References essay

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As a teacher, what is references essay better -- in class work or homework?As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I agree that this decision depends on master, the grade level; it also depends on the level of engagement of the class, the references, project or activity, and business the ability of the class. Class work that engages students in working together to achieve a goal or discuss an issue is excellent at any level. References! However, often students need to complete research or at least do some assigned reading before they can effectively engage in this work. In. I agree that this decision depends on the grade level; it also depends on the level of engagement of the class, the project or activity, and the ability of the class. Class work that engages students in working together to arabic translation achieve a goal or discuss an issue is excellent at any level. However, often students need to complete research or at least do some assigned reading before they can effectively engage in this work. In some classes, it makes sense even to supervise reading or writing, but as students progress, they will need to do some of this reading or writing outside of class.

I am aware that some writing instructors require all writing to be done in class, at the very least the rough draft, in order to essay prevent plagiarism or other kinds of cheating. Certainly some writing should be done in class so that that teacher becomes aware of the student's writing ability or even sees how some students struggle to begin an essay. But requiring all written work to be completed in coursework b junior cert science, class prevents students with a flair for writing or an interest in being creative from doing their best work. They may need time to linger, time to references essay daydream, and time to hesitate and download start over references essay before they can do their best writing. I know that as a student I would have hated having to master thesis song complete all my essays in references essay, class. (I am referring to high school and middle school here.) At the college level, of course, it just isn't practical to have students complete their writing in class. My writing example is only one small example; there are many more depending on the subject matter and often depending on the school and the class. The answer to the original question depends on a myriad of factors. It is crucially important for the teacher to know his or her students well and to know what they are capable.

We should certainly hold the arabic, bar high and expect students who are capable of references essay, doing so to put in time outside class. But we also need to understand the needs of those students who need our help and essay who need the nurturing environment of the references, classroom in order to even begin the work. I prefer class work over assigning homework. Traditionally, I have discovered that the students who truly need to practice for improvement of their comprehension and brown graduate skills neither utilize the references, time, nor the brown creative graduate, opportunity to seek such an improvement. These students simply copy, or attempt to copy, the references essay, answers provided by cert those students who do not necessarily need the references essay, additional opportunities. Higher English Writing Tips! Even when I assign complete synthesis-level work, students still manage to references exhaust significant energy attempting to modify another student's work in hopes of passing it off as their own. I've discovered, unfortunately, that homework assignments lead to office referrals more often than I would like. Plan! I also believe that class work is not only advantageous for students, but is also an optimal time for teacher assessment and evaluation. Much can be discerned by simply watching the facial expressions and body language of a student attempting to work through a grammar exercise or literary analysis.

A teacher can read the cues from the boy or girl in need and references use that time as an opportunity to provide him or her with much needed individual engagement. Lastly, class work allows teachers to create a forum-based instructional atmosphere. When students are allowed to arabic work in cooperative environments (similar to real-life), they are provided with learning opportunities that are unmatched elsewhere. A guided lesson, with collective student involvement, allows for multiple learning/teaching moments. I feel that both are important to building not only knowledge and references classroom skills, but basic life skills. Class work can help our students learn more about prioritizing and self-control.

I can't talk to Suzy right now because this assignment is due at the end of the essay arabic translation, period. Homework also has its social benefits because it teaches personal responsibility and work ethic. Students learn that their education is in their hands as well and that putting things off to the last minute is not in their best interest. Of course, homework also has all the benefits of classwork from that perspective. I feel that another important benefit of classwork, however, is that students who don't understand the material don't have to flounder on references, their own. The teacher, being present, can assist and business plan answer questions, redirect distracted students back to the task at hand, and there is little to essay no chance of them losing or losing the work, so it can be handed in higher english creative writing, with little or no trouble. However, I do feel that the references essay, amount of essay, classwork you assign should be less than the amount of homework you assign.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that students learn to depend on themselves and not on teachers or parents as a sole source of information. References Essay! Too many students are coddled almost irreparably - they act like they don't know how to voices self book function without someone there to hold their hands. References! It's crazy! Homework is generally something I give to reinforce what we have learned: to give students the opportunity to practice. In theory, I like classwork better because I can be there to provide some support and guidance, and sometimes teachable moments present themselves in discussion that makes the material in the lesson more memorable. Tying new information to the debate of an idea with other students allows that material to attach itself more easily to our long-term memory. Different students will interpret work (I teach English) in different ways; this is not to coursework science say they are wrong, but interpretation is a wonderful thing in English class. We can study a character and essay with the input of others during discussion, realizes things about a character or a plot that might not have occurred to us on english creative tips, our own.

It also gives us a chance to know each other better as people and develop a class identity. Homework, when it is references completed by the student, helps instill the content more deeply within the student's memory (we hope), and allows that student to think independently. However, given the choice, I like the hands-on feel of interacting with students while doing classwork together. As a teacher, what is cert better -- in class work or homework? I am a firm believer that in-class work is more effective. I feel this way because I've done both! In my first few years of teaching I relied HEAVILY on references essay, homework, and though I had good intentions of going over it again in class, I found that classtime got away from me often. Coursework Cert! I now use in class work more often. This is better for the following reasons: 1) It allows the students to do the work immediately after hearing the lesson, increasing the references, chances that they will connect the practical use of that knowledge to their prior knowledge. 2) It allows for me to essay interact with them and help them in the moment of their question.

3) It allows for the option of group work, and we all know that collaborative learning is essay key for students. The only downfall to this, in coursework cert, my opinion, is with large class numbers. I have used this with classes of 11 and essay with classes of 34, and it works well with both, but the larger classes do require more management during work time. Business! There is a fundamental difference in purpose between homework and classwork. I believe that class time is a precious scarce resource, and anything done in class has to be carefully chosen. I use class time for assignments in references, which I want to guide my students, or when I want to be able to provide support as they work independently. I also use classwork when I want to give students the essay arabic, option of working together or helping one another. Another reason for references essay using classwork is to ensure that it is the student’s own work. In class, you can control the access to resources and watch the translation, process. This prevents students from copying or having someone else do the work, or getting help.

If I grade an assignment, I want to references know the conditions in which it was created. I think homework should be used for activities that need extensive resources, or that require more time than can be taken in class. Higher Creative! Homework should be practice, and references essay should be able to be done independently. Homework that a student cannot do on his or her own defeats the purpose. It only reinforces errors and brown creative graduate program creates negative feelings and stress for the student. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework?

Definitely in class work. References Essay! My classroom is the primary place for the students to be learning the content I have been assigned. In the classroom they have the benefit of plan, my knowledge as well as the references essay, ideas and cooperation of their peers. In addition some of the basic resources that are available in my classroom (dictionaries and reference materials, computers, even art supplies) just are available in the homes of many of my students. While homework is a useful tool, I think the more we become determined to do our job in the classroom, not relying on their parents or that time outside, but doing my job in brown creative graduate program, the time alloted, the better teacher I become. I want my students also to be well rounded and they need their time at home to be with family and friends and participating extracurricular activities. I think it is a bigger challenge for teachers to teach their content without relying on homework, but I think it makes for essay better teaching and learning. This seems to depend on the grade level, doesn't it? In elementary school, when we learn things elementary like writing and reading, it seem to make more sense to have supervised practice in the basic skills that still require us to use developing motor-skills ( the scissor and glue projects). High schoolers are more independent, and if we shift into college (my class room), we often have a high percentage of essay, students who may take a course because its required and they may be only interested to do the amount of work that it takes to references essay pass.

Homework is a good way to give students who want to master excel the opportunity to references essay shine and invest extra time in something that interests them, while others may really be just pragmatic in their approach. For me this is really hard to determine in the class room, so I do rely on homework assignments. And then there are always different learning styles and translation some students learn better in class than others who may be quiet or shy. But, hey, there is always extra-credit homework if in doubt. Neither in-class work nor homework can be summarily dismissed from the teacher/learner arsenal but for references essay me the chief emphasis must fall on in-class work.

There the engagement is (hopefully) immediate and concrete (as in everyone is in the room or space together) and there is collaborative work being done. But as has been ably said in other posts high school students need more time and independent space in which to reflect on what is being learned. so work at home which connects and seques from that in class expereince is probably mandated. If the in-class learning engaged then it will engender at home continuity. Brown Program! It may even prompt extension learning and enquiry. What is anathema to me is homework that simply exists in essay, isolation or is designed to enable students to cover the curriculum content that has not been dealt with properly in voices of the self book, class. Homework cannot compensate for a lack of in references, class engagement. Self! Heaven forfend homework as extra credit. The issue of classwork or homework must turn on the level of difficulty the essay, course itself presents. For gifted or advanced placement students, a certain amount of self directed study is paramount to success. In those instances, a substantial amount of homework should be assigned; but it must not be busy work; it must be directed towards a meaningful learning experience that can augment lessons taught during class.

For less motivated or less gifted students; homework serves little purpose other than drill and practice. Such work quickly becomes boring, and it is easy for kids to procrastinate. Also, there is not the coursework, opportunity for interaction with the teacher should questions present themselves. In such a situation, homework should be kept to a respectable minimum. Under such a circumstance, failure to complete homework or failure to submit correct homework should not on its own be grounds for failure. While I remember having lots of homework as a high school student (early 90s), my children (7th and references essay 8th graders) do not. I also, as a teacher, do not assign much homework. I have a few reasons for this. First, when my children actually have homework, I find it relatively difficult to thesis song remember how to do some of the things they are working on.

I cannot tell you how many times I have called a fellow teacher, in a field outside of mine, to help ME with my childrens' homework. Second, especially in the high school atmosphere, students have very busy lives. Work, extra-curricular activities, and social activities take up much of our children and students' lives. Lastly, I find that work is completed better if it is actually done in essay, the classroom. Students can ask questions and get immediate answers.

While some may disagree, I believe that homework is something to be completed if they could not complete the work in class. Master Thesis! I generally prefer classwork to homework, because then I am available to answer questions and help students when they get stuck. I am intrigued by the new philosophy from companies like the Khan Academy. Their idea is to flip the traditional classroom model so that the lectures are watched at references essay, home through video links like Youtube, and then the homework is done in brown creative graduate program, class so that instructors will be available to help. This solves the problem of the student who goes home and gets lost and does it wrong and is twice as confused when he gets back to school the next day. I will start to implement that next year in my classroom partially, because the idea makes sense to me. Just think of all the references, reteaching time we could save if we could catch misconceptions in the classroom right after the essay arabic translation, first question on the topic! In recent years, I have tended to essay focus more on in class work, and towards almost entirely essay questions. For one thing, I can monitor their progress and tutor individuals for concept retention and creative graduate program understanding, that way I can tell where the class is at. The second reason, unfortunately, is that academic dishonesty in the public schools is epidemic, with almost no social stigma anymore.

If I send work home with them, even if it's for an essay, I can generally count on the majority (yes, majority) of students cheating/copying their work. It's an unfortunate reality in the modern school, so rather than turn my assignments into what Theodore Sizer called The conspiracy of the least, where they pretend to learn, and references we pretend we're teaching them, I like to thesis keep my work in class. I generally consider classwork as more important, but I cherish the unguided input I get on written assignments I give as homework. I love setting homework with a focus on essay, students' interests, and master song as a literature teacher, am often able to. I now find myself setting more and more of references, my written assignments during class however, for the above reasons of plagiarism (when the question is more related to the specific text than personal opinion), and also because of academic pressure. English Creative! I work in a private school, and the students do have a lot of essay, homework; I'm now resorting to capping the time students should spend on assignments, as some students are spending such excessive amounts of time on them (not that many though! :) Both kinds of work clearly have their benefits and their drawbacks. I tend to like classwork better when I am teaching lower-level students and homework more for higher-level (in terms of self book, skills) students. The great thing about classwork is that students cannot simply copy it from one another. This is essay a major drawback with homework. It also makes it possible for the teacher to monitor the students and to see where they are having problems. The good thing about homework is that it does not deprive you of precious class time.

You can actually do more in class that will enrich your students. Science! Also, it prepares students for the levels of out-of-class work that they will need to do in college. As a math teacher, both classwork and essay homework have equal value. After presenting a concept in class, my students usually work several problems on the board as classwork. Then, if time permits, they begin their homework. The goal, however, is essay translation not to finish the assignment before leaving. It simply gives students time to essay ask a few questions after they have started their homework independently. I think that homework is a MUST in any subject.

It gives the student an opportunity to english creative writing digest the material that was presented in class. It informs the student, parents, and teacher of the references, student's long range understanding of the concept(s). I think that they are both very valuable. Yes, with in-class work you are there to help. You see immediately who struggles and where he/she struggles.

You get the instant feedback. Homework is fantastic if used correctly. Too many people view homework as busy work. For me, it is an opportunity for students to think on their own. They do not have or the other students for help. Higher English Creative Tips! They need to know where and how to references essay get help if they need. They need to figure the work out on their own! I see the value in book, both, again, as long as we as teachers value their importance and create worthwhile assignments. Recently I've attended conferences related to mobile devices in the classroom and using a Learning Management System (e.g. Moodle). Teachers are really moving into essay, online learning within the classroom.

It seems like students benefit more by viewing the lesson at home through a LMS and then having homework help in class by plan download the teacher/assistants, etc. Essay! No one in song, my school has tried that, but next year we are doing a 1 to 1 iPad initiative for our 4th grade students and they'll do more online learning-viewing the lessons at home, communicating through Moodle, homework in school. Different types of work are more effective in different scenerios. References! I teach college so the classroom is used for lecture and business plan download discussion. These focus on the week's topic, clarification of references essay, concepts, and current events. Written assignments and arabic translation reading of relevant material in preparation for class are best done outside of the classroom. Giving a brief in-class writing assignment early in the semester is helpful so that you have a sample of essay, each student's writing ability to b junior cert science compare to out-of-class writing assignments to ensure that each student is doing his own work. I believe the best learning occurs within the classroom environment. Essay! Students can share knowledge with one another and brown graduate help one another to greater understanding.

Work completed at home should be, predominately, prepatory for in-class discussions or assessments. The other use of homework is for practice of skills. References Essay! In class students are taught to song do a skill and references essay then they are asked to practice it at home at night. Real learning, though, happens in the classroom where students have access to a teacher to aid their learning and to challenge their thinking. I generally feel the need to give enough homework to start the next day with some anticipation of creative writing program, things to come. If students are prepared to do something based on their homework or talk about what they've read, we have someplace to start. Sometimes that's not necessary, but many times it gives students a sense of the purpose for the day before I even say a word.

I agree that homework is problematic when students feel no need to do their own work. This lack of confidence and trust is one of the most discouraging changes in teaching I've experienced. At the elementary level, students should have the opportunity to essay practice during class with the guidance of a teacher. Creative Program! After a skill is taught and practiced with the essay, guidance of a teacher, the students can be asked to do the skill independently. Sometimes this is done during center time, other times it is assigned as homework. Self! With homework, it can be difficult to know if the student is actually the one who does the assignment.

For those students who actually do complete the work themselves, it is a beneficial way to practice skills. I agree with litelle209 's observations about how the relative importance of class work and homework may shift as students advance and mature. In my own experiences as a student, particularly from high school onward, I believe that I learned (and retained what I learned) mostly from homework or individual study. With the continued expansion of asynchronous online learning, I can imagine that the importance of homework or individual study will only continue to essay grow. English! As an English teacher, I really think that reading and word-processing should be done at home. Students should be able to write in class, so that their teacher can help them with whatever they need, but they shouldn't type in class. That is something that can be done at references, home. As far as reading goes, I think the students should be able to read now and again for master thesis big chunks of essay, time - at least 25 -30 minutes, depending on the interest and maturity of the kids. That is something that has to be gauged by the teacher.

I too prefer a healthy dose of classwork because it engages the student in master, activities during class and takes the onus off of me to be giving information while they passively sit and essay supposedly sponge it up. Homework is necessary as some items must be completed on students time. While all the business plan download, observations about the copying and references essay source of work stand as obstacles, the reality is that a healthy balance between class and home work is the best way that I have found for essay translation my class. Essay! In general, I prefer classwork, though I do assign homework. There have been some strong arguments for classwork and concerns raised about homework. One argument against homework that has always stuck with me was expressed on brown program, Dan Meyer's blog, found here: He points out that the kids that are most likely to do the homework are the ones that are least likely to need the practice. Hope this helps, In the UK, math work undertaken at home or in free time has been completely abandoned for math qualifications at age 16. (GCSE) Results were going higher and references higher and there was no certainty about how much help the candidates were getting. Also, when you think about it, it might not be the fairest system - for example some students had parents rich enough to voices self pay for tutors to help their kids. Now it's class work and exam only.

I tend to think the work we do together as a class is the most important, but if students aren't reading and interacting with the world of references essay, books and writing on their own, it is very difficult to accomplish what we hope to in class. I just hesitate to place too much emphasis on homework because I think there are too many demands on our students' time already. Of The Self! No matter what it is, homework or classwork, it is important to remember to collect and grade and give immediate feedback to the students. It must be meaningful and not busy work. Most importantly, the students need practice in essay, writing and reading for meaning. Writing Graduate Program! So, no matter what is references essay assigned, it is essay arabic good for the students to gain practice in those areas. Essay! Teachers need to use a combination of in-class work and homework. You are never going to get everything done in class. But you should not let students do everything at home, because you can't control the voices of the self, environment or how original the work is. Well, grade level is key.

Personally I've never been a fan of homework. If you have enough time in references, class, I say finish up the lesson in the room. I say leave the homework to the projects and outside reading. Of The Self! Classwork is so much better. First of all a lot of times students fail to do their homework. With class work they have to do it because they are in school and being monitered by references essay teachers. Essay Arabic! Second a lot of references essay, families have busy lives.

Homework adds stress to the situation. Also if kids have a lot of home work then they cant spend times doing the things they love. Finally, kids enjoy classwork more. Business! Have you ever had a class that didn't complain about homework? I think that teachers should always give their student miminal homework, but a lot of classwork. Since I am teaching at primary school, I would say I enjoy in class work a little more. The interaction with the references essay, students and seeing their effort makes me very happy. Higher Creative Tips! However I would say homework gives me pleasure when I see something that I had not expected from a student while they were in classroom. So I believe that they are both needed somehow. ) For me as a student I believe in class work is better because you can be hands on essay, with your teachers and other students, but I also believe that homework gives you a little extra practice without anyones help to let you know that you understand what you have been taught. I agree that classwork is of better learning value than homework.

Sadly, this is because it is so easy for the student's homework to be done either by someone else or through technology help. Therefore, most of the essay arabic, homework I assign is either reading or assignments of smaller weight. Essay! As an English teacher, I would rather it take us a week in class to write an essay so that I can be sure it is the student's best work than have them write it at home overnight and always wonder about it. Definetly classwork because not only are you able to master thesis see how sutends work independently, you see you they take their time and/or cooporate with other students if it is a group work. For all we know, homework could be done of the interent or with a great deed of help from the parent! Personally I feel that classwork is better so to speak, but they both have their need a child's education. At school, the teacher is able to monitor while the child is working and help clear up any confusion.

Then you're able to determine what needs to be done for each child individually regarding them with particular skills. References! Homework may or may not be attempted and/or correct. I do think it's important for children to get extra practice in the form of homework, and it also is a chance for their parent to be involved in their education. In my classroom, I teach as if the child has no one at home to help him/her and not to depend on their homework completion to determine if they know the skills. Most of my homework entails study guides for most subjects so they get that last minute refresher before assessments. If you research Marzano this should help you gain a stronger grasp on the importance of homework. Writing! As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? As a student, I see both of them as important.

Class work provides understanding of the material and homework provides practice on solving different types of essay, problems using what I already learned in class. Essay Translation! I prefer for a classwork because you can monitor your students that they are the one who really works for their classwork, unlike for a homework the parents will do the homework and the student will just watch the television. . .pmp courses , pmp certification. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? As a student I find it easier to understand the topic the teacher is well teaching us via classroom discussions. Essay! Yet at the same time in-class work mostly includes just copying down from the board and self most students to not click with the topic being explained, this is in Australia anyway. Although homework is also good but it takes up time and I find it hard to do the things I love to do even when i manage my time to the exact second.

My advice would be this, make in-class work interactive and fun (fun as in the age group you are teaching) and set at reasonable amount of homework. Classwork, because the student can recieve gelp from the teacher. I don't think it is a matter of drawbacks rather a matter of perks. Classroom work can cultivate many new learning spaces, a culture of understanding and essay sharing, group involvement and brown writing program social activity. I love varying my students individual/partner/group classroom work and seeing what works best for that environment. Essay! Of course, I find it is always the assignment that determines what type of work is needed. Any project or assignment that requires multiple days to complete, I like to vary both home and class work. Voices Book! I have certain checkpoints that students need to make which allow me to check the quality of the work before they move on to the next stage.

Completed checkpoints are usually rewarded with marks, and students who do not complete them must continue working on essay, their current stage of the project without checkpoint marks, putting in extra effort in business, class (which is monitored) to make the next checkpoint. I like using this method because it varies the two, and allows myself to monitor both classroom and home work. In a sense, it also helps to condition students to the quality of homework needing to be produced. And in references essay, the end, contributes to better overall product. I teach in an inter-city schools, and when I tried to give the students homework, only 3 out of 30 kids did the homework for each of my classes. In-class activities work better for arabic the students to references essay explore a particular subject matter, rather than homework (in my case, because they don't always do the homework - the kids who do the homework are the plan, ones who already understand the subject matter). It is good to send out a homework but for me, it is only for extra credit. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? My advice is both are good .But students can gain more in class work because they get help of references essay, their teacher ,and clarify their doubts.

Both types of song, work are important in almost all levels. Essay! In first year, grade 9 classes, I emphasize in class work and it is important, especially with my less capable students. As the year progresses, I give increments of homework that increase over time, as I work with students to develop independent working skills, reading skills, and responsibility. I am planning more in-class essays, timed writing as well as revised writings, with my students, including my college bound senior students. With the upper level students, this allows me opportunities to deliver and ask students to coursework b junior cert science practice more strategies in writing, for pre-writing to final drafting, as well as to observe students writing and see their true abilities as well as hear their voices in their work. The use of Internet sources for critical essays, thesis ideas, critical views of works, and examples of references essay, support, as well as pieces of creative writing, is becoming increasingly dominant in our classes. Students see these resources as readily available and thus legitimately available for creative writing copying, paraphrasing, and modifying for their own work. I do still give outside work and do believe students need to be assigned challenging reading assignments and some writing assignments to do on their own. References Essay! well im a student and i say in business download, class work is better because when we get home we dont want to do stupid home work or what ever we wanna hang out with our friends and go out side or burn of energy or even work out. any ways thats t my p.o.v. References! ( point of veiw) but also it is creative tips easyer in class becasue you can always get help from a teacher or student but parent cant always help you. and in class work would be better for teachers too because when i student is at home they can always look up things on essay, the computer. like me :) Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, I believe classworks are more suitable in the teacher-student setting. As a teacher, what is song better -- in class work or homework? Research supports both arguments for and against homework.

As American families become busier and busier, and more economically distressed, it is my belief that families simply do not have time in their evenings to spend on much other than dinner, baths, and bedtimes. I have also had parents tell me that, since they do not have a working knowledge of the content or concepts contained in the homework assignments that this often causes them to become frustrated with the student and the student with their parent. I believe, however, that independent work is important for the student. So I focus on quality classroom instruction in my class, followed by time in which the student can have independent work time with support needed in references, the classroom. Class work definitely, but when the time comes that you have already put into your student the discipline and willingness to learn the subject be confident to give a homework, the student will surely look at both classwork and homework as a challenge. Both classwork and homework have benefits and challenges. I think the best way to go with this is to know your students first, especially in the upper elementary and high school grades. Business! Homework should be an extension of the classwork, but not to the point where students feel that they are sitting in school again for another 2 hours when they get home. I am a believer in letting kids be kids. References! Design homework, whenever possible, to be something they can share with the class, or discuss.

Make the homework meaningful. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? It is better to do class work. If the student needs your help he/she will most likely get the answer wrong if you aren't there to help them. So it is better to do class work instead of assigning homework. Both types of work have their benefits. If the purpose of the assignment is to provide extra practice and you are not taking a grade on the assignment, then that could be used as homework. Homework is also useful in making parents aware of what their children are doing in school.

If it is somehting that you would like to take a grade on, then it should be completed in class. By doing this you ensure a couple of things. 1) You are there to essay provide support if needed, 2) The chances of it getting lost are slim and references essay completion is almost always guaranteed, and 3) You are providing a safe, quiet environment in which the master, student can complete the essay, work and not be interrupted. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? In class work is better, because it is always new and challenging and the teacher is available to instruct the students if they have questions about the lesson or task. However, homework is necessary on some occasions, if it appears that the students are having comprehension problems and additional out of class work is needed to foster complete comprehension of the training task. In conclusion, in arabic, class work for students, under a teacher's supervision and guidance is more needed for the student's complete comprehension of the references, materials being taught to the students. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? In class work is definately more productive than homework for most students. The teacher is readily available for coursework b junior cert science extra help or to answer any questions or concerns.

I worry that homework is not always done solely by the student, but that parents often give answers to help their child get finished quickly. Also, many students are very involved in afterschool activities, and homework is done in a hurried fashion, or even late at night when the references essay, child is tired. I support classwork. Master Thesis Song! I don't agree on homework. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? if u want to be good in essay, teaching or u want perfection or growth in teaching field u should concentrate more on class work despite of concentrating on homework. only good lecture or class work can make student understandable in better way . so i thought a teacher should concentrate more on coursework cert science, class work. i prefer both, as far as am concern both have their benefits. as classwork i like group assignments or when the teacher explains it better than just giving me the work and essay expecting me to do it. in class work is good, but whatever is not finished in business plan, class should become homework bcuz there are days one cant focus in class but have enrgy at references, home, or days that you dont have time for homework so you finish the work in class. :) I believe it is cert science a combination of both. Classwork allows the teacher to references see first hand what the student is capable of doing following a lesson. Program! Homework is an extension of what the student has learned in the class. The two should work hand in hand if the teacher has presented both in references, the correct way. If a student is struggling with homework, maybe there needs to be some re-teaching the next day in writing, class. One way is to references essay begin the homework in class, so the student is clear about what needs to be completed.

Also, homework should be reviewed the next day if there were any questions or concerns. Don't wait until a test to find out the student was unclear and someone else was doing their homework! Homework is an voices of the self important extension of the work done in references essay, class. In the classroom, students can have problems and creative skills modelled by teachers and shared by classmates. The assignments then done at home should be practice to reinforce and practice what students have learned in school.

Do you know the old saying, Practice makes perfect? Well, it is true! In my part as a student, I believe the classwork is better than homework. Let us look at references essay, this way, in homework, students like us tend to study the plan, lesson and oftentimes discover to ourselves other related things or a more convenient way about the lesson. Like for example in math, we need practice for references essay solving problems and through practice somehow, we may learn the application and we can even formulate shortcuts for such equation. But Isaw some disadvantages in homework especially in business download, terms of time. Us studetns have different courses/subjects to study and one homework for each subject is very time consuming especially when you go to references essay school at 7 and the school is off at 5:30 (not included the time when you have to cook food for yourself because you're living in a boarding house).

Classworks on the other hand, do encourage us students to participate (especially when teachers are approachable and thesis song motivating); hence, we are able to learn in essay, the lesson. B Junior Cert Science! And group leaders alo act as teachers helping us to understand the references, lesson effectively. Different minds from different members of the group enable us to choose what is the brown creative, best to approach the essay, problem. In addition, homework and classworks sometimes depends on the students you're handling and the dificulty of the subject.. I think it depends on the student population as well.

In my school, there is little to no support at home. Homework is higher creative just extra work for the kids and for me. I make sure they have plenty of time to ask questions and get help before they leave, and if it is essay still unfinished, then it's homework. I would be more apt to essay arabic translation send meaningful things home if I knew there were adults at references essay, home to support the students. I think that classwork is the best way to go. When I was assigning tons of download, homework many of my students were taking zero's for the assignments because they would not do the homework. I found that this was negatively affecting my students overall grades because not only were the references essay, zero's hurting them but they were also not prepared for the tests. Now that I have gone to only in class assignments students are getting the work done.

It also allows me to moniter their progress and arabic translation see when they are struggling with a question or concept that we are working on. well as a student i think it depends on ur teaching teqnique and essay hoe u get along with the creative, class. Essay! i think class work is the best why becaz i actually learn more than h/w. Coursework B Junior Cert! I tend to favor classwork over homework for two reasons. First, many of references, my students have difficult home lives and seldom complete their homework assignments. If students are given an assignment in class, I feel that they are more likely to complete it; they do not have any outside influences getting in the way of the work. Also, some students tend to put themselves down when working independently, believing that their own ideas are incorrect. When they are in class, I am able to essay arabic translation go around and encourage students to think for and believe in themselves.

It also helps them to know that, if they are doing something incorrectly or need assistance, I will be there to scaffold them and help them complete the references essay, assignments. Brown Creative Writing Graduate! In a teachers point of view I believe that homework is more significant because it gives students a chance to become more independent in their studies . Classwork and homework are both important. Classwork allows students to use a variety of tools and manipulatives in order to understand the references essay, concept(s) being taught. It allows for a teacher to give guided one-on-one/small group instruction to students who are need extra time or are unfamiliar with a concept, even after practice, repetition and reinforcement. Classwork also allows for differentiated instruction. Students can be taught according to individual learning styles and arabic translation can be instructed using multiple intelligences. Homework is important to reinforce what is learned in the classroom. However, students may not be able to receive adequate help at references essay, home. I have had students return homework to me that is plan incorrect and essay are insistent that a parent helped them or checked their work and said it was correct.

As a teacher and being a student , they can learn more by being in class because they can ask qustion and learn from the other student , alot of students have to get one on one to get what it is you are teaching and thesis they can not get it by doing homework at home. References Essay! I real do not think that we should not send homework home with them, they have a enough to do at home with out stress out over master song homework and references keeping their grades up. that is song why we have so many of them killing thereself . It is so sad that we can not see this and do something about it. I real hope that everyone that reads this can understand what I am saying, and will do something about it. GOD BLESS EVERYONE WHO READS THIS AND THE ONES WHO DON'T. As a teacher, I prefer in class work over home work. The primary reason for this is because you don't know who is doing the homework. Essay! Homework could be completed by an older sibling, a parent, a younger sibling, who knows. As a result, when using assignments to evaluate students, it is better to thesis use classwork than homework. The teacher then knows that the student completed the work without any assistance, and essay you are getting a better understanding of how the student is performing. In addition, classwork is brown writing graduate a very good tool that can be used as part of your classroom management plan.

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Classwork is very important in the lower primary grades. Too often parents do the homework or students aren't able to receive the references essay, necessary assistance or help at home. I do send home work but do not give it the weight of business, classwork. I have too many parents who say they cannot help their children with Algebra at home. This is curious to me because they do so much algebraic thinking without realizing it. Yet, the concise problems in the abstract, not the story problems, intimidate them.

I do give homework, but try to allow a third of my class intruction time for doing the 'homework' in references, class. That way students will have a teacher available to answer questions. I also have an open-door policy of being available 30 minutes before school begins and 30 minutes after the download, last period (except for days of staff meetings, etc.) and lunch time as long as the students give me adequate notice that they want to come in for extra help. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? I utilize class time for overview information and essay introduction of a topic; then I supply homework opportunities to the students so that when the go away from the classroom, they can test themselves on graduate, their comprehension of the topic. I do not take up homework to grade, but my students know that we will go over it during the next class meeting, and references essay I expect them to plan download participate. If a student clearly didn't complete the homework assignment, it's evident, and they realize that they have let us all down because we are counting on them to share their answers. I have the students share answers in several ways. I make grid blocks on essay, the board, and they are allowed to claim a block. Each block contains two homework exercise numbers.

The student who claims that block, owns it, and they can call on another student to complete the block. We also sometimes just go over an exercise together by going around the room. We work with a teamwork approach, and the students are allowed to help each other. This way, the students aren't intimdated if they struggle. Therefore, I guess to fully answer this question, I would say that I believe and support homework, but then we incorporate it into classwork. However, I don't allow class time for students to complete their work. This must be done outside of plan, class, and I reserve classtime for the sharing of the results. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? As both an references essay online instructor and a teacher who uses the hybrid format, I think that it largely depends on the subject matter. For example, courses that require hands on work such as a keyboarding course usually works better as a F2F course rather than assigning outside homework. However, a Customer Service course works well as a hybrid course where students might complete an outside assignment such as Mystery Shopper and brown report back to class to present results.

I think it depends on essay, the project and assignment. I like in-class work because students can not cheap or get help with it from essay arabic people outside your control, i.e. friends or even parents. References! I also like in-class work because it allows the of the book, teacher to see where the students are and essay if and when they need help, you can provide it. Science! I work with college students, but they still benefit from this style of work. I also said that it depends on the assignment. If it is a paper or major project like a research project or presentation, I like a majority of out-of-class work blended with in-class work. One of the mottos of the references, university where I did my undergraduate program was monitor and adjust.

What that means is read your students and plan download adjust the work to best meet their needs. im a student and u might not care about what i say but i really like homework better i actually waste time in class like everyone else because kids make lots of noises in class and i cant focas. Actually, I do care about references essay, what you say. After all, no teacher is hired just to be nice to the administration. I also believe that being able to learn on your own is a valuable skill and a sign of your maturity. But you have the right to learn in your class as well.

Unless you are one of the ringleaders who make noise, I think you're being ripped off. Were I you, I'd be really, really angry. You might want to speak to your teacher about the noise. It is certainly not your job to make your classmates respect themselves, each other, or the class. But it is of the book your right to be in an orderly class. Perhaps your teacher is simply unaware of how much the noise bothers you and if you make that known, your class may change. Essay! I hope so, for you deserve a class in which you can learn. im a student and u might not care about what i say but i really like homework better i actually waste time in class like everyone else because kids make lots of noises in class and i cant focas. English! I taught college for many years and I always felt happiest when interacting with my students.

I was fortunate in that I owned my teaching and could spend more time creating spaces in essay, which thinking could occur rather than boring everyone silly with endless streams of fact – whatever that word might mean. However, both grading my students' assignments and arabic preparing my own lectures were essential in that I could use my time to get a sense of what my students were thinking and to mull over where I wanted to us to be next. I think it is important that my students knew I learned from references essay them and they often actually lead the class while I provided a bit of knowledge here and there and helped them to coursework b junior science stay focused on whatever they were thinking. Homework was the time during which I could formulate various paths the next class might take. I could not have taught without my own homework and I daresay my students didn’t suffer too severely from the assignments I gave them. As a student, I would say in references essay, class work is better, because it teaches an immediate deadline an requires focus. If you are thinking of assignments, I would stick with in class. Projects should still be assigned as homework though. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework?

Depending on your purpose, both class work and homework are beneficial. Class work can be used as a quick assessment tool to determine if a learner is comprehending the download, material. Then again, if the class work being assigned is activity based and not performance based, then results may not yield desired outcome. Homework, in my professional opinion, is meant for references practice. If it is assigned with the intention of simply putting a grade in the grade book and to appease parents, then the approach should be reevaluated. Homework is really a test of comprehension.

If the student attempts to complete homework and higher english creative tips encounters problems, then they may not have understood the references, material. This could result in poor performance and test results. Case in point, my middle schooler receives 100% on homework for completion. However, his test results are poor. After explaining to him that getting a 100% on homework would not mean 100% on tests (given homework grade is based on completion), he was encouraged to ask the teacher to grade his homework for accuracy. Yes, both class work and homework is beneficial, as long as the brown writing graduate program, intended results are based on assessing comprehension and understanding.

Homework still needs to be relevant. If is used as punishment or busy work then it is counterproductive. For example, I know a Math teacher who would give the class 50 problems to references essay do for homework because the brown creative program, class wouldn't behave. After 5 problems, students will start making mistakes. For elementary students classwork and homework have different purposes for references essay me. Classwork allows me to introduct topics, provide practice, and later see what a student truly knows and understands about the topic and of the book still needs to learn. References! Homework is an opportunity for further practice of a skill but some students get no help while others get too much. I prefer looking at homework as a way of instilling responsibility into kids. It depends on the task, for plan example, creative writing: could you imagine Shakespeare writing a sonnet in class in 45 minutes? Well maybe Bill could but for the rest of us.

I have a power point presentation concerning this topic. After researching the benefits and negative influence, I have concluded that homework is being used for the wrong reasons in the majority of the classrooms across America. If homework is not an extension of the classwork, then it is not necessary. It should never be used as punishment or to catch up what was not finished. Homework should be something meaningful and instructional. Unfortunately, in most cases it is essay just simply busy work. Benefits of plan download, doing the work in school: The work is that of the student. The teacher can intervene and provide feedback. The teacher can facilitate the essay, learning process. Work is typically completed and not misplaced. Essay Arabic Translation! The teacher can more accurately judge if the work is essay of poor quality due to brown creative writing program ability or due to references lack of effort.

It helps to relieve students of some of the stress and pressure they face as a 21st century learner. Time is spent on purposeful learning (busy work tends to cease). Students still learn to work independently. Scores do not drop in schools and districts that minimize homework. Drawbacks of doing work at school: Time is limited. B Junior! Some students need extra time and can't finish with the class (fragmentation can begin to occur if they do not take the work home).

Takes a lot of planning and essay practice for teacher create an effective class management system. Resources are not always available. Yes, the giggest problem we face in the classroom it TIME!! I work in and underpriviledged urban school and essay translation time is an references essay issue because we need to creative program constantlyassess and essay change strategies and this is time consuming. As I replied earlier, homework should only be a reinforcement and used as a tool to help us remediate the students having difficulties. The most important part of of homewotk is reading to help students expand their voabulary and creative writing graduate program master fluency. I generally feel the need to references give enough homework to start the higher english, next day with some anticipation of things to come. If students are prepared to do something based on their homework or talk about what they've read, we have someplace to start. Sometimes that's not necessary, but many times it gives students a sense of the purpose for the day before I even say a word.

I agree that homework is problematic when students feel no need to do their own work. References Essay! This lack of confidence and trust is one of the most discouraging changes in teaching I've experienced. I agree with you. Homework is master needed as part of a lesson to determine students' understanding as well as mastery and it gives us, teachers, a good idea where to continue the lesson. Depending on students' understading we can follow up with enrichment lessons, remediate and many instances re-teach. Futhermore, homework serves to instill responsibility to children. I reward those students completing 100% during the month.

I have had great success with homework and I believe it is the references essay, way I celebrate and reward their work. I believe homework should not be treated as a punishment. When a child does not complete the homework we, as teachers, have the obligation to voices of the self book work with the child to find the essay, reason behind it. Most of the time they have a legitimate reason. I am a high school English teacher, and the only homework I assign is to read and master song complete weekly assignments pertaining to what is read. Too many of my students face insurmountable odds at home as far as doing homework is essay concerned. One of my students had to deal with her stepfather-du-jour ripping the door off of the bathroom so he could watch her shower. Coursework Science! Asking her to references do homework is senseless. As has been stated by others, I believe learning occurs in voices of the, the classroom. I like for my students to read at home, and we discuss and enrich at school.

Participation in class is the key to understanding. Asking questions as well as answering them not only references essay, contributes to the advancement of the class but aid in student comprehension of master, concepts. In my experience students who are active class members- ie: complete and references essay share regardless of grade level tend to score higher and leave with more than those who sit back and wait to master thesis review it at home. Homework is a review which will help those who participated to essay gain even more insight into the topic and hopefully come to class the essay translation, next day ready to essay ask even more. Voices Of The Book! As a high school teacher, I focus on references, classwork and give homework only if it is truly relevant and meaningful to further the business plan, work we began in essay, class. Coursework B Junior Cert Science! Students mastery of knowledge does require them to essay practice and program work towards really owning the material, but I don't believe this happens at home. For instance, students will often say to me, I thought I knew this in class, but I couldn't remember how to do it last night.

This is probably frustrating for students and their parents (if they asked for help). I prefer to references give students an assignment that they can start in class and then I leave time at the end of class so they can ask questions before they complete the graduate program, assignment at references, home. If I give homework I make sure it is something they fully understand and not a mountain of work either (quality not quantity!) I think they are both really important but I think they each have their own place depending on the teachers goal. Coursework Cert Science! I use classwork to assess the students understanding of references essay, new material or to revisit older material that wasn't mastered. To avoid the students becoming frustrated I only use homework for review or reading assignments. I think it is really important to make sure homework assignments are meaningful and the students understand the importance of them. If students know why they are asked to do something and plan download know that you have their best interest in references, mind, then they will be more likely to put effort into their homework assignments and translation benefit from the extra review. Essay! Both classwork and plan download homework are of equal importance.

However, there are times in which classwork is of extreme importance for the student to learn how to references manage with different types of activities. Higher English Creative! Once the student is essay familiarized with a specific type of activity, the teacher can send homework related to that. On the translation, other hand, I believe homework is essential to develop student's independence. I prefer classwork because it allows the student the opportunity to ask questions on a question they are stuck on. I assign homework during class time.

I allow them time in class to do the lesson but then we discuss the information the next day. I have them self grade their paper so they can change the wrong answers and are prepared for the test. Homework, which is now called academic practice is worth only 30 %, test are worth 70% so if they cheat on the homework it only hurts them on the test. Good luck. References! As a teacher, more emphasis is placed on homework than classwork. During the lesson, many questions are asked and a lot of help is given. Students ask for guidance and check for correct answers. Sure, independent practice in class is arabic translation important.

However, the students are still in class. At home, the student is forced to remember what steps were taken in class to achieve success. They are forced to look at notes or classwork and not to rely on the teacher for help. I teach in a rural, economically disadvantaged community (title 1 school) and I have found that homework is a source of frustration for essay most of my students. The students who need the extra practice, have noone willing and/or able to master thesis song help them at home. References Essay! (I use the term home broadly here, because for many it happens to master thesis be where they are at references essay, the moment, grandma's, a car, a friend's couch, etc. and home may change daily.) So, it doesn't matter if you give them one question/problem or 25, if they don't understand how to do the assignment before they leave school they are frustrated. The students don't require the extra practice typically have parents/guardians/caregiverswho are involved with their education and give the assistance the student needs or will tell me the student is creative tips having trouble and ask how to help. That is why I prefer classwork over homework. References! I know they are being helped when we do it in class and the students who are excelling are given enrichment activities. The groups change as the topics change (eg. strong reader/weak math). It requires much planning and organization, but it works for writing tips me. Plus, I've found the essay, kiddos work much harder in class if they know they'll have no homework.

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Both are important for the teaching/learning process. However,depending on voices of the book, the class a teacher may choose to essay use more of one than the other to spark interest and to motivate students to learn. I find that for creative graduate program slower students it is essay better to use more classwork than homework as a teaching strategy. Why? It is simpl;y because weaker students often find home work challenging regardless of the difficulty and will often chose not to do the homework.

In class however they can be encouraged to do more. There are stonger students who collaborate with theeir peers, also the teacher can be key in making sure this type of collaboratio n takes place through group or paired activities. This approach ensures that both teacher and learner are experiencing a level of success in business plan, the classroom which is measurable and essay rewarding. It also ensures that feedback is essay translation coveyed to students with more frequency and sometimes immediately. Both students and teachers can track their progress. As students confidence develop teacher can increase home work as desired.

I've triied this approach and seen the benefits. I would like to recommend this strategy to anyone who thinks they are havig serious problems with a class who does little and no homework. For high school, class work is better because the student is essay able to get direct practice of skills in the classroom with access to the teacher. Homework is only useful for thesis song independent practice of a skill, but it should be an extension of what was already practiced in references essay, the classroom before a student can do it on their own. Exceptions to this may be honor students, but then tend to excel no matter what environment you place them in. What kind of relationship should exist between mother and daughter?

As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? in me openin classwork is better homework because if we find any problam than we can ask that time otherwise at place it is not possiable . Download! As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Undoutably, work done in the class is of the greatest importance to me. Essay! It's here that I can monitor learning, ask students to explain what they have written, and answer their questions as they arise. There is a place for homework but I am finding these days that it is becoming more restricted in it's use. Students are busy after school, it is a constant fight to get them to do it consistently and much of it is homework for coursework b junior cert science the sake of giving homework. Far better is for references essay students to choose to brown writing program do work that they see is references relevant. Brown Creative Writing Graduate! Researching topics of references, interest, interviewing friends and relatives and collecting material that could be used in the classroom. Business Download! Lately I am finding that the references, 'doing research' has become very important simply because I can't get access to cert science libraries and computing rooms at my school. in my opinion and according to my experiences, class work is more better. because student communicate with each other and essay with pair works they focus better and master learn more. it is important to know that some student never do their homework. As a teacher, what is better -- in references, class work or homework? I think that these millenia students today work better if they are given a variety of teaching methods.

With that being said, both classwork and homework have their place in and out of the classroom. Science! Classwork allows the students to have more interaction and learn from the teachers. Essay! Homework is a great way for the students to practice the day's lessons in the home environment. This helps the student acquire responsibility skills as well as help them to remember how to solve and answer questions. Homework is gret for the teacher because then they get to see how the student really is understanding the classwork.

The teacher can offer homework on certain days but not on the others to allow a changeup or variety! I think it is less relevant WHERE the work is higher creative writing tips completed; what you need to consider first and foremost is WHAT you want the work to accomplish. I am assuming the goal of assignments given, whether in class or as homework, is to practice and reinforce the references, skills that have been taught. If this is indeed the case, why not consider the coursework cert, possibility of Perfect Practice? Picture this: a worksheet has 10 math problems on essay, one side. On the master song, reverse side are those same 10 problems (in a different order) with the correct answers provided. References Essay! Ideally, students attempt the problems and then flip the sheet over to check their answers.

Of course, some students are going to go straight for the answer without even trying the problem. Higher! But to do this, they first have to store the problem in their mind, because when they flip the paper over, it will not be in the same spot and they will have to remember it long enough to locate it. Then, they have to essay remember the answer long enough to flip the paper back over and write it down. So even when they cheat, they still see the problem and higher english writing tips its answer multiple times, which is more reinforcement than they would get if they chose not to do the assignment or did it incorrectly. The idea behind Perfect Practice is for students to essay practice perfectly -- the more times they practice something incorrectly, the harder it becomes to essay translation undo that. Perfect Practice can be assigned as either homework or classwork, and references ensures CORRECT reinforcement of brown creative writing graduate program, skills. In class work can be the references essay, most beneficial if it is arabic translation designed so that all the participants have to work.

This is difficult for the teacher to accomplish. Essay! I love it when the kids all work together and I hear discussions going on. I had a group of book, freshmen last year that were the best! I would hear them challenging each other and say, How in references, the world did you get that answer? Then one would show the other and graduate program they'd argue and either prove somebody wrong or see why the references essay, answer was right. Unfortunately, those type of students in this day and age are few and far between. Writing! Class work works best when the teacher walks the room guiding and monitoring the work.

So sometimes this is essay a lot more work for the teacher, but in the long run can teach the student the most. I don't know about business download, other teachers, but homework is only done by references about 1/3 of my students. School time isn't long enough for all needed practice: Even though children spent a big part of their life in school, there isn't enough time during regular lessons to practice on every taught subject. Thus, there is business a need to practice outside the classroom - at home. Depending on their age and the growing ability of working on their own, homework becomes more and essay more important as children continue their advance in the school system. homework , because you will be forced to voices self study to answer the questions . both homework and classwork are equally efficient .classwork is cumpulsary as it lets us know how much we have learnt .it makes us have a better understanding on the is like practice and practice makes a man perfect.once the essay, school is over brown graduate program , homework is the thing which allows us to keep in touch with the subject .it allows the references, student to go thru the topic in his own learning conclude,work is a must do in the class as well as in creative graduate program, the house for a student to excell.

In my opinion, the question compares apples with olive oil, as they two things serve different purposes. For example, if the question were: Which do you prefer - a 9 month or a 12 month school year?, the essay, comparison could be easily made because both things serve the same purpose, but achieve it in a different way. Class work and homework (although they both end with work ) serve entirely different purposes and both play important roles in education. To treat them as the same is to undervalue both. I agree that the emphasis on either one may change as development, grade level and achievement levels change, but both should be utilized regularly and with intent.

There should be a 60:40 ratio of the two points mentioned.Human brain is self capable of keeping a lot of information if properly concentrated.So,a teacher should encourage students to put hundred percent attention to his in-class work.But considering certain human-limitations,this should be substituted by 40 percent Home-work assignments.Both has their own importance in references, the total process of learning. Excessive Home-work not only makes a learner disinterested to his study but also compels him to adopt unfair means---like copying from help books,or assignment done by his parentsor tutors etc. In teaching younger children, classwork shows me the students who possess an master thesis understanding of what I am teaching and those who may need more help. It also shows me their ability to handle a concept independently. It gives immediate feedback of what I have taught and shows me who needs additional help. With young children, homework is a review of what has been previously taught or maybe a chance for the student to show their ability to expand on something previously taught. I work in a lower income community and I find that it is difficult for many parents to help their children with their work at home. I have issues with many students not completing their work at home, for references essay various reasons. In order for students to get as much practice (guided and idependent) as possible, I usually give the students a good amount of b junior cert, time to references essay work on their work in class. This reason is self two fold. They are doing the work and they are able to ask me questions.

Many times, the students cannot get help from their parents for references essay help due to the fact that education is changing and that they are not familiar with current methods and ways of teaching. Homework usually comes from the work that the students did not finish during work time in the classroom. As a teacher, what is better -- in of the, class work or homework? Maybe I just gave in to easily but I learned very quickly that homework was almost useless. I would assign homework and students would not do it and references essay some actually had fairly reasonable problems that kept them from doing homework.

I hhave had collegues say they give homework but they do not grade it. This is also against my philosphy. I think if I give an assignment it warrants being graded. I use my time in class wisely most of the time and I can get my students working at a speed that allows me to not assign homework. I do give projects and I do expect students to read. These things are done outside of class and are assessed in a multitude of ways in my class. As a teacher, I think class work is more important. Class work allows the teacher to see which students really understand the skills being taught. It also allows students and teachers to coursework cert science discuss the skills being taught. I give homework every night because it is beneficial.

Homework is important because it allows parents to references essay reinforce the skills. The negative side of giving homework is the fact that some students do not have anyone to help them do it, while others have parents who will do the assignments for them just so their children can get a passing grade. As a teacher, what is better -- in class work or homework? Both are equally important. To verify development of higher order thinking and business plan download in-depth analytical and interpretive skills, homework is crucial. If students can show evidence of learning and putting concepts into practice, then I know they can think on their own. Cold passages offer them additional improvement in skills such as reading comprehending, and responding. Again, I can confirm understanding or reteach using another teaching style. Homework supports the valuable basic knowledge and skills students get in the classroom with a live, caring, knowledgeable, strong teacher.

I find Schoolwork much better and more acknowledgeable for the students. References Essay! They work much better when there is a teacher with the ablity and self training to answer questions to the fullest that they can. At home, contact with the teacher and asking questions isn't always the easiest unless their parents have the same kind of essay, schooling, which is very very rare. I find the inschool work and grading system to help the students learn better and earn better grades come quiz, test, and exam time. I teach 9th-11th grade students throughout my course day and it is very exciting to see the students learn this way. While I do assign homework frequently, I try to balance it out with schoolwork as well. At the university level, in-class work does not always work because there is a very limited amount of time for higher english tips teaching and class discussions. Homework and office hours are the most effective in this situation. I have each student make an essay appointment during my office hours to discuss essays and other writing assignments. It works for higher english writing tips me, and for them, I hope.

As a math teacher, that can be a tough choice. One of the most important things is to teach the children how to do something, then let them apply it on their own. Essay! Class work is a great time to let the children work in groups to apply their knowledge, but homework allows the students to practice on their own. I guess what it all comes down to in the current system is how a child can work on their own, because of high stakes testing. So while class work builds confidence and ability to perform a task, homework proves whether or not a student can use it on his/her own, and the current system prioritizes that. Without a doubt , in class work. Voices Self Book! While both kinds have their place , working in class has the benefit of teacher support and input. Essay! While homework does have the english creative, merit of allowing for individual research , I find that many students tend to cut and paste from an internet source when producing homework rather than explore a topic or extend their own learning. References! I study education for many years, but I choose anther job that dosen't match with my major.

As far as I am concerned, work in the class is more important than do more homework. If the student can master the content through the guide of teacher, she/he no need to do a lot of voices of the book, homework . Benefits of doing the work in essay, school: The work is cert that of the student. The teacher can intervene and provide feedback. The teacher can facilitate the learning process. Work is typically completed and not misplaced. The teacher can more accurately judge if the essay, work is of poor quality due to ability or due to lack of effort. It helps to relieve students of some of the b junior cert, stress and pressure they face as a 21st century learner. Time is spent on purposeful learning (busy work tends to cease). Students still learn to work independently. Scores do not drop in references, schools and districts that minimize homework.

Drawbacks of doing work at school: Time is limited. Some students need extra time and can't finish with the class (fragmentation can begin to occur if they do not take the work home). Takes a lot of planning and practice for teacher create an effective class management system. Arabic! Resources are not always available. Essay! Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Classwork helps the teacher to know if the students actually understand the lesson and brown creative writing graduate program there is limit to the chances of copying from references essay other student. But in the case of homework, students can help themselves, and brown creative writing program this adds to their assimilating power even if they 'stole' answers from their notes at essay, home; it still helps them to master thesis get close to those notes to study them. I have always felt, as both a student and now as an educator, that students get much more out of classwork and references essay groupwork than from homework.

Maybe because I am middle level (and they NEED to socialize or will destroy the day with lack of b junior, attention, flirting and fidgeting), I find simple in-class assignments where the references essay, students get to creative writing graduate program peer advise, work together and ciritically think as a team work best for my 7th graders. References! I tend to thesis give only reading assignments as homework, or large projects (where in-class time is also provided). I also give optional homework, which often turns into references essay, extra credit assignments for essay translation those that need it. :) Elementary and early intermediate level schooling should have little to references no homework in my opinion. As was stated in b junior, a previous post, unfortunately the students who do the homework are generally the ones who need it least. Class work does consume your class period, but according to essay the timetable set, most of the schools do give 2 continuous periods mainly for the students to finish writing activities and to self ensure that students form a habit to finish their work within a stipulated time. (eg.

In the references, Boards, the creative, Q paper states Do not spend more than 35 minutes for this Question.) Here accuracy and time management counts. Furthermore, the teacher is able to judge the students when correction is references essay done. It is difficult to arabic translation judge the student's caliber in homework because many students (even studious ones) come to school early and references copy the given homework from their friends - be it Maths or Science, etal. Secondly, as far as homework is concerned, let's say a topic given encourages students to 'copy paste' materials from the internet directly which is a loss for the student as he does not read nor understands the essay translation, content. Its not that homework should not be given, but with proper time frame for references essay the students to finish the work. It is observed that many teachers give homework and demand for it by the next day. The possibility is that the child may have other subject homework as well. According to me class work is english creative still the best. Home work like writing down Q. Ans in fair books after answers are marked in the text - that sort of homework is acceptable.

We need to consider the fact that more and more parents come to conferences with self-effacing remarks such as I can't help my child with Trigonometry, because I didn't take it or never understood it. Not all students have internet access at home to help answer their questions or engage them in the kinds of references essay, discussions that need to take place to english creative tips spur their own though processes and references essay desire to investigate. It seems that many parents in modern America desire busy work for their students, because they lack the knowledge to engage their child in essay arabic, these types of discussions themselves or lack the time. For those parents who want to engage their childrens' minds during after school hours, it is often a losing battle. The expectation for students to complete more and more busy work, precludes parents from having meaningful discussions as well. I feel that homework should be more thought-based and busy work should be limited to 15 minutes per subject per essay, night. Book! In addition, we need to reach a point where our student body have equal access to the resources they need to push them toward 21st century thinking and vocations. What kind of country/government furnishes free, appropriate public education but does not ensure the references essay, basic building blocks of that education to each child? Many children are left behind.

This country's words and deeds are not harmonious when it comes to educating our precious youth! Yes, i am also agree with you all, school or class work is muchbetter than homeowork, because students cannot work properly at home and concentrate properly on arabic translation, their homework. Essay! While staying class and working there they can ask questions they are having problem with in science, from the teachers. I clearly think in school work is much better, because the student may ask questions when they need help, as they can't do that at home because most parents don't know the answer to references the problem (First hand experience). Kids also tend to like class work better as they won't have as much stress and creative program homework to deal with at home, but if they don't finish the in class work then it is understandable that it would be homework. I also believe that kids get more distracted at home then in schools because they have T.V. around them and video games. Hope this helps, I feel both are important..I send homework to essay show the parents what we are learning and it is an extension of the lessons I taught that day..but classwork..where all the knowledge and learning takes place is of course more important. I prefer classwork over homework, since I'm never certain who is actually doing the homework. However, there is some benefit to giving small amounts of homework in order to self book build a sense of responsibility. While homework is a necessary tool, in terms of references, reinforcing ideas and concepts learned in class, learning occurs in the classroom.

Here, students are able to interact both with teacher and other students. Brown Program! They are able to discuss and share ideas about a particular concept, or lesson taught. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to references experience the other side of an argument or notion. Homework, is essay arabic translation necessary to obtain a certain level of mastery. Essay! It is necessary to download improve one's skills. From the teachers view point, the class work should be the references, most important part of the studies. However from the student point of view, class work and homework are equally important. However, the amount of essay, time and effort a student should devote to references essay homework will vary upon the the subject being taught and its level. Higher English Creative! Students in lower grades generally require less homework as compared to students pursuing higher studies.

Also in subjects like maths, where a lot of practice may be required in solving problems, more time of homework will be appropriate as compared to a subject like history. The extent of homework required also depends on the method of teaching used. For example, a teaching methodology which relies heavily on the students undertaking projects as a part of studies, requires more homework as compared to teaching methodology which does nor require any project work. I would like to emphasize here that though the homework is references essay done by the student without direct supervision of the teacher, the teacher is not absolved from the responsibility for guiding the student in their homework so that their learning from it is maximized. This kind of guidance and assistance may be provided by the teacher in the class room or outside the class room. From the student's view point the homework represent the main activity where the student can put in extra effort, either to plan make up for basic lack of references essay, aptitude for learning a subject, or to improve the knowledge of a favourite subject.

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Mac Cosmetics Essays and Research Papers. | MAC Cosmetics | Introduction to Business | | Tauneisha Renae Taylor | 3/30/2011 | Company Overview and History . MAC is a cosmetic company that was founded in Toronto, Canada by references, make- up artist Frank Toskan, and master his business partner Frank Angelo. The Estee Lauder Company Inc. References? owns MAC . MAC stands for business download Make-up Art Cosmetics , and was originally sold to make-up artists. But now, the essay, cosmetics are also sold to anyone who wants to buy it. * In 1984 the first MAC store opened in Toronto. Cosmetics , Estee Lauder Companies , History of cosmetics 1709 Words | 5 Pages. least 3 pages) A. Master Song? The Company – nature of business operations and target markets Makeup and references other cosmetic products has been a necessity . to creative writing graduate some women. Most women believe that by references essay, the power of makeup cosmetics , their beauty is enhanced and coursework gives them a confidence boost. In the industry of consumer goods of cosmetics , MAC (stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics ) Cosmetics is a line of references, cosmetics that caters, mainly, on professional makeup artists; but due on its popular demand, it was also sold for. Competition , Cosmetics , Lipstick 1214 Words | 5 Pages.

M.A.C. COSMETICS | CREATED BY: | Lecturer: | Due Date: | THE MARKETING MIX THE MARKETING MIX MAC . Business Plan Download? COSMETICS History M·A·C Cosmetics , was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1985. The first U.S M·A·C store opened in 2003, in Greenwich Village, New York. The company's products were initially specifically designed for references essay professional make-up artists, but are now sold to consumers worldwide. Products The collection includes blush, eye shadow, eyeliner. Cosmetics , Make-up artist , Market segmentation 1340 Words | 4 Pages. MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics ) is voices book, originally a Canadian company that have been operating for more than 20 years and it has already . References? penetrate to many countries all around the essay arabic, world, in the North and South America at essay most. It sells brand cosmetics of high quality that is intended for professional as well as everyday usage. Graduate Program? The brand is references essay, sought-after also by voices of the, many celebrities, fashion models, and photographers because of its delicate texture, huge choice of colors, and durability.

The products are usually. Advertising , Advertising campaign , Brand 1929 Words | 6 Pages. MAC COSMETICS PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY MAC (Makeup Art Cosmetics ) is originally a Canadian company . that has been operating for more than 20 years and it has already penetrate to many countries all around the references, world, in the North and South America at most. It sells brand cosmetics of voices self book, high quality that is intended for professional as well as everyday usage. The brand is sought-after also by many celebrities, fashion models, and photographers because of references, its delicate texture, huge choice of colors, and.

Advertising , Brand , Franchising 1623 Words | 4 Pages. Makeup Art Cosmetics Inc., more commonly known as MAC Cosmetics , is a popular high-end personal care brand that . markets to brown writing women. In fact, it is so popular and prestigious in the celebrity world that it has been mentioned in pop songs, such as Unpretty by essay, TLC. The MAC brand is exclusively sold in department stores and on download, the Web. You will not find it at discount outlets or drug stores. Beginnings: Two Canadians, a hair salon chain owner and a makeup artist, named Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan.

Cosmetics , Customer , Customer relationship management 2406 Words | 6 Pages. Clare Lozano September 1, 2008 FND151 Week 2 Assn 3 Project Part Two: Know and Anticipate Brand: M.A.C. References? Cosmetics Secondary . Research URL: mac - cosmetics -inc/ Relevant Demographic Data: The information above describes the history and vast array of products that MAC Cosmetics carries. It was originally developed for makeup artists but has since grown and no captures the master thesis song, attention of essay, consumers who crave a variety of items and plan colors. Color , Cosmetics , Make-up artist 265 Words | 2 Pages. describe the type of business and the purpose and ownership of two businesses. In this assignment I am going to use MAC Make-up and Greenpeace . I am going to describe what type of business it is, what purposes they have and what the form of ownership is. MAC Make-up MAC Cosmetics is a manufacturer of cosmetics . It is a professional Make up line and quality cosmetics . The MAC Cosmetics was founded in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984.

They opened their first store in 1991. Cosmetics , Goal , Lipstick 707 Words | 3 Pages. ? COSMETICS IMPORT AND EXPORT REPORT GTIP Code G.T.I.P. Product Description 3303. Perfumes 3303. Colognes . 3304. Lipsticks 3304. The Other 3304. Eye Make-up Products 3304. Powders 3304. Blushes 3304. Body Lotions 3304. Cold Cream 3305. Shampoos 3305. Hair Sprays 3305. Hair Colors 3306. Toothpastes 3307. Lotions 3307. Cosmetics , Face powder , Hairdressing 983 Words | 4 Pages. ============ Introduction MAC stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics . It was a company created in 1984, in Toronto Canada by . Frank Toskan and references essay Frank Angelo. Estee Lauder now owns the company, as of 1998. It is premiere cosmetics line, with products that glamorous and often bold looks.

The ranges of essay arabic, products are intended to complement all skin tones, and it's original committed to cruelty-free standards. References? motto remains: All ages, all races, and all sexes. Master Thesis Song? The company is references, also Brand History Frank. Bobbi Brown , Brand , Brand management 2298 Words | 8 Pages. ? MAC Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics (formerly Make-up Artist . Cosmetics ; stylized M·A·C) is a manufacturer of cosmetics headquartered in creative writing, New York City. MAC Cosmetics Type Subsidiary Industry Consumer goods Founded 1984 Headquarters New York City Key people Frank Toskan Frank Angelo Products Cosmetics Parent Estee Lauder Companies M·A·C store in the SM Aura Premier mall in Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila,Philippines. M·A·C counter at department storeFarmers at Centre. Bobbi Brown , Cosmetics , Department store 2190 Words | 11 Pages. highlights the references, issue of of the self, people being dominated by a certain ‘image’ as being perceived as the real thing. One could question the use of essay, . cosmetics as being a tool to be used to hide ones true self behind a mask. So the question would be weather the use of cosmetics is used as a disquise of is it used rather as an enhancement?

In Baudilaires poem “In praise of cosmetics ” he tries to get the viewer to understand how natural looks could not be superior to the art of beautiful face of makeup. He plays on. Aesthetics , Beauty , Cosmetics 1795 Words | 5 Pages. with the of the book, sale of greeting cards, painted by the kids, will be donated to pediatric organizations. History Makeup Art Cosmetics Inc., more . commonly known as MAC Cosmetics , is a popular high-end personal care brand that markets to references women. In fact, it is so popular and prestigious in the celebrity world that it has been mentioned in thesis, pop songs, such as Unpretty by references, TLC. The MAC brand is song, exclusively sold in department stores and on the Web.

You will not find it at discount outlets or drug stores. . Brand , Cosmetics , Make-up Art Cosmetics 573 Words | 2 Pages. who worked with top models and actors (Word of mouth advertising) M.A.C launches products of references, limited edition MAC promotes products by using . placement marketing strategy MAC raises money for charity for AIDS In Conclusion Successful? Yes, MAC marketing is successful because it follows the essay translation, 4P’s. $ 280 Million Amount the references essay, brand’s AIDS charity has raised since its founding in voices of the, 1994 MAC Mission Statement: M.A.C.’s mission statement is “All Races, All Sexes, All Ages,” M.A.C. is the references, top seller of. Chief executive officer , Chief executives , Cosmetics 258 Words | 1 Pages. Marketing Planning Report Introduction This report will be based on the organisation ‘ MAC Cosmetics ’. This report will cover . recommendations to improve competitiveness of the essay translation, company as well as looking over the current environment. To accomplish this a detailed PEST and SWOT analysis will be carried out and references analysed. The identification of current target segments for the company will also be carried out and a marketing mix analysis will also be undertaken to see which elements of the mix are most. Consumer protection , Cosmetics , Macintosh 2736 Words | 9 Pages. Global Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry Over the essay arabic translation, past five years, the Global Cosmetics Manufacturing industry has experienced . steady growth.

According to references IBISWorld industry analyst Nikoleta Panteva, The past five years have been no exception, despite declining per capita disposable income in english writing, key markets. References Essay? Industry Analysis amp; Industry Trends: The global cosmetics industry is broken down into six main categories; skincare being the english, largest one out of them all, accounting for essay 31 percent of. Barriers to entry , Cosmetics , Developed country 984 Words | 3 Pages. Competitor Analysis of MAC Cosmetics. A. Business Analysis: Makeup Art Cosmetics ( MAC ) was founded in 1985 in Toronto by brown creative writing graduate, Frank Toskan and the late Frank . Angelo. The BUSINESS PLAN concentrated on targeting young, fashionable females by creating cosmetic products which contain unique textures and references colours. Writing? Using this strategy, the company targeted the celebrities and other cosmetic influencers to gain recognition and references market share in the younger consumer market.

Since its inception, the company has grown to become a. Brand , Brand architecture , Brand loyalty 390 Words | 2 Pages. Women in the world’s major cities have their own cultural take on essay translation, global beauty trends A s the cosmetics world goes global, how will it . References Essay? affect individual nations’ ideas of essay, beauty? Now that anyone with internet access can check out the latest catwalk trends and advertising campaigns in international fashion magazines, will make-up trends become homogenised? Will a Mad Men-inspired red lip catch on essay, in China, as it has in New York and London? Will women from Mumbaiturn their backs on Bollywood glamour. Carine Roitfeld , Cosmetics , Gisele Bundchen 1320 Words | 4 Pages. M.A.C. Cosmetics Social Media Outlook.

M.A.C. Cosmetics : Social Media Outlook Abstract By expanding its current social media channels and creating new opportunities, M.A.C. . Cosmetics can further increase brand awareness and engagement among its already devoted followers. Coursework B Junior Cert Science? M.A.C. Cosmetics , known as one of the digitally-forward brands of Estee Lauder Companies, is a company built on successful word-of-mouth from dedicated consumers and essay well-trained in-store sales representatives. Sold in master song, more than 70 countries worldwide, M.A. Advertising , Cosmetics , Facebook 953 Words | 3 Pages. INDIAN COSMETIC INDUSTRY Size of the Industry | The size of Indian Cosmetics Industry globally is $ 274 billion, while that of . the Indian cosmetic industry is $ 4.6 billion. | Market Capitalization | According to essay analysis and figures given by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the total Indian beauty and cosmetic market size currently stands at US$950 million and showing growth between 15-20% per annum. Cert Science? | Output per annum | Industry sources estimate a rapid growth rate of 20% per.

Cosmetics , Lip gloss , Lipstick 2647 Words | 7 Pages. Ethics in the Cosmetic Industry Ethics: The discipline dealing with what is references essay, good and bad and with moral duty and obligation Or The . principles of conduct governing an business download, individual or a group This definition is references essay, a general definition of ethics given in brown creative graduate, any dictionary. Ethics according to me is doing what you are doing the essay, right way and for the right reasons. It deals not only with morality but with character… How do you behave when the lights are out? That portrays your true character. Cosmetics , Ethics , Foaming agent 1252 Words | 5 Pages.

Cosmetic product Cosmetic product and personal care are products are protected by business plan download, strong recruitments and these are the basic . need of human being and these are the references essay, essential value that can be need in any level of life either in direct way or either in the the form of daily needs Nowadays these are the thesis song, value in the form of business now cosmetics industry are grooming in many ways either in the way of business in small way or either a way of references, big enterprise . cosmetic industry are the plan download, form of representation. Cosmetics , Demographics , Economics 862 Words | 3 Pages. MISCALIBRATIONS WITH COSMETICS 1 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Miscalibrations in references, Judgments of Attractiveness with Cosmetics9 Emily Cappon Fashion Institute . of Technology, New York Reaction Paper, SS 131 35 ! MISCALIBRATIONS WITH COSMETICS 2 ! ! Abstract Cosmetics have been used by women since the Ancient Egyptians to enhance their beauty. But do they actually work and make a women look more attractive to business others, especially the opposite sex? In this research paper, they investigated observer perceptions about.

Body shape , Choice , Cosmetics 1295 Words | 7 Pages. Cosmetic Advertisements People believe cosmetic products are the answers to references facial perfection. This often happens . because cosmetic advertising creates an creative, illusion that cosmetic products are the source to real beauty. People that are trying to fill that void in their lives took towards cosmetic products to references fill the void. People follow cosmetic advertisements in cert, learning that one can achieve true beauty using makeup. References? Cosmetic advertisements teach that the more cosmetic products. Advertising , Cosmeceutical , Cosmetics 1515 Words | 5 Pages. range have children. Essay Translation? Since the consumers are of a mature age and most have obtained a college education, the references essay, income level ranges from $100-$150k. The primary . ethnicities of the target market are African American, Asian, and Hispanic. (19, M.A.C Cosmetics ) Geographic Segmentation The geographic area would be in brown writing, highly populated urban areas. Areas populated with many social venues, shopping centers, universities, and businesses are the the ideal places for the target market.

The populations. Brand management , Cosmetics , Marketing 874 Words | 3 Pages. ? Chemistry and cosmetics Cosmetics have been around since almost the beginning of time. . Egyptian women used kohl to darken their eyelids, Cleopatra was even said to have bathed in references essay, milk to achieve a soft smooth completion. Plan Download? In Greece, women used lead carbonate (a white powder) to obtain a pale complexion, which probably wasn’t worth it seeing how it cost them their lives! Anyway, cosmetics are no modern phenomenon! Today it is references, a big business, making about coursework cert $12 billion. Chemistry , Cosmetics , Face powder 980 Words | 4 Pages. Chemistry of essay, cosmetics Few people would whip out coursework science a chemistry set, uncork the vials, and slap the compounds on their face. References? Yet, millions of . women and girls essentially do that every day when they unzip their makeup bags and apply lipstick, mascara, and other makeup.

Like the compounds in a chemistry set, makeup consists of graduate program, chemicals. References Essay? Although the chemicals in creative writing graduate, cosmetic products are intended to improve the appearance of references, skin, lips, and lashes, some can cause adverse effects. Coursework B Junior Cert Science? Emulsions The majority. Cosmetics , Emulsion , Liquid 1125 Words | 4 Pages. The History of Cosmetics . When is comes to ‘ Cosmetic chemistry’ I think about . References Essay? what it is made up of: colour, . preservatives, natural ingredients and what is best for plan the consumer. The latest edition of the essay, Cosmetics Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA) Dictionary lists more than 10,000 raw materials. Business? Every year, hundreds of new ingredients are added to the list of references essay, those that have been used for centuries. Voices Of The Book? Some materials used today can be traced to 11,000 B.C.E. in the animal drawings. Benzoyl peroxide , Cosmetics , Human skin color 1488 Words | 5 Pages. ?CHEMICALS IN COSMETICS (OVERVIEW) FACTSHEET A cosmetic is a substance or preparation that is designed to be used on any external . part of the human body – including in the mouth – to change the odours of the references, body, to change its appearance, cleanse it, keep it in good condition, perfume it or protect it.

Cosmetics include soap, shampoo, moisturiser, hair dye, perfume, lipstick, mascara and many other products, but do not include products regulated as therapeutic goods (medicines). English Creative Writing Tips? Cosmetics are made from. Chemical industry , Chemical substance , Chemistry 1347 Words | 9 Pages. ?“Case Analysis of Luxor Cosmetic ” REGIS UNIVERSITY Date: March 25th, 2013 Week-4 assignment . MSAA 609: Cost Management Executive Summary An effective business strategy and budgeting is essay, very essential in a manufacturing industry. A company without a proper business strategy and master budgeting plan would usually faces tremendous challenges and thesis losses during its business operations. The importance of references essay, company’s business strategies and budgeting. Budget , Budgets , Cosmetics 1687 Words | 7 Pages. The cosmetics industry, traditionally believed to voices of the target women, has a new target segment: Men.

No longer do cosmetics represent a . `women only' market. Many players are coming up with skin care products for men. The men's personal care segment is estimated to be worth Rs 790 crore, with Gillette having a large share of the pie. Others, including Godrej, HLL and CavinKare also have a presence in the market. References Essay? [pic] The growing demand for creative writing men's cosmetics inspired cosmetics majors such as Modicare. Cosmetics , Hindustan Unilever , Personal care 762 Words | 5 Pages. International Marketing The Cosmetics Industry Estee Lauder vs. Shiseido Cosmetics E. Wang July 8, 2005 BSAD 491 . Introduction The cosmetics business is a billion dollar industry. Every year, women are responsible for consuming millions of cosmetic products.

The cosmetics industry is so large because of several factors. Essay? The media is a huge contributor to the intense pressure to look a certain way. The idea that sex sells is evident in gossip magazines, movies, advertisements, music. Cosmetics , Department store , Lip gloss 2367 Words | 7 Pages. Prod. Plant Resour., 2011, 1 (1): 24-32 ( Herbal Plants: Used as a cosmetics Shweta K. Higher English Creative? . Gediya*, Rajan B. Mistry, Urvashi K. Patel, M. References Essay? Blessy and Hitesh N. Jain Sigma Institute of b junior cert science, Pharmacy, Baroda, Gujarat, India _____________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT The concept of references essay, beauty and cosmetics is as ancient as mankind and civilization. Women are obsessed with looking beautiful. Higher? So, they use various beauty products. Coconut , Coconut oil , Cosmetics 3127 Words | 3 Pages.

away with it. We just want to look good ? to look our best. And people have been working hard at looking their best for centuries. Essay? And that's why . Cert Science? cosmetics has such a long history. We'd like to take you through the history of cosmetics here; and let's just see how similar we are to people living in 10,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians had a full line of cosmetics Have you ever seen pictures of the Ancient Egyptians, with their painted faces? They look very striking, don't they?

Very classic. And that. Ancient Egypt , Cosmetics , Elizabeth Arden 2363 Words | 7 Pages. in improving their looks. Fashion for men has been becoming more and more important in the last decade, especially in the Middle East. Today, in order to . tailor the man's appearance to perfection, cosmetics companies have created a line just for men.

In the essay, past few years, a number of major cosmetics companies have entered the Middle East and partnered with key regional distributors and retailers to essay translation expand their market and increase their sales. The demand for men's products has grown tremendously. Arabic language , Cosmetics , Gender 2194 Words | 7 Pages. ?Petrochemicals in Cosmetics In a perfect world, we could easily maintain the smooth, even skin tone we're born with. References Essay? But in real life, . doing that is a huge challenge. Essay Arabic? Some females wear makeup to cover up acne and some just put it on to darken or lighten their features and think that they’re making their face look flawless. But what if the chemicals in the cosmetics that you’re spending your money on, is the reason you’re breaking out and gaining red marks?

The question is: “What am I slathering. Breast cancer , Cosmetics , Cosmetology 1224 Words | 4 Pages. M•A•C (Makeup Art Cosmetics ) Today, the cosmetic industry is references essay, a very innovative and creative writing competitive industry where product . References? innovation and brand image is the key to success. Science? One of the world’s cosmetics leading brands nowadays is M•A•C, standing for Makeup Art Cosmetics . The purpose of this essay is to present M.A.C’s branding strategies and essay it differentiation to the competitors. Brand Overview Makeup Art Cosmetics or M•A•C is one of the song, world’s fastest growing cosmetic brands.

M.A.C’s creation. Brand , Brand management , Branding 542 Words | 2 Pages. more places because of the way they look and essay that includes the makeup that they wear. I am sure that a fifty year old head boss is coursework science, definatly going to want a . strong beautiful girl who knows how to references fix herself up in the mornings working next to him. Cosmetics have come a long way from the b junior cert science, ancient times and has turned harming yourself for beauty into a healthier way to look and feel younger. Makeup will continue developing and helping women to become the references, healthiest and best looking they possibly can. . Better , Cosmetics , Guy 1359 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmetic Market in Thailand Market Overview The overall growth potential for the cosmetic market during the 2006-2008 is . Translation? expected to grow between 15-20 percent. High quality, international branded cosmetic products are expected to do better due to good brand image, brand loyalty and perception of good quality. Products from the United States are highly regarded and lead the imported market. Meanwhile competition from France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Germany is essay, getting stronger.

Perfume. Cosmetics , Department store , Direct selling 1147 Words | 5 Pages. Analysis of the cosmetic industry. Mid term precis and voices self analysis of the cosmetic industry Prior to discussing any creative industry, it is crucial that we first define . References Essay? 'creativity'. Creativity refers to the course of producing something original, or in the least, with original elements. Thus, a creative industry refers to economic activities that involve the creation of new, original materials. The cosmetic industry is one of such industries, of which will be analyzed according to Richard Caves' economic properties. According to. Cosmetics , Creative industries , Creativity 1517 Words | 5 Pages. Cosmetics industry in coursework science, Pakistan The cosmetics industry developed rapidly soon after the creation of Pakistan. In the Indo-Pak . Sub-continent, use of references essay, dies cosmetic materials like henna, ritha, sekakai (for washing hair), Mutlani clay, Beri ke patte (plum leaves) Mash ki Dal (black lentil) hair-oils, gewari (aloe vera) arq-e-gulab (rose water) olive and almond oil, sandalwood, ubtan, kajal (kohl) surma (antimony) and many such materials have been in essay arabic, use by women since may centuries and are still in.

Cosmetics , Lotion , Manufacturing 1124 Words | 4 Pages. The Hidden Truth of the Cosmetic Products. TRUTH OF COSMETIC PRODUCTS In the United States, cosmetics are used by girls at an increasingly young age. References? . Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the brown creative graduate program, appearance or odour of the human body. References Essay? Cosmetics include skin-care creams, lotions and powders. Cosmetic is also known as ‘make up’, which refers primarily to various products like branded promotional items intended to change the plan download, user’s appearance. There are two types of references, cosmetics , that are decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics . Women and. Animal Liberation Front , Animal rights , Animal testing 1086 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmetic Industry Evolution - India.

The Indian cosmetics industry has witnessed rapid growth over the last couple of decades. With every passing year, the business, range of . cosmetic and references essay beauty products in India has widened tremendously. Essay Arabic? Beauty product manufacturers in India have mostly been catering to the great demand for cosmetics and toiletries that fall into the low- or medium-priced categories as the greatest demand in India always revolves around economically priced products. Recent cosmetics business market analysis reveals that. Cosmetics , Human skin color , Hygiene 2064 Words | 7 Pages. When you hear the word “ cosmetic ” or “make-up”, what is the references essay, first brand that comes out of your mind? _____________________________ What . else? _____________________________ 2) Where did you learn these brands? __TV Commercials __Internet __Friends/ Relatives __Print Advertisements __Malls/ Department Stores __ Others, please specify 3) Have seen advertisements from the following brands? Brand Yes/ No Ever Bilena Fashion 21 Avon Beauty Pro Cosmetic Online Shop Nichido . Advertising , Brand , Brand management 756 Words | 5 Pages. infant and might cause mental retardation to the infant. The cosmetic acknowledge the existence of the thesis song, lead in lipsticks, but since there were . no enforcements from the FDA, most companies chose to ignore and references continue to sell the b junior cert, contaminated products and a way to solve this problem is for consumers to have the awareness of this issue and being more careful when choosing their lipsticks.

Safer Cosmetics : Use Of Lead In Lipsticks Cosmetics , a necessity in many people’s lives, are associated with beauty. Chemical element , Cosmetics , Lead 1988 Words | 6 Pages. REPORT ON SOSO COSMETICS COMPANY Table of Contents 1. Introduction and references Background to . Case. p3 2. Essay? SOSO Cosmetics Strategy. p3 2.1 Current Business Mission. p3 2.2 Current Competitive Advantage. Cosmetics , Management , Management accounting 740 Words | 3 Pages. Detailed Abstract on references, Cosmetics Logistics. Global Cosmetics Industry The cosmetics industry represents one of the most profitable and english tips fast growing market segments in the . United States in references, the past 50 years with cumulative sales of over $32 billion in 2005. The top players in book, the industry are L'Oreal followed by Procter Gamble, Unilever, Shiseido, Johnson Johnson, Avon, Revlon, Estee Lauder, Coty Inc, and essay Elizabeth Arden. The industry product categories are identified as cosmetics , hair care, skin care, sun care and perfume, which are.

Cosmetics , Distribution, retailing, and wholesaling , L'Oreal 2047 Words | 7 Pages. Cosmetics and Fragrance Master Sop. express my interest in applying for a Master’s Degree in b junior cert science, the The European Fragrance and Cosmetic Master Programs of the Group ISIPCA for references essay the . Voices Book? year 2011/13. What led me to apply for your position is that I have been planning a career in cosmetology industry for several years. In my eyes, cosmetic and perfume products are the references essay, best combination between art and science. My long time fascination with perfume and cosmetic is reflected in my participation starting when I was a little girl.

I can remember myself. Cosmetics , Cosmetology , Culture 1519 Words | 4 Pages. The Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry. The Cosmetics and coursework Toiletries Industry Product Coverage The Cosmetics and references essay Toiletries Industry has a wide array of higher english creative tips, products . which can be determined as of the following: Baby care; Bath and shower products; Colour cosmetics ; Deodorants; Depilatories; Fragrances; Hair care; Men's grooming products; Oral hygiene; Premium cosmetics ; Skin care; Sun care The Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry in the Philippines The Industry as a Whole The Philippines is a country wherein. Cosmetics , Hygiene , Personal care 1136 Words | 6 Pages. [pic] “All Races, All Sexes, All Ages” [pic] Makeup Art Cosmetics SWOT-analysis Executive Summary This report is to find out essay . what M·A·C’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. The research question is stated like: Should M·A·C adapt their promotional tools in the Dutch market in order to download increase their sales and brand awareness? After analyzing the external and internal environment, it became clear what the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. Advertising , Cosmetics , Lipstick 3547 Words | 12 Pages. OPPORTUINITY OR THREAT DEMOGRAPIC (O) Men say no to body hair.

The attitude of men towards the purchase and consumption of . cosmetic products have changed. This is an opportunity because it will give rise to essay a new consumer group for the cosmetic industry. (O) Application of anti-aging cream demonstrated improvement in brown writing graduate, depth of essay, wrinkles. The positive feedback from the master thesis, users reveals the references, usefulness and voices of the efficiency of the product. Thus they will continue to use products. Chemistry , Cosmeceutical , Cosmetics 552 Words | 3 Pages. ?Japanese cosmetics brands sell at a discount thanks to Yen depreciation By Chris BARKER 12-SEP-2013 . cosmetics -brands-sell-at-a-discount-thanks-to-Yen-depreciation Japanese devaluation The Japanese government has introduced policies to devalue the Yen after 15 year of persistent deflation, vastly increasing the money supply which has causing the Yen to weaken to over 100 to a dollar for the first time in references, four years.

Yamada talked about. Cosmetics , Economy of Australia , Government of Japan 800 Words | 3 Pages. ? Global and Domestic Impacts of the master thesis, Cosmetic Industry Among the Asia Pacific markets, Vietnam is the fastest growing market. Vietnamese . References? consumers have recently been exposed to more disposable income and a higher standard of living. According to the Euromonitor’s report in 2008, Vietnam has a market value more than 70 billion US dollars. Writing Graduate? It is reported that approximately 90-95 percent of the market for references essay international cosmetics products in Vietnam is centered on plan download, cosmopolitan areas of the country. Brand , Cosmetics , Ho Chi Minh 819 Words | 4 Pages. Cosmetics Industry in the Philippines. THE COSMETICS INDUSTRY Few cosmetic ingredients are manufactured in essay, New Zealand, and the cosmentic industry here involves mainly . blending and master thesis song packaging.

However a wide range of products is made by a considerable number of companies. In this article the following products are discussed: • Surfactant mixtures for cleaning - shampoos, bubble baths, facial scrubs etc. • Stabilised emulsions - moisterisers, sunscreens etc. References? • Concealer products - make up • Alcoholic and hydroalcoholic solutions - colognes. Colloid , Cosmetics , Emulsion 2641 Words | 7 Pages. Advertising Cosmetics Critical Analysis. Advertising Cosmetics in business plan, The Modern World While working at John Bull during the Christmas break I learned a lot about what . References? women bought. Surprisingly, it was never the fancy bags or watches nor the extravagant perfumes but the makeup items were very popular. I guessed that there must have been a correlation between the many cosmetic company’s ads that were displayed on the walls outside the plan, building and the sale of the essay, products. Higher? The ads made various women feel as if these products. Advertising , Attract , Cosmetics 1043 Words | 3 Pages. really only females can do make-up or apply makeup? No!

The era is changing now. In order to enhance physical appearance, men apply make-up on their faces . too. They apply make-up more than any females which are most of the males or men’s purchasing cosmetics more than females. But, women apply make-up in a same way too. They apply make-up just to references change the thesis, appearance of the current outlook. They just want to show more confidence without the shallow eyes after make-up was apply. References? Besides that, men apply. Acne vulgaris , Concealer , Cosmetics 2234 Words | 6 Pages. Connecticut and later to New York City.

In 1886, Pond's began to advertise nationally. They would, however, advertise under the brown writing, name of Pond's Healing until . 1910. References? By the twentieth century, the plan download, company's main strategy was geared towards selling cosmetics products, and so the references essay, Pond's Vanishing Cream and b junior the Pond's Cold Cream were created, marking the entrance of references essay, Pond's products into the facial care industry. In 1987, the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company by higher creative tips, most known as Chesebrough-Ponds, was. Chesebrough Manufacturing Company , Cosmetics , Lever 1116 Words | 4 Pages.

Global Cosmetic and Toiletry Market to 2017. Market Research Store Global Cosmetic and Toiletry Market Size, Share, Global Trends, Analysis, Research Report and Forecast, 2013-2017 . Global and Toiletry Market to references TableCosmetic of content 2017 Product Synopsis Global Motor Vehicle Part Market to business download 2017 - Market Size, Growth, Forecasts and Leading Companies in references essay, Over 60 Countries is a comprehensive publication that enables readers the critical perspectives to be able to evaluate the world. Cosmetics , Estee Lauder Companies , Gillette 693 Words | 10 Pages. The color cosmetics category can be complex – the essay translation, number of products, claims, and essay the introduction of multitasking formulas can overwhelm even . the writing, savviest of essay, make-up users. As a result, women are looking for guidance from a variety of brown writing program, sources including both online and in-store. Browse Full Report With Toc: cosmetics -us-july-2014 Table of Content Scope and references essay Themes What you need to know Definition Data sources Sales data Consumer. Cosmetics , Mascara 595 Words | 4 Pages. The Cosmetic Advertising Industry. The Cosmetic Advertising Industry This analysis of a current skincare product advertisement is that of a visual and verbal persuasive ad that . not only promotes the item but outlines societies standards of beauty as well as American cultural values today . This ad gives an all around simple, clean appearance because it wants to portray that this is the way skin “should look” no matter what age one may be.

The ad makes no harsh lines or textures and gives off a very relaxing, fresh look. The presentation. Advertising , Aesthetics , Ageing 1032 Words | 3 Pages.

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robotech resume An automated guided vehicle (AGV) can be built with as little as two Roboteq components: An MGS1600C magnetic guide sensor, and essay, one of the many dual channel motor controllers available in Roboteq’s catalog. This application note will use a Roboteq MDC2260 dual channel controller, however the higher creative tips, techniques described are identical for all other controller models. AGV Photo courtesy of Artisteril SA. Barcelona. References Essay! Spain. In this application note, the AGV will follow a track made of an adhesive magnetic tape affixed on the floor. The MGS1600C will measure the how far from the business plan, center of the tape it is and provide the information to the motor controller which will then adjust the steering so that the vehicle remains at the center of the track.

Magnetic markers positioned on the left and right side of the essay, track give the AGV location information that will be used to song, make stop and references, fork left/right decisions. Benefits of Magnetic Track Guiding. Magnetic tapes are one of higher several line-following techniques. The other 2 main techniques are induction wire guide, and optical. The table below compare each of these techniques. Magnetic tape is the easiest to lay and modify while providing excellent durability and reliability. When designing the vehicle, there are four basic ways of providing drive and steering. These are show in the diagrams below.

Some types are easier to build, others have better steering characteristics. Two of these designs are fully symmetrical and may be operated in both direction. The table gives list the characteristics of references essay each design. Center Drive Casters. Steerable Drive Motor. Rear Drive and b junior, Rack Steering. Difficult in reverse. The sensor should be placed as shown in the above diagrams for each chassis design. For the first two chassis type, the sensor must be placed near the front edge of the chassis. On long AGVs, this means that little steering will cause a wide swing at the front and will make the steering control more difficult.

On the steerable drive wheel design, the sensor can be placed on the chassis. Or it may be made part of the references, wheel assembly and turn with it. For best results, place the english writing, sensor at 30mm above the floor and ensure that the height fluctuates within +/-10mm max as the AGV moves along the track. Interfacing the Sensor to the Motor Controller. The MGS1600C has several output types. The list, features and references, typical uses is shown in the table below. Sensor Data Sent. Position, Tape Detect, Markers. Roboteq motor controllers.

In the MutliPWM mode, the sensor data is output on a single wire in the form of a series of variable widths pulses, containing the Track Detect signal, Track Position and Left Right Marker Detects signals. This pulse can be connected to any of the Roboteq motor controller’s pulse inputs. Once the pulse input is configured as “Magsensor”, the sensor information is transferred transparently and continuously to translation, the motor controller, from where it can be processed using the MicroBasic scripting language, or accessed by an external computer or PLC via the references, controller’s serial or USB port. The wiring diagram below shows the magnetic guide sensor and english writing tips, motor controller in a typical 4 wheel drive chassis. Essay! This diagram is english writing tips, applicable to all Roboteq dual channel brushed motor controllers. The figure below shows how the detailed connections to the controller’s connector. Essay! This wiring is compatible with all Roboteq controllers equipped with a 15-pin DSub connector. The sensor and master, button can be connected to any other pulse and digital inputs. Essay! Refer to the product datasheet for master song the list of available signals and essay, pin out. The pulse output in on the blue wire of the sensor cable. The sensor and controller must be configured so that they will each function as desired, and that they will communicate with each other.

The sensor is configured by default to output MultiPWM pulse and can therefore be used without further configuration if the track is english, made of Roboteq-supplied 25mm magnetic tape. Once powered, the Tape Detect LED with flash at references a low rate if no tape is business download, present. When tape is in range, the LED will be on steady and its color will change from references essay green when the tape is at the right, and green when at the left. For configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting, connect the sensor to the PC via the USB connector located under the business plan download, screw plug. Run the Magsensor PC utility to change the tape width if using a 50mm tape, or use the waveform display view to monitor the essay, shape of the magnetic field. With no tape present, the thesis, PC utility must show a nearly flat line.

For best results, always perform a zero calibration when operating the sensor in references a new environment. Moving a tape under the sensor will cause a bell curve to appear on the chart. The curve must be on the positive (up) direction. If the curve is going down, change the Tape Polarity setting in the configuration menu. Makers will also cause a bell curve, but the curve should be going down. Plan! The screenshot below shows the resulting curve when placing a left marker and a centered track. To received and recognize data from the sensor the controller must first be connected to a PC running the Roborun+ PC utility. In the configuration menu, the pulse input that is connected to the sensor must be enabled and configured as “Magsensor”. Next, the controller must be configured to operate in mixed mode so that the a steering command will apply a different amount of power to the left and right motor for making turns.

In the Run tab of the PC utility, the sensor can be seen to work when the Digital Input 1 LED is randomly flickering. The Pulse 1 box will display the number 128 if no tape is detected and references, a different value as a tape is moved from side to side. Magsensor to Controller Interface. When the business download, sensor and the motor controller are connecting to each other using the single wire and MutiPWM mode, the essay, sensor data are transferred periodically, and in the background, into the motor controller from business download which they can then be accessed and references, used. An additional set of queries is now available for reading this information from the motor controller. The queries can be sent either from the motor controller’s serial port, or from within a MicroBasic script running in the motor controller. Read Tape Detect. Read Left or Right Track position. Read Left of Right Marker. Read Sensor Status. Non-zero = sensor present and working.

Once the sensor and motor controllers are verified to work, we can proceed to the automatic mode. In this application note, all the computation is done in the motor controller using the MicroBasic scripting language. The sensor outputs a value that is the tape’s distance from the center of the track. This information is then used to correct the master, steering. If the tape is centered, the value is 0 and no steering correction is needed. Essay! The further the track is from the center, in one or the other direction, the stronger the higher english creative writing, steering change. Essay! In this article, a Proportional control is implemented. For best precision and response time, the control algorithm may be improved to brown writing program, a full PID. How the throttle power is references essay, controlled (when to start, stop, accelerate, slow down) is very application dependent. In this application note, the AGV will be made to move when a tape is essay, detected, take left or right forks and stop at precise locations.

The AGV will then resume moving after a set time, or when a user button is pressed. The AGV will stop when the references, track is no longer present. In a practical implementation, the AGV throttle will be controlled by an external device, such as a PLC. The PLC must then be connected to one of the motor controller’s input. The throttle information can be an analog voltage or a variable duty cycle PWM signal. The sensor has an algorithm for detecting and managing up to 2-way forks and merges along the track. Internally, the controller always assumes that 2 tracks are present: a left track and a right track.

When following a single track, the sensor considers that the master song, 2 tracks are superimposed. When entering forks, the track widens, so does the distance between the left and right tracks. When approaching merges, the sensor will report a sudden spread of the left and right tracks, but will otherwise operate the same way as at forks. Magnetic markers are a piece of magnetic tape of opposite polarity and that is references, located left and/or right of the center track. Markers provide a very simple and cost effective method to identify specific locations along the track. In this application, we will use markers on the left or right side to indicate which track to follow at brown creative writing graduate a fork. Markers located both at the left and essay, right side will indicate a stop location. More elaborate marker arrangement can be made to carry more information about essay a location on references essay, the track. An example of multi-level markers is provided further in the application note. It is creative tips, common to require that the AGV be driven manually, to place it in position, or to move it along an untracked path.

Buttons, a joystick, a PLC or an RC Radio can be connected directly to the motor controller’s free inputs. The program running inside the motor controller can easily be made to switch from automatic to manual command. References! Manual override is not described in this Application Note. The figure above shows a simple AGV track with several loading station and one stop station. For simplicity sake, our AGV will stop 30 seconds at every station, or until the english tips, operator presses the references, push button. The flow chart below shows the writing program, structure of the MicroBasic program that will run inside the motor controller to move and steer the AGV along the references essay, track. The full source code is provided at the end of this application note. Before the sensor can be used for automatic steering, it is a good idea to test drive the chassis manually, either by b junior cert, attaching a joystick to the PC that is connected to references, the motor controller, or by using an RC radio. Plan Download! If the vehicle is difficult to drive manually, in automatic mode it will be equally challenging. Modify the essay, design so that it drives and steers as smoothly and accurately as possible.

Testing the Automatic Steering Program. When running the program for arabic the first time, it is recommended to references essay, lift the AGV's wheels off the ground. Business Plan Download! Then place a piece of magnetic tape below the sensor. Verify that the left and right wheels start rotating when the tape is detected. Verify that the left and right rotation speed changes as the tape is moved away from the sensor's center, in a manner that would cause the references, AGV to rotate so that the sensor would move become centered with the tape. Higher Writing! If the AGV rotates away, then invert the polarity of the Gain value in references the script. With the AGV wheels on the floor, verify that the steering correction is business plan, such that the sensor never moves far from the track.

Increasing the Gain value will cause a stronger correction when the sensor moves away from the tape, but it can make the AGV oscillate if the gain is references, too high. Find the arabic, optimal Gain value for references essay stable and accurate tracking. Markers are best tested with the arabic, AGV on the track. Verify that the AGV follows the expected track at a fork. References Essay! When entering a merge, ensure that the voices self book, AGV is following the correct track and that it will not jump to the opposite track when it enters the sensor's range. Verify that the AGV stops when a left and right marker are detected at the same time. Check that the AGV resumes motion after 30 seconds, or when the button is essay, pressed. Creative Tips! Beware that as the essay, AGV moves away from the marker pair, one of the two markers will disappear from the sensor's range before the arabic, other.

The other marker is essay, remain active for short duration longer and will therefore be considered as a left or right fork marker. Make sure, therefore, that a single marker is present before the higher english creative writing tips, next fork or next merge following a stop location. Using a more complex steering algorithm. The sample script uses a simple Proportional control, where the amount of steering correction is simply the distance away from the center track, multiplied by a gain factor. For better results, the script may need to be enhanced so that a Proportional-Integral or full Proportional-Integral-Derivative control is used instead. The amount of correction can also be capped to avoid over steering. In variable speed system, it may also be desirable to have a different correction gain at slow and high speeds. In this application example, we used a simple left and right marker pair to references, identify a stop location. In typical applications more information is needed about location so that the AGV will change its behavior.

For example, identifying segments of tracks where the AGV must move at a high speed and others at low speed, identifying load stations requiring longer pause time than others, or identifying charging stations where the AGV will only stop when its battery level is low and resume when the battery is charged. One simple and free technique is to count markers in a track segment delimited by a marker segment on the opposite side. The figure below shows such a marker configuration. When a left marker first appears, the translation, counter is reset. The counter is then incremented at every appearance of a right marker while the left marker is still present.

When the left marker disappears, the counter is evaluated and the AGV can alter its operation accordingly. The MicroBasic source code for creating this marker is references essay, shown below. In applications requiring the voices self book, AGV to stop at a very precise location, a secondary sensor, oriented at 90o from the essay, main sensor, can be added. This sensor can then be used to brown writing graduate program, locate another magnetic guide with a 1mm position accuracy. Essay! The figure below shows the sensors and guides arrangements. Improving AGV Localization and Safety.

For safety reason, it is typically necessary to master thesis song, fit the AGV with an infrared or a laser range finder so that it will stop if a person or obstacle is detected along the references, track. Range finders typically provide a digital signal which can easily be connected to an input on the motor controller, or to a PLC if one is present. If more information is master thesis song, needed by the AGV about essay its location along the track, RFID tags positioned in key locations are a good solution. However, RFID tags typically imply the presence of plan download a microcomputer or a PLC on the AGV in order to references, process the data and make navigation decisions. The source code below is written in Roboteq's MicroBasic language and runs inside the plan download, motor controller to essay, perform the AGV functionality described in this application note.

' This script provide basic control for arabic translation an AGV. ' Motor will turn on upon the essay, presence of a track and stop when track disappears. ' The track position information is used to provide left/right steering. ' At forks, the AGV will follow the left or right track depending whether the last. ' marker detected was on the left or right side of the track. ' Make sure you precede merges with a marker so that the AGV remains on the main track. ' The presence of a left and right marker simultaneously will cause the voices of the, AGV to references, stop for. ' 30 seconds or until the operator presses the higher english creative, button. dim Gain as integer. dim DefaultThrottle as integer. dim TapeDetect as boolean.

dim MarkerLeft as boolean. dim MarkerRight as boolean. dim Throttle as integer. dim Tape_Position as integer. dim LineSelect as integer. dim Steering as integer. dim GoButton as boolean. dim RunState as boolean. dim NotOnStopMarker as boolean. dim PauseTime as integer. Gain = -7 ' Use negative value to invert steering command.

DefaultThrottle = 250 ' Motor power level while the AGV runs. LineSelect = 1 ' Use left track by references essay, default. PauseTime = 30000 ' in miliseconds. ' main loop to repeat every 10ms. ' read sensor data. TapeDetect = getvalue ( _MGD ) MarkerLeft = getvalue ( _MGM , 1) MarkerRight = getvalue ( _MGM , 2) ' Read button state.

GoButton = getvalue (_DI, 2) if (GoButton) then SetTimerCount(1, 0) ' Pressing the button will clear the pause timer. if GetTimerState (1) then RunState = true ' When pause timer is coursework cert, cleared, AGV is allowed to run. ' Use TapeDetect and references essay, Pause Timer to apply throttle or not. if (TapeDetect and GetTimerState(1)) ' Check Marker presence to select Left or Right track. if (MarkerLeft) then LineSelect = 1. if (MarkerRight) then LineSelect = 2. ' Detect when transitioning onto stop markers.

if (NotOnStopMarker and MarkerLeft and master, MarkerRight) NotOnStopMarker = false ' Mark stop marker detection so that it is not detected again until AGV moved away. SetTimerCount(1, PauseTime) ' Load stop timer timout value. Tape_Position = getvalue( _MGT , LineSelect) ' use tape position multiplied with gain as steering. Steering = Tape_Position * Gain. ' Send throttle and steering to controller Configured in Mixed mode. setcommand ( _G , 1, Throttle) setcommand ( _G , 2, Steering) ' Log output. Useful for essay troubleshooting.

Comment out when done. print (r, TapeDetect,t, Tape_Position,t, MarkerLeft,t, MarkerRight,t, Throttle,t, Steering,t,RunState,t,LineSelect)

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Advice on references essay, writing a personal statement for brown writing graduate the Legal Practice Course. Your personal statement (the “Other Information” section) is important . The CAB Guidelines for completing the form state that it is your opportunity to tell the Universities and Colleges about you and why they should choose you. Your statement can be up to 10,000 characters long: the online form includes a counter. References Essay. You can cut and paste from Word documents etc, allowing you to use spell checks. What to include, (the following are suggestions only) Why you are applying for business the course What interests you about the course What motivates you Your future career Your skills and achievements Your hobbies Your work experience.

You have a great deal of essay flexibility in what you choose to include from higher creative tips these categories, so don’t feel that you have to cover them all, or that you should include something in references, which you feel weak – emphasise your strengths. Why you are applying for the course? What interests and brown motivates you. What interests you about the legal profession? Why do you want to become a solicitor rather than a barrister? Have you talked to practising solicitors? attended Court? read widely around career opportunities in the legal profession? considered any alternative careers? Are there any particular types of firm or practice areas that you are keen on?

Why have you chosen to apply to references essay, particular course providers? If you already know which areas of law you aim to practise in; if you already have an offer of a training contract or if you have a long-term career plan you may wish to include this here. There is no need to say “I aim to qualify as a solicitor” – this will be taken for granted! Your achievements could be awards (both academic and for master song things like volunteering), any significant difficulties overcome, Your skills could be practical skills (such as languages, IT etc) but could also be the transferable skills gained through your studies, extra-curricular activities and/or work experience – see While it is not essential to include these, it is worth doing so if they help to give a picture of you as an individual, help your application to stand out, relate to your career interests (e.g. volunteering with victim support or refugee groups; Young Enterprise or other entrepreneurial activities) or demonstrate particular skills, achievements or posts of responsibility. However, sentences such as “In my spare time I enjoy music, reading and socialising with friends” do not add any weight to your application! First-hand experience of the legal profession (through work experience, vacation placements, the Law Clinic etc) is probably the most important thing to include. Essay. Non-law work experience can also be useful in demonstrating the general skills that you will need as a solicitor. What do law schools look for in personal statements? “Commitment to the profession e.g. legal experience or voluntary work” Nottingham Law School. “Dedicated and voices book enthusiastic applicants. We like to see a strong personal statement, explaining your commitment to becoming a solicitor” Bristol Institute of Legal Practice.

Some examples of personal statements. These three statements are included to give an idea of references how you might structure your own statement and what you might wish to include. Business Plan Download. Please do NOT take sentences, phrases or paragraphs verbatim from these examples to use in your own application this is plagiarism! I first became interested in law after talking to a local solicitor at a school careers fair. References Essay. I was fascinated to english creative tips, hear about his involvement in building a case against a planning application for a mobile phone mast beside the school a case that was making headlines in the local press at the time. I asked if I could work-shadow him for references essay a day and was delighted to be offered two weeks work experience. During this time I sat in on client meetings, attended Court and assisted with office tasks. I came away more determined than ever to become a lawyer and book with a strong interest in environmental law. I chose to references essay, study law at the University of Kent because of the opportunity to get involved in the Law Clinic.

I volunteered at the clinic as a receptionist in my first year and took the clinical option module last year. This gave me experience of interviewing clients and coursework cert science assisting them with real-life legal problems, such as unfair dismissal. I have maintained my interest in environmental law through a mini-pupillage, shadowing a barrister specialising in this field and references essay carrying out research into emissions trading. Business Plan Download. This gave me an insight into the barrister’s side of the legal profession but has confirmed that I prefer the more direct involvement with clients which a solicitor has. While at Kent, I have been secretary of the Ice-Skating Society, organising regular visits to the nearest ice rink at essay Gillingham, as well as social events.

As a son of Greek parents, with a family spread around the world, international travel has been a theme of my life, giving me the opportunity to experience different cultures and to become fluent in brown writing graduate, Spanish and Arabic as well as Greek and English. I would love to practise law internationally as well as in London. While at school I undertook work experience at references a local solicitors’ firm, where I shadowed a partner, observing meetings with private and business clients. Last summer, I was accepted onto a two-week internship in an international law firm, Ince Co., where I gained experience in the shipping and commercial property departments. Essay Translation. For the rest of the references summer I worked as a barman in Crete, which helped me to develop my language and communication skills. I keep up to date with business and brown creative program legal issues by reading the Financial Times and law magazines and references journals, including The Lawyer and Legal Week . Outside the plan download law, my main interests are theatre and sport. I directed school productions of references essay Twelfth Night and Our Town. I played for book the University rugby team and references am also a member of the coursework b junior science University cricket club. After completing my LPC I intend to references essay, seek a training contract with an thesis song, international law firm in references, London. I would like to specialise in coursework b junior cert science, shipping law because of the opportunities for international travel that this would offer, and essay intend to writing tips, apply to firms which have an office in Athens.

Before then I plan to take a year out to travel and teach English in South America. My ambition to become a lawyer was sparked off by essay, my aunt, who was a barrister in Nigeria. I often watched her in court and discussed the cases with her afterwards. While at University I have attended trials at the local crown court as a member of the of the self public, where I was particularly intrigued by the interplay between the essay judge and the lawyers. I have also visited a lawyer’s office and observed the day-to-day work in a law firm - answering phone calls, filing documents and preparing for court sessions -which has given me an insight into the practical workings of the master thesis legal profession. Through working as a healthcare assistant during my studies, I have improved my communication skills by interacting with people of various ages and backgrounds, sometimes under difficult circumstances. This experience will be useful in my chosen fields of interest family law and mental health law by the insight into the real lives of clients involved in references essay, such cases which it has given me.

Joining the debating society in my secondary school really helped my confidence develop. This society helped me to conquer my shyness and I took part in many interschool debates. At University, I have continued to increase my confidence through membership of the Christian Performing Arts Society. Creative Writing Graduate Program. I have sung with this choir at references events at the University and in Canterbury Cathedral. Back to CV and Covering Letter Examples Home Page. What can I do with my degree in writing tips, Law? .. . I want to work in Law page. What can I do with my degree.

These pages are copyright of the University of references Kent Careers and Employability Service. The information and advice given in these pages is primarily for thesis song the benefit of University of Kent students and graduates. You are most welcome to essay, link to these pages but should not use content in other ways without our permission. Page maintained by Bruce Woodcock Please email me if you wish to creative writing, make any suggestions which would improve our services.

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Extract Transform Load (Etl) Testers. Annapolis Junction , MD. Graduate Degreewith a minimum of 5 years directly related work experience ICAgile Certified Professional (ACP) Experience with Rat App Dev, Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Rational Team Concert (RTM), IBM SAM, IBM SIM, IBM MQ, IBM WODM, IBM ILOG, IBM DB2, IBM Data Power, IBM Tivoli Mon, IBM Netcool, IBM WAS Appl Server, Gradle, Jenkins, Java/J2EE, Bash/ ksh Scrpting, AIX, RedHat Linux, Agile, DevOps. Create a job alert for Extract Transform Load (Etl) Testers at Annapolis Junction, MD.

Great! You'll now receive job alerts for Extract Transform Load (Etl) Testers at Annapolis Junction, MD. Create a job alert for Extract Transform Load (Etl) Testers at Annapolis Junction, MD. Extract Transform Load (Etl) Tester Hlsp6. E3 Federal Solutions. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/4/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-02T00:00 E3 Federal Solutions (E3) is an award winning Veteran Owned Business specializing in providing acquisition management, financial management, and program management support to the federal government.

E3's strong understanding of federal acquisition, contract, financial management and program management organization (PMO) lifecycles paves the references, way for coursework b junior science mature organizational processes, experienced resources, responsive management and proven management methodologies to meet and exceed client goals. Excellence, Accountability, Community, Humility and Integrity are the core values of essay E3 as we continue to strive in business becoming a recognized leader in the management consulting community that both federal agencies and references industry partners value doing business with. Graduate? We are an organization that offers both our employees and references essay clients an exceptional experience; our culture will be contagious, while always maintaining a genuine reputation. Arabic Translation? E3 Federal Solutions, LLC seeks Extract Transform Load (ETL) Testers to join our team in support of our projected work with the Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration - Secure Flight Work Program. These positions are located in references essay Annapolis Junction, MD. These positions perform the following regular work responsibilities: + Lead the testing effort and/or team to plan, construct and execute ETL tests. + Apply testing methodologies, principles and essay arabic translation processes to define and essay implement key metrics to manage and assess the testing process including test execution and defect resolution. Essay Arabic Translation? + Write test cases, scripts, and references essay code for download unit/functional tests. Required: + Graduate Degree with a minimum of references 5 years directly related work experience + ICAgile Certified Professional (ACP) + Requires knowledge of higher writing tips database ETL functions. Essay? + Experience with Rat Functional Tstr, RatClear Case, RatClear Quest, RatRequisite Pro, IBM Data Studio, Oracle, Oracle OBIEE, Informatica, PL/SQL. Song? + Must be a U.S. References? Citizen with the ability to obtain and maintain a DHS Suitability clearance. Preferred: + Experience with Rat App Dev, Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Rational Team Concert (RTM), IBM SAM, IBM SIM, IBM MQ, IBM WODM, IBM ILOG, IBM DB2, IBM Data Power, IBM Tivoli Mon, IBM Netcool, IBM WAS Appl Server, Gradle, Jenkins, Java/J2EE, Bash/ ksh Scrpting, AIX, RedHat Linux, Agile, DevOps. B Junior Science? Req #: 2017-3616 External Company URL: E3 Federal Solutions Annapolis Junction MD. Posted 18 hours ago.

VIEW JOBS 10/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-03T00:00 div style=margin:0pxspan style=color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);We are seeking Reporting/span Testersspan style=color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);to join our team in references support of english creative our projected work with the Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration - Secure Flight Work Program./span These positions are located in Annapolis Junction, MD.span style=color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); strongMust be a U.S. Citizenwith the ability toobtain and maintain a DHS Suitabilitysecurity clearance./strong/span/div div style=margin:0px/div div style=margin:0pxTheReporting Testers will support efforts to references essay, validate the solution design by tips testing the application against references essay performance requirements. They will support the test leads by creating detailed performance test tasks for song the work plan and references essay providing accurate status of master thesis song these tasks./div div style=margin:0px/div div style=margin:0pxThe Reporting Testers will perform the essay, following regular work responsibilities:/div ul li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Develops detailed test plans and voices self results artifacts/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Identify and create detailed test cases and test scripts and map to appropriate requirements and references design specifications. Supports Test Lead in upward stakeholder management, status report development, metrics, etc./li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Creates performance test approach and writing graduate program strategy from system requirements and design documents/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Establishes verifiable performance benchmarks for references essay system and system components/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Assists in identifying clear performance requirements / measurement criteria from poorly defined metrics/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Leads effort to identify test cases and book map them to performance/system/integration requirements for references appropriate testing coverage/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Responsible for creating and maintaining test artifacts (plans, reports, dashboards) and ensuring they meet client's expectations/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Manages the creation of voices of the required test data and data loads for each performance test run/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Manages shakeout testing and maintaining performance test environment/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Create accurate time estimates and meet schedules for performance/stress testing efforts/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Manages effort of references essay automating the performance/load test scripts/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Performs execution of test cases/runs to creative writing, meet required execution targets to references, keep the essay arabic, project on schedule/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Analyzes data gathered from performance test runs and provides sound recommendations for performance improvements and can identify bottlenecks of web applications/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Recommend to the proper teams performance tuning in different categories: system, platform, application, etc. as necessary/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Reviews test results in essay test tools and master song validates test cases are complete and of high quality/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Communicates any testing issues and/or risks to references essay, Test Lead in higher english a timely fashion/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Communicate effectively with architecture, design, and references essay development teams to learn system and arabic resolve defects/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Willingness to work a flexible schedule as needed to manage execution of essay test cases/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;Willingness to creative graduate, work in an Agile Framework environment/li /ul div style=margin:0pxstrongQualifications:/strong/div ul li style=padding: 0; margin: 0; div style=margin:0pxspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Bachelor's degree with a minimum of references essay 3 years directly related work experience/span/div /li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0; div style=margin:0pxspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;ICAgile Certified Professional (ACP)/span/div /li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0; div style=margin:0pxspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience with Rat App Dev, Rat Functional Tstr, RatClear Case, RatClear Quest, RatRequisite Pro, Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Rational Team Concert (RTM), IBM WAS Appl Server, IBM MQ, IBM ILOG./span/div /li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0; div style=margin:0pxspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience with IBM Data Power, IBM Data Studio, Java/J2EE, Eclipse, Agile, Gradle, Jenkins, AIX, RedHat Linux, CHEF, DevOps./span/div /li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0; div style=margin:0pxstrongspan style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Must be a U.S. Citizen with the arabic, ability to obtain and maintain a DHS Suitability security clearance./span/strong/div /li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience using performance test tools (HP Load Runner, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Load Impact, Load Test, etc.)/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Ability to use load tools to monitor, gather, and report application performance/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Knowledge of references performance bottlenecks and end-to-end performance measures (server response time, throughput, latency, etc.)/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Ability to troubleshoot issues in the performance test environment/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience using test tools: TOAD, Benthic, SQL Server, SQL Plus, or other similar database query tools/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;JAVA, PERL, JavaScript (and/or other common programming languages)/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Deep knowledge of how web applications work over HTTP protocol./span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience working with Federal Government projects/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Experience with DHS Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC)/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Ability to promote a positive and book collaborative teaming work environment/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Proven ability to work independently and essay as a team member/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Good communication (written and oral), analytical and graduate interpersonal skills/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Good organizational, multi-tasking, decision-making and essay time-management skills/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Ability to learn very quickly, adapts to changing priorities, and coursework science share knowledge with other team members/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Comfortable working in a fast paced, quality conscious environment/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Availability to work extended hours if needed for urgent support/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Ability topro-actively identify and essay clearly articulate issues and present solution options/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Thinks innovatively and develops new ideas to make test more efficient/span/li li style=padding: 0; margin: 0;span style=font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,EmojiFont; font-size: 10pt;Dedication to accuracy and precision/span/li /ul div style=margin:0px/div NSS Annapolis Junction MD.

E3 Federal Solutions. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/4/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-02T00:00 E3 Federal Solutions (E3) is an award winning Veteran Owned Business specializing in thesis providing acquisition management, financial management, and references essay program management support to plan download, the federal government. References Essay? E3's strong understanding of federal acquisition, contract, financial management and program management organization (PMO) lifecycles paves the way for mature organizational processes, experienced resources, responsive management and proven management methodologies to coursework cert science, meet and essay exceed client goals. Excellence, Accountability, Community, Humility and Integrity are the core values of E3 as we continue to strive in becoming a recognized leader in master song the management consulting community that both federal agencies and references industry partners value doing business with. Arabic Translation? We are an organization that offers both our employees and references essay clients an exceptional experience; our culture will be contagious, while always maintaining a genuine reputation. E3 Federal Solutions, LLC seeks Reporting Testers to join our team in support of coursework b junior our projected work with the Department of Homeland Security - Transportation Security Administration - Secure Flight Work Program. References? These positions are located in Annapolis Junction, MD. Master Thesis Song? The Reporting Testers will support efforts to references, validate the solution design by testing the application against b junior performance requirements.

They will support the essay, test leads by creating detailed performance test tasks for the work plan and business providing accurate status of these tasks. The Reporting Testers will perform the following regular work responsibilities: + Develops detailed test plans and results artifacts + Identify and create detailed test cases and test scripts and map to appropriate requirements and design specifications. Supports Test Lead in upward stakeholder management, status report development, metrics, etc. + Creates performance test approach and references essay strategy from system requirements and design documents + Establishes verifiable performance benchmarks for system and creative writing graduate program system components + Assists in identifying clear performance requirements / measurement criteria from references poorly defined metrics + Leads effort to arabic, identify test cases and references map them to performance/system/integration requirements for voices self book appropriate testing coverage + Responsible for creating and references maintaining test artifacts (plans, reports, dashboards) and business plan ensuring they meet client's expectations + Manages the creation of required test data and references data loads for each performance test run + Manages shakeout testing and maintaining performance test environment + Create accurate time estimates and meet schedules for performance/stress testing efforts + Manages effort of automating the performance/load test scripts + Performs execution of science test cases/runs to meet required execution targets to keep the project on schedule + Analyzes data gathered from performance test runs and references provides sound recommendations for master thesis performance improvements and can identify bottlenecks of web applications + Recommend to essay, the proper teams performance tuning in of the self different categories: system, platform, application, etc. as necessary + Reviews test results in test tools and validates test cases are complete and of high quality + Communicates any testing issues and/or risks to Test Lead in references a timely fashion + Communicate effectively with architecture, design, and development teams to learn system and resolve defects + Willingness to voices book, work a flexible schedule as needed to references, manage execution of test cases + Willingness to work in an Agile Framework environment + Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 3 years directly related work experience + ICAgile Certified Professional (ACP) + Experience with Rat App Dev, Rat Functional Tstr, RatClear Case, RatClear Quest, RatRequisite Pro, Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG), Rational Quality Manager (RQM), Rational Team Concert (RTM), IBM WAS Appl Server, IBM MQ, IBM ILOG. Brown Creative Writing Program? + Experience with IBM Data Power, IBM Data Studio, Java/J2EE, Eclipse, Agile, Gradle, Jenkins, AIX, RedHat Linux, CHEF, DevOps. + Must be a U.S. Citizen with the essay, ability to brown creative writing program, obtain and maintain a DHS Suitability security clearance. Essay? + Experience using performance test tools (HP Load Runner, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Load Impact, Load Test, etc.) + Ability to use load tools to monitor, gather, and report application performance + Knowledge of performance bottlenecks and essay end-to-end performance measures (server response time, throughput, latency, etc.) + Ability to references, troubleshoot issues in the performance test environment + Experience using test tools: TOAD, Benthic, SQL Server, SQL Plus, or other similar database query tools + JAVA, PERL, JavaScript (and/or other common programming languages) + Deep knowledge of how web applications work over HTTP protocol. Creative Writing Graduate Program? + Experience working with Federal Government projects + Experience with DHS Systems Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) + Ability to references essay, promote a positive and collaborative teaming work environment + Proven ability to work independently and as a team member + Good communication (written and essay oral), analytical and interpersonal skills + Good organizational, multi-tasking, decision-making and time-management skills + Ability to references, learn very quickly, adapts to changing priorities, and share knowledge with other team members + Comfortable working in english creative tips a fast paced, quality conscious environment + Availability to work extended hours if needed for urgent support + Ability to references, pro-actively identify and higher tips clearly articulate issues and references essay present solution options + Thinks innovatively and develops new ideas to make test more efficient + Dedication to accuracy and precision Req #: 2017-3618 External Company URL: E3 Federal Solutions Annapolis Junction MD. Extract Transform Load (Etl) Testers. 1. Brown Creative? Resume Copy paste or upload your resume. 2. Cover Letter (Optional) 2. Cover Letter (Optional) Attached Cover Letter.

2. Cover Letter (Optional) Copy paste or upload your cover letter. Don’t have a cover letter? Build one now! We will save your jobs while you are here, but once you leave, they will be discarded. To save your jobs for when you return, please sign in. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service.

800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST. Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in references essay touch with us.

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essay spm 2008 CRN Science Technology Essays - 2008. Four stages of essay acceptance: 1) this is worthless nonsense; 2) this is an higher english creative writing tips interesting, but perverse, point of view; 3) this is true, but quite unimportant; 4) I always said so. — Geneticist J.B.S. Haldane, on the stages scientific theory goes through. Each issue of the C-R-Newsletter features a brief article explaining various aspects of advanced nanotechnology. Essay? They are gathered in these archives for thesis song, your review. If you have comments or questions, please email Jessica Margolin, CRN's Director of Research Communities. CRN at Five Years Old.

By Mike Treder, Executive Director. In December 2007, we stated that this month we would offer an references essay assessment of CRN’s first five years and present an overview of creative program our accomplishments, our disappointments, and our plans for the future. A useful way to references approach this task might be to go back and consider what we believed and what we said when we started CRN and what we have learned since then. Early in 2003, we published the following foundational statements that summarized CRN's basic positions: A) Effective use of nanotechnology can benefit everyone. Advanced nanotechnology promises the b junior science ability to references build precise machines and components of molecular size. Using mechanically guided chemistry, rapid prototyping, and automated assembly, a nanofactory could combine components into large and complex products. A personal nanofactory should be able to provide cheap, clean, rapid manufacturing; the resulting abundance has the potential to alleviate most shortages, and business plan enable a high standard of living for everyone who has access to it. Rapid, cheap, flexible manufacturing will allow swift development of new inventions, spurring innovation and references essay creating further benefits.

We are dedicated to the principle of making these benefits available as widely as possible through effective administration of essay arabic translation molecular manufacturing. B) Unwise use of nanotechnology can be very dangerous. A technology this powerful could easily be misused. The rapid development cycle and massive manufacturing capability may lead to essay an unstable arms race between competing powers. Excessive restrictions may lead to an inhumane gap between rich and poor, and may encourage a black market in bootleg, unsafe molecular manufacturing technology. Insufficient restrictions may allow small groups and even individuals to produce undesirable products or terrorist tools. The products of a nanofactory could have unprecedented power and efficiency. Some restrictions, implemented worldwide, will probably be necessary for sufficient control of the use of molecular manufacturing. C) Nanofactory technology can be used safely. The manufacturing capability of advanced nanotechnology might be encapsulated in a device of b junior convenient size, with built-in mechanisms for restricting the products it can make. A box the size of a microwave oven would provide ample manufacturing capacity for a household; such a format would be suitable for references essay, private ownership, and creative is easily large enough to contain all necessary functionality for safe use, including elimination of any chemical emissions, and various security technologies.

The security features would ensure that the essay factory would only make approved products; several approval processes could be instituted for the use of various groups and situations. By using nanofactories with built-in restrictions, necessary control could be imposed while allowing widespread use of master molecular manufacturing. D) Preventing nanotechnology is impossible; careful study will be necessary for wise use. Many nations around the world have already established nanotechnology programs, spending hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Many enabling technologies are developing rapidly.

There is no realistic way to relinquish or prevent all development that could lead to robust molecular manufacturing, and there are compelling military and economic reasons for references, its development—in many different countries. Meanwhile, estimates of the technology's ultimate potential, and the timeline and cost for development, vary widely. Information is coursework science power; only through intensive studies can we ensure that the developers and essay the future administrators of this powerful capability have the tools they need to make the right decisions. A detailed understanding of molecular manufacturing technology is necessary to prepare for its eventual development. E) Effective use of nanotechnology will require intelligent and prudent policy-making. Like a computer, a nanotechnology manufacturing system could be incredibly flexible—useful for a wide range of tasks.

The administration of higher writing a single technology with a multitude of uses, many of them dangerous, poses a unique problem. References Essay? No single organization can effectively tackle this problem. A single point of control will not be responsive enough to business plan choose the correct set of restrictions for every case, when decisions must be made rapidly and too much restriction may be as bad as too little; however, some worldwide control will probably be necessary. An organization with a single focus, such as military or commercial, cannot make good decisions about unrelated purposes; an organization that tries to accommodate everyone will probably make unwise compromises. Predicting the effects of any choice will require a detailed understanding of the potential of the technology. Well-informed policy must be set, and administrative institutions carefully designed and established, before molecular manufacturing is developed.

F) The situation is urgent; nanofactories may be developed within a decade. Development of molecular manufacturing technology will rapidly become easier. Computer chips have parts only 120 atoms wide, and getting smaller; molecules bigger than that have already been constructed. Several technologies allow direct creation of complex structures less than 20 atoms wide, and single-atom lithography is being developed. Automated assembly has been used for essay, decades; rapid prototyping is master thesis song quickly developing from industrial to home use. Molecular manufacturing and references assembly will be simpler and easier in many ways than normal manufacturing.

Rapid development programs, some of business plan which may be secret, competitive, and unregulated, will be driven by references essay powerful economic and military incentives. Essay Translation? To be prepared for the coming development of references molecular manufacturing technology, we must start planning for it immediately. Let’s take those points one at a time and see if they still apply today, in early 2008. Effective use of nanotechnology can benefit everyone. Creative? — What’s suggested here is that the essay benefits of b junior cert molecular manufacturing might not be distributed equitably unless we make certain choices. We still believe this, and although we have offered arguments to support our position and engaged others in discussion, the references issue is still open and may not be decided for quite some time. It’s really an old, classic debate about how much the voices self book state should intervene in markets, but we think the unprecedented potential productivity of references essay advanced nanotechnology makes it more relevant than ever.

We will continue to emphasize this aspect of our message. Unwise use of creative writing nanotechnology can be very dangerous. Essay? — Over the years, perhaps not surprisingly, this point has brought more attention to CRN than any other. We have raised concerns about the potential for translation, a new arms race, about environmental implications, about job loss and essay economic disruption, about ubiquitous intrusive surveillance, and many other dangers. We’re gratified that the essay translation public at large seems to have caught on to the seriousness of the risks we’ve raised and placed them in proper perspective versus the still important but less critical worries about things like nanoparticle toxicity. Of course, there is nothing close to agreement on CRN’s assertion that “some restrictions, implemented worldwide, will probably be necessary for sufficient control of the use of molecular manufacturing.” That’s one of our most controversial positions, but we have not yet seen a reason to essay change it. Nanofactory technology can be used safely. Coursework Science? — We’re proud to have taken the lead in essay, proposing extensive plans for safe use of personal nanofactories.

Our suggested approach of wide distribution combined with built-in technical restrictions almost always garners positive response. Granted, it will be anything but easy to design and implement such a system, but the basic concepts seem to be sound. Preventing nanotechnology is impossible; careful study will be necessary for wise use. — This point was made against a backdrop of some individuals and coursework cert groups calling for a moratorium on references, nanotechnology research and development or even outright relinquishment of the master thesis technology. Fortunately, such cries have found little sympathy. CRN’s position that advanced nanotechnology should be developed as fast as it can be done safely and essay responsibly appears to be the mainstream consensus, and with good reason. The potential benefits are far too great to thesis be relinquished, and the best way to references head off risks is to carefully study and understand the technology, and english writing tips then to essay develop it under sensible guidelines. Effective use of nanotechnology will require intelligent and prudent policy-making. — There are three key points in this position: first, that the issues involved are complex and overlapping, meaning that no simple solution will work; second, that a laissez faire approach could be very dicey because the dangers are too great to writing allow for unregulated dissemination of nanofactory technology; and, third, that policy choices must be made and administrative systems put in place before the technology is complete. The first point seems self-evident and has largely been accepted, although we suspect that the enormous implications of references this overwhelming complexity are not yet fully appreciated.

The second point is controversial, of course, and this is an area where CRN is open to considering that we might be wrong. Good arguments can be made for the effectiveness — indeed, perhaps even the necessity — of supporting emergent networked solutions instead of top-down imposed solutions. That’s an ongoing discussion. The third point is equally controversial, and arguably unachievable, but because it focuses attention on how molecular manufacturing is potentially so disruptive, we think it is thesis song worth bringing up again and again. The situation is urgent; nanofactories may be developed within a decade. — Now, we get to the heart of the matter. Unless CRN can establish the urgency factor suggested by this final point, then all of the references other positions stated above may be considered only of academic interest and not necessary for download, critical debate, or at least not for references essay, a long time.

So, where are we today? Since CRN was founded in December 2002, we’ve seen remarkable progress in the development of technologies that may contribute to the eventual achievement of exponential general-purpose molecular manufacturing. We won’t go down the coursework whole list, because it is essay too long (see this Enabling Nanotech Update for some examples), but it now seems obvious to us and to many scientists and other observers that the feasibility question is well on master, its way to being settled. The contention that building productive nanoscale machinery is impossible for this reason or that reason has faded into essay the background. On the point of whether or not molecular manufacturing is feasible, CRN and our allies apparently have won the argument. A larger question exists, however, about urgency. Feasibility is only one factor; the other is imminence. There is business a huge difference between saying that nanofactories will be developed someday and references essay saying that they will be developed soon . We have based our appeals to policy makers and to essay translation the public on the idea that immediate action was needed. Originally, we claimed that the references essay technology “might become a reality by 2010, likely will by 2015, and almost certainly will by 2020.” Recently we revised that projection to say “might become a reality by 2010 to 2015, more plausibly will by 2015 to 2020, and almost certainly will by plan download 2020 to 2025.”

It’s interesting to essay note that while CRN’s time frame for the expected development of molecular manufacturing has shifted back by essay translation approximately five years, the references mainstream scientific community’s position has been moving forward, from essay arabic translation, a point of ‘never’, to ‘maybe by the end of the century’, to ‘not until at least 2050’, and references now to ‘perhaps around 2030 or so’. These projections might not yet match up exactly with CRN’s, but the gap is steadily shrinking. So, we’re seeing agreement about feasibility, and a convergence around the likely time frame. These are both positive developments, as uncertainty is being removed. And that’s where we stand today. The Center for creative program, Responsible Nanotechnology has accomplished a great deal in five years, clarifying and sharpening the discussion, forcing our concerns onto the agenda, and moving the mainstream closer to our positions. Our challenge now is to take a step back and see what we most want to essay achieve during the next five years. Atomic Force Microscopy. By Michael Berger, editor-in-chief of Nanowerk.

By Jamais Cascio, CRN Director of Impacts Analysis. The Perfect Storm. By Jeffrey L. Business Download? Treder. The Perfect Storm. The Global Oil Peak. The United States. Why We Probably Won’t Deflect the references Perfect Storm Before it Arrives. James Gustave Speth - The Bridge at the Edge of the World: Capitalism, the Environment, and english creative writing Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability.

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and the enduring classic. The Human Extinction Scenario. By Jamais Cascio, CRN Director of Impacts Analysis. CRN is a non-profit research and advocacy organization, completely dependent on small grants and individual contributions. Copyright © 2002-2008 Center for Responsible Nanotechnology TM CRN is an affiliate of World Care ® , an international, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.