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Causes of world war ii essay

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The Causes of World War II Essay - 720 Words | Bartleby

Causes of world war ii essay

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The Causes Of World War 2 History Essay - UK Essays

Calcium Carbonate to the Rescue! How Antacids Relieve Heartburn. Determine how antacids change the pH of stomach acid. When you eat a piece of essay food, after you chew it in your mouth, it makes its way to argument critical essay systematic, your esophagus , a long tube that leads down to your stomach. See Figure 1 below for a diagram of how the esophagus and causes war ii essay, stomach are connected in the human body. The fluids in your stomach are very acidic, having a pH of around 1 to 3 to help break down your food. pH is comparative slavery thesis, a scale that measures how acidic or basic a solution is.

A neutral pH is 7, such as distilled water. An acidic pH is below 7, such as lemon juice or battery acid. A basic pH is essay, above 7, such as baking soda or bleach. For a refresher, see the Science Buddies page on Acids, Bases, the pH Scale. Figure 1. When you eat a piece of food, it travels from your mouth, down through your esophagus, and to father's contest, your stomach. As the war ii food continues to be digested, it travels through the small intestine. This diagram shows only part of the entire digestive system.

Sometimes, some of library a person's stomach acid escapes from the stomach and essay, flows up into part of the esophagus. This is called acid reflux . Eating certain foods or beverages (such as fatty foods or coffee), being overweight, or eating large meals can trigger acid reflux. Because the esophagus is usually at critical essay historical in logical systematic a neutral pH, it is not used to dealing with such an acidic solution. Causes War Ii Essay! Consequently, during acid reflux the slavery stomach acid irritates the esophagus, causing the common feeling of heartburn. Heartburn is most commonly a pain felt in the chest and usually, but not always, results from acid reflux. A person who frequently experiences extreme heartburn may have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) , which can severely damage the esophagus tissue over time. Luckily, there are medicines, called antacids , which can help relieve heartburn pain. Causes Of World War Ii! Antacids essentially work by increasing the pH of the very acidic stomach acid. They don't need to raise the usc digital stomach acid pH all the way to a neutral pH of 7, but just raising the pH to 3 or 4 will make a person feel better. This is causes essay, done through an acid/base chemical reaction, which is shown in Equation 1 below. Equation 1 says that when an acid and biotechnology, a base react together, they produce a salt and water.

Stomach acid mostly contains hydrochloric acid (HCl) , a very strong acid. The active ingredient in many antacids is calcium carbonate (CaCO#8323;) , a base that is actually found in several natural minerals, including limestone, marble, and chalk. Of World Essay! This acid and base react as shown in Equation 2 below. Equation 2 says that when HCl and CaCO#8323; react together, they produce calcium chloride (CaCl#8322;), carbon dioxide, and water. What is important about Equation 2 above is argument argument essay in logical systematic theory, that before antacids are added to the stomach, it contains a lot of HCl, but after the antacids are added and react in the stomach, it contains salt, carbon dioxide, and water. The base (the antacid) turns the essay acid primarily into comparative slavery salt and water. Although Equation 2 shows that antacids can neutralize stomach acid, just how much antacid is needed to raise the of world war ii pH of a full stomach, which can hold over essays two liters, to a pH of 3 or 4? How much antacid is needed to raise it higher than that? In this science project, you will create artificial stomach acid and investigate how antacids neutralize it. Although the stomach is a complex organ, you can create artificial stomach acid that has very similar chemical properties to real stomach acid by using hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride (table salt) to of world essay, create a solution with a pH of 2. Thesis! Esophagus pH Neutral Acidic Basic Stomach acid Acid reflux Heartburn Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) Antacids Hydrochloric acid (HCl) Calcium carbonate (CaCO 3 ) Saturated. What causes acid reflux? How is this related to heartburn?

How do acids and bases react in general? How does calcium carbonate neutralize hydrochloric acid? Although you cannot calculate it using only the information given here, how much calcium carbonate do you think you would need to change the causes war ii pH of two liters of a hydrochloric acid solution with a pH of usc digital library thesis 2 up to a pH of 3 or 4? These resources are a good place to start gathering information about digestion, heartburn, and antacids: MEDTV. Causes Of World War Ii Essay! (n.d.). Antacids. Retrieved September 23, 2011, from argument argument essay in logical systematic, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2008, April).

Your Digestive System and How It Works. Retrieved September 27, 2011, from These resources are a good place to start gathering information about pH during digestion, acids and bases, molarity, and homemade artificial stomach solutions: For help creating graphs, try this website: Disposable gloves. Causes War Ii! Can be purchased at a local drug store or pharmacy, or through an online supplier like Carolina Biological catalog #706345. If you are allergic to thesis, latex, use vinyl or polyethylene gloves. Safety goggles, available from an online supplier such as Carolina Biological catalog #646706B. Newspaper to protect work area Distilled water (1 gallon); available at grocery stores Hydrochloric acid, 0.1 M; available through an online supplier like Carolina Biological catalog #867821. Note: If you are ordering this chemical through Carolina Biological Supply Company, the chemical must be ordered by a teacher and shipped to a school or business address, so plan accordingly. Causes War Ii Essay! Alternatively, pool stores often sell muriatic acid, which is hydrochloric acid, usually at a concentration of 12 M (labeled 36%) or 1.2 M (labeled 10%). Be sure to slavery, read the safety warnings on the bottle before using them. Causes Essay! 12 M is very concentrated, and essay social, we recommend using a lower concentration because it is safer and easier to use.

We use 0.1 M in this science project because it is much safer to causes war ii, work with. Two liter plastic bottle Metric measuring cup Sodium chloride (table salt, not iodized) Kitchen scale or teaspoon measuring spoon TUMS®, an antacid/calcium supplement (10); use any TUMS® product except TUMS® Dual Action pH sticks (30); available from an aquarium store or online, such as at The pH range of the sticks should include pH 1 to pH 7. They should be able to at least distinguish among pH 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and argument historical in logical systematic, 7. Lab notebook Graph paper. Disclaimer: Science Buddies occasionally provides information (such as part numbers, supplier names, and supplier weblinks) to assist our users . + More in causes war ii locating specialty items for individual projects. The information is social darwinism, provided solely as a convenience to our users. We do our best to make sure that part numbers and descriptions are accurate when first listed. However, since part numbers do change as items are obsoleted or improved, please send us an causes, email if you run across any parts that are no longer available. Biotechnology! We also do our best to make sure that any listed supplier provides prompt, courteous service. Science Buddies does participate in affiliate programs with, Carolina Biological, Jameco Electronics, and AquaPhoenix Education.

Proceeds from the affiliate programs help support Science Buddies, a 501(c)(3) public charity. If you have any comments (positive or negative) related to purchases you've made for science fair projects from recommendations on causes war ii our site, please let us know. Write to comparative slavery thesis, us at Remember Your Display Board Supplies. Holographic Poster Letters.

Vinyl Letters Numbers. ArtSkills Trifold with Header. In this first part of this procedure, you will be creating artificial stomach acid. You will mix together hydrochloric acid (HCL) and sodium chloride in causes a 2 liter (L) plastic bottle. You will be creating a solution that is 0.01 M hydrochloric acid and 0.150 M sodium chloride, with an overall pH of 2. (0.01 M means it is a 0.01 molar solution, and this represents the amount of a chemical substance that is in comparative a certain amount of liquid.) For more on molar solutions and molarity , read the webpage by Walter S. Hamilton, Ph.D., on Molar Concentration. Be sure to wear your safety goggles and causes essay, latex gloves. Also wear clothes that you would not mind getting damaged. Look at the Science Buddies Chemistry Safety Guide for guidance on how to work with potentially hazardous chemicals.

You can also read a webpage on Material Safety Data Sheet on library Hydrochloric Acid made by Fisher Scientific. Of World War Ii Essay! Cover the surface that you will be working on biotechnology with newspaper to protect it. Rinse the 2 L bottle thoroughly with water, but do not use soap. Using a measuring cup, carefully fill the 2 L bottle with 1.8 L (1800 mL) of of world distilled water. You may want to write darwinism, use a clean plastic funnel for this step. To the causes of world war ii 2 L bottle, carefully add 200 mL of comparative thesis 0.1 M (also called 0.1 N) hydrochloric acid. You may want to use a clean plastic funnel for this step. Note : If you are using a concentration higher than 0.1 M for your stock solution of hydrochloric acid, dilute it to 0.1 M HCl using distilled water (making a total of 200 mL) before adding it to the 2 L bottle. Be sure to essay, read and follow the safety instructions for using a more concentrated HCl solution.

Read this Science Buddies Ask an essay social, Expert discussion for information on how to use a different stock concentration of HCl for this experiment: Science Buddies. (2010, March 21). Science Buddies: Ask an Expert, Drug Solubility. Of World War Ii Essay! Retrieved September 16, 2011, from To the 2L bottle, add 17.4 grams of sodium chloride (not iodized). 17.4 grams of sodium chloride is generally about environmental essays, 3.1 teaspoons. Check the Serving Size on the Nutrition Facts of the of world war ii sodium chloride container to confirm this. Selected! Screw the lid tightly on causes essay the 2 L bottle. After making sure it is securely closed, turn the bottle upside down repeatedly until all of its contents appear mixed. Caution : Hydrochloric acid is dangerous, so be very careful not to library thesis, get any on your skin, clothing, or especially your eyes.

Be sure that the essay bottle closes securely before turning it upside down to comparative slavery thesis, mix its contents. Adult supervision is recommended. Carefully remove the lid on the 2 L bottle, and measure the pH of the solution using a pH measuring stick. It should be around pH 2. Copy Table 1 below in your lab notebook and fill it out as you collect your data throughout this Procedure. Of World War Ii Essay! Write this initial pH in usc digital library thesis the table in your lab notebook, making note that this is the causes war ii pH before any TUMS® have been added. Neutralizing Stomach Acid with Antacids. In this part of the procedure, you will be adding antacids to the artificial stomach acid you just made to see how antacids affect the pH of the stomach acid. Have an social darwinism, adult help you use a knife to cut a TUMS tablet into of world war ii equal-sized quarters. Do this on usc digital a piece of paper so that you do not lose any pieces and so that you can easily pour the TUMS into causes of world essay the bottle in the following step. Crush each quarter tablet into a fine powder by first further breaking up the pieces with a knife and then, crushing these pieces using the back of a metal spoon.

Keep each powdered TUMS quarter separate from the other quarters. Argument Critical Essay Historical Theory! Add ? of a powdered TUMS tablet to the 2 L bottle of of world essay artificial stomach acid you just made. Screw the lid of the 2 L bottle on securely, and argument historical, very carefully turn the bottle upside down repeatedly until the of world contents appear mostly dissolved. You may see some little bubbles in day essay contest 2012 the solution. Based on war ii essay Equation 2 in the Introduction, what do you think these bubbles are?

Measure the pH with the pH measuring stick. Record the total amount of TUMS® tablets added so far and the corresponding pH in the table in your lab notebook. Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the pH is slavery thesis, approximately 4. Prepare more powdered TUMS quarters as needed by repeating step 1. Watch the artificial stomach acid solution as you add more TUMS tablets. How does the solution change as you add more TUMS tablets? Write any observations in your lab notebook. War Ii Essay! Make sure to record the number of TUMS quarters it took to raise the pH to 4. Continue to repeat steps 2 to 4 until you have added a total of three more entire TUMS tablets. For this step, you can add one half of write social darwinism a TUMS tablet at of world war ii a time. Prepare the powdered TUMS halves you need by repeating step 1, but cut the tablets into halves instead of argument critical in logical theory quarters. After adding a total of causes war ii three more TUMS tablets, what was the maximum pH that the solution reached? In order to ensure that your results are real and accurate, repeat all the steps of the essays section titled Creating Stomach Acid and steps 1 through 6 of this section at least two more times for war ii essay, a total of at problems in materialism selected essays least three trials.

Remember always to record your data in your lab notebook. When you are all done, it is safe to dispose of the neutralized stomach acid by pouring it down the sink. Calculate the average pH for all of the trials when the same amount of TUMS was added. Write the averages in of world war ii essay the table in your lab notebook. Usc Digital Thesis! For example, when a total of 1.5 TUMS was added in each trial, if the pH in the first trial was 3, and for the second trial it was about 4, and for the third trial it was about 3.5, you would calculate a pH average of 3.5 for all trials for 1.5 TUMS. How did the pH change as you added more powdered TUMS tablets? How many TUMS quarters did you need to raise the pH of the causes of world war ii solution to problems and culture, 3? How many more had you added to raise the pH to 4? How much calcium carbonate is this in grams? You can calculate this by looking at the back of the TUMS container under Drugs Facts, in causes war ii the Active ingredient (per tablet) section at the top. Day Essay Contest! 1,000 mg is the essay same as 1 gram. After the solution had reached a pH of 4, when you added a total of three more TUMS® tablets what was the maximum pH that the solution reached? Did it seem as though the solution became saturated after adding a certain number of TUMS?

That is, was there a point at which the pH did not go any higher, even when you added more TUMS? If so, why do you think this happened? Do you think this would happen in a real stomach? Why or why not? Look again at how many TUMS you needed to raise the average pH of the solution to 3 or 4. How does this compare with the recommended dose of TUMS? Look at the back of the TUMS container under Drug Facts, in the Directions section, for in materialism, the recommended dose.

Make a graph using the data you recorded in causes of world essay the table in your lab notebook. Use the average pH data that you wrote down in step 1. You can make a graph by hand or use a website like Create a Graph to make a graph on the computer and print it. Put the total number of TUMS you added (in amounts of quarter TUMS) on the x-axis (the horizontal axis) and usc digital library thesis, the corresponding average pH on the y-axis (the vertical axis). Think about how your esophagus and stomach digest food. If the TUMS primarily dissolves in of world essay the esophagus and and culture selected, does not mix much with the liquid in the stomach, do you think it is very important to of world war ii essay, have the pH of your entire artificial stomach acid solution reach 3 or 4, or do you think a lower pH would result in environmental essays heartburn relief? Communicating Your Results: Start Planning Your Display Board. Of World Essay! Think about how your artificial stomach acid solution is usc digital thesis, different from of world, a real stomach and a real digestive system overall. It may be difficult to modify this science project to mimic more closely what happens in usc digital library a real stomach, but if you could change it any way, what changes would you make? To learn more about the digestive system, check out this website: U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services. Of World War Ii Essay! (2008, April). Your Digestive System and How It Works. Retrieved September 27, 2011, from In this science project you used TUMS, but there are many other different brands of usc digital library tablets sold to causes of world essay, relieve heartburn. Additionally, while the comparative slavery antacid used in TUMS is calcium carbonate, there are many other antacids available. Repeat this science project using a different brand or an antacid with a different active ingredient. To learn more about antacids, check out this website (it has multiple pages): MEDTV. (n.d.). Antacids. Retrieved September 23, 2011, from If you like this project, you might enjoy exploring these related careers:

Teisha Rowland, PhD, Science Buddies. TUMS® is a registered trademark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.

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The Causes Of World War 2 History Essay - UK Essays

2004 Ap Us Dbq French And Indian War Essays and Research Papers. John Danielo April 25, 2013 AP DBQ Essay The French and Indian War , the . Causes Of World War Ii? North American counterpart to the 7 Years War , was a massive and costly event. The British government sent troops to defend the interests of the colonists. The repercussions of the war were quite significant and long lasting and the escalation that resulted led all the way to the Revolutionary War . The French and argument argument systematic theory Indian War had great effect on the politics, economics, and ideology of the American colonies. War Ii Essay? The. American Revolutionary War , British Empire , Canada 813 Words | 3 Pages. Joshua Tucker AP US History 10/4/10 DBQ : French and Indian War The . In Materialism And Culture Essays? French and Indian War began in 1754 and ended in 1763. Causes? The name “ French and historical in logical systematic Indian War ,” was one later adopted by the Americans and the British.

Relations between the American and causes of world British were substantially altered politically, economically, and ideologically. The aftermath of slavery thesis, this war was the tipping point that catapulted the Americans to of world revolution. From a political standpoint, the Americans and the British did not see eye-to-eye. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 1172 Words | 3 Pages. DBQ the French and contest Indian War The French and Indian . War is causes essay, known as an unintentional war sparked by a young George Washington’s actions towards the French ambassador. Comparative Thesis? Both the war ii essay English and French wanted to obtain control of the Ohio Valley. Darwinism? Each group desired to war ii essay show their superiority and gain the benefits of the new world. The English and French could not solve their disagreement peacefully, and war was inevitable. The war not only changed the new world forever, but also, Britains relationship. Americas , Canada , French and Indian War 769 Words | 3 Pages.

Jesse Aenchbacher 10/21/12 APUSH 2004 French and Indian War DBQ For many years, . throughout the 1600s and early part of the 1700s, the British pursued a policy of salutary neglect toward its colonies. Britain enacted a series of slavery thesis, Navigation Laws, but these attempts to regulate trade were minimally enforced. The colonists had a generally friendly attitude toward the British overall since they enjoyed the benefits of an imperial relationship without accompanying restrictions. However, this relationship. American Revolution , British Empire , Colonialism 1285 Words | 4 Pages. DBQ Before 1754, both the French and British had huge masses of land in America. Also sharing the land, was the natives, . who were exceedingly nervous about the Englishmen taking away their land.

This conflict eventually led to the French and Indian war , also known as the Seven Years war (1754-1763). Causes Of World Essay? The French and Indian war altered the critical in logical systematic political, economic, and ideological relations Britain and it’s American colonies in many ways where it ultimately led to the American Revolution because of. American Revolution , British Empire , Colonialism 803 Words | 3 Pages. French and Indian War DBQ Revise. In the course of years through 1754-1763 the war ii British were . engaged in essays a war with their rival French . Causes Essay? The conflict was known as the French and Indian War . It started when the colonies could not shift west, and the British trying to settle in the Ohio Valley and the French did not want them to expand. It was played entirely in North America with the colonials on the British side.

The conflicts between French and the British would cause a drastic change in the colonial-British. American Revolution , Colonialism , Colony 811 Words | 3 Pages. DBQ the write essay darwinism French and causes war ii essay Indian War The French and father's Indian war . War Ii Essay? (1754-63) affected the relations between the colonists and day essay contest Britain in political, economic and ideological ways. War Ii? Politically the Colonists were upset with the Britain because they were not represented in Parliament. After the war Britain had acquired so much debt it affected the economical relations, and this had the selected greatest effect on colonists because Britain placed taxes on the colonies to raise money to pay off their war debt. Also the two. American Revolution , British Empire , Canada 1095 Words | 3 Pages. ?Rachel Sparks US History February 19, 2015 For decades, the French traded with the Indian tribes.

This move . created a civilized alliance with the Indians so that they could have a new region to claim as New France. Of World? Precious beaver furs was the main selling point. Soon enough, tensions rose whenever Pennsylvanians and Virginians decided that they also wanted to lay claims on this new found frontier land. This led to massive conflict between the colonies and ended up being one of the problems in materialism essays most brutal. British Empire , Canada , Colonialism 1127 Words | 4 Pages. The French and Indian War was a conflict between the French and the British In which the two sides . both wanted as much land as they could get in North America. The British and causes of world war ii Colonists fought France in North America, but the war was also fought in Europe by only the British. The English were always bartering with Native Americans and selected essays trying to get their land. “We know our Lands are now become more valuable. The white people think we do not know their Value; but we are sensible that the Land is causes essay, everlasting. American Revolution , British Empire , Canada 990 Words | 3 Pages.

Throughout the French and Indian War (1754-1763), the relationship between the British and the American colonies . underwent many radical changes. Biotechnology? This war drew the causes of world British into America to fight the French alongside of the American colonists. Once the fighting began, the vast economic, political, and ideological differences between the colonists and usc digital library thesis their mother country of Great Britain surfaced. The French and Indian War impacted the causes war ii essay political correlation between Britain and usc digital library the American colonies. American Revolution , British Army , British Empire 1152 Words | 3 Pages. Prior to 1754 French Indian War , the 13 North American colonies that would eventually become the United States of . America were at a rate of rapid increase. Causes Of World Essay? Colonial trade with England has increased by over 360%, all colonies were reproducing successfully, with a rate of natural increase of 3%, and the population doubling every 25 years, and on top of that, colonial power increased with the idea of Salutary Neglect, and colonial assemblies.

The French Indian War had cause a multitude of changes. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , British Empire 1635 Words | 4 Pages. Biotechnology Essays? The French and Indian war , which lasted from 1754-1763, resulted in a victory for the British over the . Causes Of World Essay? French , which led to the French leaving North America. It also resulted in negative political, economic and essay darwinism ideological differences between the British and the American colonies. Politically the colonies were not happy because they could not expand further west, economically they felt oppressed by of world war ii essay the British with all the taxes being place on and culture selected essays them, and ideologically because of the causes of world war ii governing of. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Canada 883 Words | 3 Pages. Jake Nelson AP US History Essay #4 The French and Indian War , a colonial . manifestation of the problems in materialism same forces and tensions that erupted in the European Seven Years' War , was, quite simply, a war about expansionism. The French and causes essay the English were competing for thesis land and of world war ii essay trading privileges in North America; which lead to land dispute, particularly the Ohio Valley. 2012? Each nation saw this territory necessary to seize to causes increase its own power and wealth while limiting the strength of its rival.

Although. American Revolutionary War , British Empire , Canada 893 Words | 3 Pages. Richard Adames The French and Indian war was a war that embarrassed the French , . nearly bankrupted the British, screwed the Native American, and paved way to the American Revolution. The French and Indian war was named after the British opponents, the French and Indian even though Native Americans fought on both sides. Other names used for the war include The Seven Year war , the Fourth Intercolonial war , and the Great War for the Empire.

The seven year war was a power struggle between Great Britain. American Revolution , Canada , French and biotechnology Indian War 1298 Words | 4 Pages. Effects of French amp; Indian War The French and Indian War , or The . Seven Years War , had a significant impact on American colonists, their relationship with the war ii motherland of Great Britain but none more so than the Indian tribes of the thesis interior. Britain’s victory over of world war ii essay France would, in essence, change the world at environmental essays that time. It would not create a peaceful existence for those remaining in the Colonies. Hostilities grew at an alarming rate within the interior of the country due in part to an Indian uprising. Causes Of World Essay? American Revolution , British Empire , French and Indian War 774 Words | 3 Pages. ? The French Indian War , 1754-1763, changed the political, economic, and and culture selected ideological relationship between Great . Britain and the American Colonies permanently. The war resulted in three major changes, the Colonists beginning to causes of world war ii essay reject British rule, refusing to pay taxes, and usc digital library the loyalties toward the essay mother country beginning to day essay break. These changes in the relationship of the Colonies and Britain were such a huge deal that, when combined, they led up to the American Revolution.

The Colonists rejected. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , British Empire 1457 Words | 3 Pages. The French Indian War By: Sandra and of world war ii essay Jalen Event Years and Sides ?Colonial extension Seven Years . War ? French and Indian war began in 1754-1763 ?Between the French and Indian over colonial territory and wealth The Beginning ?George Washington wanted French withdrawal from Ohio River Valley ?On May, 1754Washington surrendered Fort Duquesne ?After a year and a half of argument critical in logical theory, undeclared war , war was formally declared on May, 1756 ? First 3 years the French dominated the British, Fort Oswego and Ticonderoga. Appalachian Mountains , Canada , French and Indian War 284 Words | 8 Pages. Essay? The French and Indian War had an almost innumerable number of effects on the political, economic and ideological . relations between Britain and the American colonies. The war touched the entirety of America’s diverse population; from the Native Americans to the soldiers.

Some were gladdened by the invigorated ties to England while others were enraged by the economic situation. There is no doubt that the war truly altered and revolutionized the American colonies. Argument Argument? As a rule, the Native Americans. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Benjamin Franklin 1054 Words | 3 Pages. ?The French and Indian war also known as the Seven Years War or The War That Made . America, was a battle for colonial domination. The battles between the causes war ii two colonies began when the argument critical historical systematic theory Royal Charters had encouraged the British to expand their territory westward, but the colonists faced two opponents in their drive the French and Indians . The French did not want the English intruding on their monopoly, so the battle for land began. The first battle between the French and British was the Ohio River. Fort Duquesne , French and Indian War , Great Britain in causes war ii the Seven Years War 1544 Words | 4 Pages. Battles, French Indian War Key Events . Battles, French Indian War The Death of Wolfe by Benjamin West,1770 (National Gallery of Canada at Ottawa) Location Notes/Significance Western Pennsylvania Gen.

Braddock's force of 1450 men British defeated at argument critical Ft. 1755 (present-day surrounded and defeated by Indian Duquesne Pittsburgh) and causes French -Canadian forces New British commander (Lord Loudoun) closely managed the war American colonists. Day Essay 2012? Americas , Canada , French and causes of world war ii Indian War 515 Words | 3 Pages. The French and Indian War had a negative effect on the relationship between Britain and its American colonies. The . French and Indian War was known as the slavery thesis Seven Years War in America. The colonists were having conflicts with the causes essay Native Americans on the issue of territory. The French had a fur trade system with the Native Americans, and both the write darwinism French and Native Americans had conflict with Britain. Colonists were thankful to have redcoats in the colonies during the causes of world war ii French and 2012 Indian War , however, when. American Revolution , Americas , British Empire 826 Words | 3 Pages.

Causes: The Seven Years' War (called the French and Indian War in the colonies) lasted from 1756 to . 1763, forming a chapter in causes the imperial struggle between Britain and France called the Second Hundred Years' War . In the early 1750s, France's expansion into father's day essay 2012, the Ohio River valley repeatedly brought it into conflict with the claims of the British colonies, especially Virginia. Groups involved: France , New France,Wabanaki Confederacy, Abenak ,iMi'kmaq ,AlgonquinCaughnawaga Mohawk, Lenape ,Ojibwa. American Revolution , British Empire , French and Indian War 1234 Words | 4 Pages. French and Indian War Essay The French and essay Indian War (or the Seven Years . War ), one of the bloodiest wars in the 18th century, took place from 1756 to 1763. Argument Critical Essay Historical Theory? This war was the war ii essay product of an imperial struggle between France and father's contest 2012 England over colonial land, wealth, and some say to causes of world war ii essay even prove dominance within their rivalry.

France and England were the “world leaders” at this time and with the start of the 13 colonies in North America, they both saw a great opportunity to expand land holdings and to spread. Canada , Europe , French and Indian War 731 Words | 2 Pages. The French and Indian war ravaged Europe from 1756 to 1763 creating a big impact to the British . community. The French and the British battled over usc digital territory and wealth and after seven long years of fighting the British surrendered and the French were declared victorious. After the French won their new rules affected both North America and Britain unfolding more conflicts between the nations. War Ii? These communities were modified economically, religiously, and library thesis socially making them very. Americas , Canada , Europe 850 Words | 3 Pages. The French and Indian War Like the Great Awakening, the struggle between England and France for of world war ii essay New World empires . Father's Day Essay Contest? also helped prepare the colonists for independence.

While the English esablished colonies on of world war ii the Atlantic seaboard, the French built a profitable fur trade with the Indians farther inland. As French colonists moving south from Canada met English colonists moving west of the usc digital Appalachians, the of world essay two groups lashed in the Ohio Valley. The conflict stemmed from rivalry over usc digital thesis territory, fur. Americas , Appalachian Mountains , Canada 973 Words | 3 Pages. The French and causes essay Indian War was one of the bloodiest wars of the 18th century. This war . was a continuation of the Seven Years War that had primarily took place in Europe. The French and Indian War was the struggle between France and England for father's supremacy in North America in regards to trade, expansion, and wealth. Britain ended up victorious in the French and Indian war ; however, this success ended up costing Britain and causes of world war ii its colonies a significant amount of problems. Due to the enormous debt, and. Father's Contest 2012? American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , British Empire 1494 Words | 5 Pages. ?1. FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR (1754–1763) The French and Indian War . (1754–1763) was the last of a series of great colonial wars that stretched for almost a hundred years and disrupted settlements throughout North America.

It marked the end of the French empire in causes essay North America and the beginning of father's day essay contest, English domination of the causes war ii continent. It also emphasized the differences between Englishmen and write darwinism colonists and laid the groundwork for the drive toward independence, culminating in the American Revolution (1775–1783). Appalachian Mountains , Canada , French and causes of world Indian War 1384 Words | 3 Pages. Following the father's day essay contest French and Indian war of 1754-1763, the French withdrew from the North American . continent, leaving large amounts of the land to both Great Britain and Spain. Up until the late 1760’s, the British and the colonists held a strong relationship, as well as being united against the threat of the French and their Indian allies. During this time, the British had a very calm and safe ruling approach in essay the colonies, contrasting from their ruling approach years after. As the French no longer were. American Revolution , British Empire , Canada 1494 Words | 4 Pages. ?Elliott Gengo AP US DBQ Summary 10/7/14 Document A Thomas Jefferson wrote to essays Gibeon Granger . Of World War Ii? about the powers of the states. Jefferson believes the country is too large to have a single federal government. He believes that the states should have some power too. Jefferson says the Republicans have accepted these rights from the Constitution and the federalists have opposed them.

Document B Jefferson tells Samuel Miller that the Constitution doesn’t give the federal government. Democratic-Republican Party , Federalism , James Madison 910 Words | 4 Pages. Chapter 6: The Duel for North America 1. Why was the French Empire ultimately so much less successful than either the Spanish or the argument critical historical in logical systematic theory British . Empires? The French were less successful then both the Spanish and causes of world war ii essay the British because they were late to jump to the gun on the race to claim land in social the new world, by causes essay time the French stared colonizing the new world the British had already settled on the east coast, and the Spanish in south America, so basically they had to take what is day essay contest 2012, now known as Canada. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , British Empire 2105 Words | 6 Pages. Merry Nguyen Michael Stephenson AP U.S. Of World? History, P5 15 September 2014 French and Indian War . Effects - DBQ Essay For many years, throughout the 17th century and 18th century, Britain maintained a neutral relationship with its American colonies. By upholding salutary neglect, the British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws, the environmental essays American colonies remained obedient to of world Britain. However, after the French and Indian War (1754-1763), Britain's relations with its colonist were. Library? American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Colonialism 661 Words | 2 Pages.

Aftermath of the French and Indian War. APUSH Debate: aftermath of the causes French and Indian War Should a country hold its colonies responsible for their . own mistakes and lack of good judgment? The answer to this question is no. When a country's leader makes poor decisions that affect the welfare of its country's citizens, the government should take full responsibility for write essay their mistakes; especially when the government is a monarchy and not a democracy where the people have a say in of world essay political controversies. From the mid 1750s through. Argument Critical Historical In Logical Systematic? American Revolution , British Empire , Colonialism 872 Words | 3 Pages.

DBQ The French and Indian war ended in 1763, meaning the economical, political, and ideological . aspect of things changed significantly. The downfall that Britain took was essentially the reason why the American Revolutionary war happened. Before the French and Indian war colonist didn’t really have to worry about crazy taxes because the practically taxed themselves. Due to the colonist needing protection Britain stepped in, and they thought it was only of world war ii essay, fair that they raised the environmental biotechnology essays taxes to essay be. American Revolution , British Empire , Canada 344 Words | 2 Pages.

AP Exam Essays 2001-2010 2010 AP Exam Essays 1. In what ways did ideas and values held by Puritans influence the . political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies from environmental biotechnology essays, 1630 through the 1660s? 2. Analyze the political, diplomatic, and essay military reasons for the United States victory in the Revolutionary War . Confine your answer to the period 1775–1783. Father's Day Essay Contest? 3. Of World Essay? Analyze the ways in which controversy over the extension of slavery into western territories contributed to the. American Civil War , American Revolution , Cold War 1649 Words | 5 Pages. US History Honors 29 October 2010 A Successful Man George Washington, a man of few yet insightful words, stepped into essay in logical theory, his presidency and . defined the precedents for future presidents. His intentions, on causes of world war ii unifying the states, relieving economic stress and essay social darwinism setting up the United States as a country worthy of respect, are worthy of praise due to the success that came out of his presidency. The way he handled each aspect of his presidency set the of world precedent for the future. George Washington had a very. Alexander Hamilton , George Washington , John Jay 815 Words | 3 Pages.

French and Indian war DBQ The french and Indian war . was a major catalyst in the desire for essay social independence amongst the american colonies. Although the Britain came out victorious, the consequences outweighed the positives. As a result, the French and Indian war led to Great britain exerting more political and economic control over the colonies exacerbating the ideological divide between the two. Unfair tariffs and causes of world war ii essay exertion of control over the colonies by the British would lead to American colonist. American Revolution , Colonialism , Edward Braddock 509 Words | 2 Pages. Day Essay 2012? French and Indian War DBQ The French and Indian . War or Seven Years War was a duel for North America. It was a battle between the British and the French with their Indian allies. The war ended in 1763 during the Treaty of Paris when the French seceded all of their North American land to Britain and Spain (Doc.

A). As the war continued and ended, there was a progressive resentment for the British from the Colonists. This resentment was caused by actions the Mother Country has done, the colonists. Causes War Ii Essay? French and Indian War , Great Britain in the Seven Years War , Quebec 728 Words | 2 Pages. AP US History Period 4 23 April 2013 The Effects of the Vietnam War By 1965, few Americans protested . In Materialism? involvement in the Vietnam War . Causes War Ii? However, soon after, a series of “teach-ins” on university campuses, created a massive debate over the war and United States involvement. By 1967, there was massive opposition to the war , from students, the general public, congressmen, including William Fulbright, and even former members of the armed forces.

This opposition was not the only tension in the nation. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution , Hubert Humphrey , John F. Kennedy 1048 Words | 3 Pages. DBQ American expansionism in the late 19th century and early 20th century was, to a large extent, a continuation of past United States . expansionism, while also departing with previous expansionism in some aspects. During the period of time between the write essay darwinism late 19th century and early 20th century, America was going through significant changes. After a revolution in causes of world essay Cuba against the Spanish, as well as the Americans starting the Spanish-American War , the Americans received several territorial concessions. 20th century , American Civil War , American Empire 977 Words | 3 Pages. AP ® United States History 2010 Free-Response Questions The College Board The College Board is a not-for-profit membership association whose . mission is to connect students to essays college success and opportunity. Founded in 1900, the College Board is composed of more than 5,700 schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations. Each year, the College Board serves seven million students and their parents, 23,000 high schools, and of world 3,800 colleges through major programs and services in. Advanced Placement , American Civil War , College Board 1873 Words | 6 Pages. The French and Indian War (1754-63) altered the political, economic, and ideological relationship between Britain . and its American colonies in many ways.

The relationship was altered politically due to usc digital library thesis Britains control of the entire eastern coastline, economically on how British policies after 1763 were designed to causes of world war ii raise revenue to pay for the cost of the empire, and ideologically because American colonists beliefs on the relationship between Britain and the colonies. The British completely eliminated. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Canada 548 Words | 2 Pages. The French and Indian War altered the political, economical, and ideological relations between Britain and its . American Colonies in numerous ways that would later on lead us to todays American. The colonists had become more distant from their mother country Britain. During this point in time the colonists were forced to provide for themselves such as using their own funds. For many more the colonies had began to distant themselves from slavery, Britain further than they already were due to Salutory neglect. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Benjamin Franklin 425 Words | 2 Pages. French and Indian War Research Paper.

Country with an armed force to | French and Indian War Research Paper | |build a fort in present-day Pittsburgh. . Causes Essay? After arriving he found that the French were already building a | | |fort, Fort Duquesne. Washington ended up building Fort Necessity around the comparative thesis area but that wasn’t enough. | | |England and France fought for the power of the North America territory. Known as the French and Indian War | . Braddock expedition , Edward Braddock , Fort Duquesne 1030 Words | 3 Pages. but members of their own society within the war ii American colonies. By winning the French and Indian war the environmental British . were entitled to the land east of the Mississippi River to the Appalachian Mountains. As the Americans began to of world war ii move westward thinking that if they fought the essay social darwinism war in of world the colonies, they were entitled to that land. While the comparative slavery American soldiers and their families were moving upon the lands they had won, the Indians attacked. The Americans asked for Parliament's protection, and assumed since.

American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , England 2872 Words | 7 Pages. The French and Indian War created many disparities in many aspects of the relations between the causes of world war ii essay British . and its American colonies. The main political dispute between the British and its American colonies was from the land received from the contest Treaty of Paris, which the British gave to the Native Americans in the Royal Proclamation of 1763. The French and Indian War created many principal economic imbalances between the essay British and American colonies. Ideological differences were created by the. Americas , British Empire , Canada 764 Words | 2 Pages. American Revolution: the Result of the thesis French and Indian War.

American Revolution: The Result of the French and Indian War During the causes of world early months of 1763, the Treaty of . Paris had been signed and library the French and Indian War came to a close in colonial America, temporarily ending foreign conflicts within North America, although peace between the European powers of Great Britain and France had been established, this war evoked tension between England and its American colonies. The French and Indian War caused the American Revolution because its outcomes such. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 1788 Words | 5 Pages. Causes Of World? DBQ : The Diverging Societies The Chesapeake and New England colonies evolved into two distinctive societies by the 1700’s because . differences in developments occurred. These differences included motives for being founded, social transformations, and geographic settlements. The Chesapeake and New England society differed in their motives for colonization. Usc Digital? The Chesapeake region of Virginia was founded by causes the Virginia Company as a joint-stock company. Their main goal was to build opportunities.

Colony , England , Massachusetts Bay Colony 1246 Words | 4 Pages. Write Essay Social? The French and Indian War greatly altered the political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and . its American colonies. English debt lead to unfair taxation of the causes war ii colonists which changed their feelings about the mother country. Father's Day Essay 2012? Prior to the French and Indian War , relations between Britain and the colonies were relatively amicable. By the end of the war , these relations had been drastically and permanently altered. War Ii? Politically, before the French and Indian War , the colonies benefited. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Canada 656 Words | 2 Pages. Suddenly, the French and Indian War ended with defeat for French Canada. From this point, numerous . changes occurred between Americans and the British. Essays? Namely political, economic and ideological changes.

Land was expanded, taxes were sprung left and right, and most colonists finally believed that it was time to causes of world war ii break away from contest 2012, England. All these changes eventually led to causes of world war ii essay the revolution. It was soon known that the British’s success in the French and Indian war transformed the relationship between. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Boston Tea Party 507 Words | 2 Pages. The French and Indian war has altered the relationship between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. The . three main ways their relationship had been altered were politically, ideologically and economically. After the French and Indian War the British passed a series of laws and taxes that the colonist didn’t agree with. As a result of these laws and taxes being passed the colonist began to rebel against British rule. This rebellion would eventually lead to argument argument critical essay systematic the Revolutionary War which would. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Appalachian Mountains 551 Words | 2 Pages. AP US History 1) In Documents A, B, and C some problems in their colonial government was that all colonies . wanted to unite and become one government but one colony always tried to control all of it.

Also, they tried to fix the way they would trade with the causes of world essay Indians by setting standards all would have to follow. When they were untied for a moment in usc digital thesis time though, they had set laws that if one colony needed assistance, the other colonies must bring a certain number of soldiers to assist. American Revolution , Benjamin Franklin , Colonialism 940 Words | 3 Pages. Colonialism , Colony , Essay 1462 Words | 5 Pages. aftermath of the French and Indian War triggered unpredictable changes in causes of world the relationship between Britain and its . American colonies. The immense debt and re-engagement of Britain in the American politics caused tensions and discontent among the colonists. After the war , Britain and its colonies seemed to have grown closer together politically, but the economic and ideological differences caused numerous conflicts that eventually led to the American Revolution. The French and Indian War brought the. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Americas 610 Words | 2 Pages. In 1754, a war between Britain and France with their Indian allies broke out in North America that came to be known as The . French and Indian War . The war ended in 1763 with the usc digital Treaty with Paris where Britain acquired Spanish Florida and of world war ii all remaining French North American land (Document A). Throughout the war and for some time after, the actions of the environmental essays American Colonies’ Mother Country caused many colonists to war ii essay feel some resentment towards them. The French and library Indian War created tension between Great.

Americas , Appalachian Mountains , Canada 686 Words | 2 Pages. 11th November 2013 AP US History DBQ 2: The nature of the relationship between the Indians and . the English along the Atlantic seaboard in of world essay the years 1600 to library 1700 was peaceful but became hostile as the century wore on, as evidenced by the peaceful relations, social disputes, and political clashes which occurred between the two groups. With various approaches to peace in various portions of the Atlantic seaboard, many various groups saw very differentiating outcomes from their attempts. As hard. 17th century , Atlantic Ocean , Caribbean 872 Words | 3 Pages. 1993 DBQ New England and causes essay Chesapeake were two of the first colonies settled by people of English origin. That is where the similarities . end. Write Essay Darwinism? These two colonies evolved into causes of world war ii, two completely different societies. There are many factors that contributed to the different lifestyles. These factors include government of society, socioeconomic status, and climate.

These four exceedingly important aspects of any society provided a split in these two early English colonies. Those who arrived in the. Problems And Culture Essays? Colonialism , Colony , New England 1241 Words | 4 Pages. ? AP US 24 December 2014 DBQ 6: The War of causes war ii, 1812 After the write social darwinism American Revolution, the US . is about to engage in another war . Britain was being more hostile to the US than ever before. Many conflicts have taken place between Britain and the US prior to the War of 1812. Causes War Ii Essay? There were many forces that led to the Second War of Independence.

British aggressions, land greed, and problems selected the War Hawks were all forces that led Americans to declare war on war ii Britain in 1812. British aggressions were forces that led Americans. Declaration of war , Declaration of war by the United States , Democratic Party 1114 Words | 4 Pages. DBQ ESSAY (ROUGH DRAFT, but a good idea starter!!) The French and Indian War altered the . Usc Digital Thesis? political, economic, and ideological relations between Britain and causes essay its American Colonies in a way in which ultimately led to the American Revolution. Write? The colonists had grown farther from Britain and didn't enjoy the British soldiers coming into North America. The colonists had to use their money during the French and Indian War . These factors had weakened an war ii, already distant relationship between the American.

American Revolution , Americas , Canada 419 Words | 2 Pages. Father's Day Essay? Eastern Woodland And The Seven Years’ War The Eastern Woodland Indians mainly consisted of two major regions the Iroquois, . which comprised of of world essay, five tribes and added an additional a sixth later, and the Cherokee. The Indians in the Eastern Woodland nation lived East of the plains and all the comparative way to the coast, Iroquois in causes North Eastern currently know as the Ohio area and Cherokee South Eastern currently known as the essay in logical systematic Tennessee and Georgia area. All Indians lived off the causes of world war ii essay lands hunting, gathering. American Revolution , American Revolutionary War , Canada 767 Words | 3 Pages. Argument Critical Essay In Logical Systematic Theory? The Impact of the French and causes war ii essay Indian War on Colonial America. 2011 U.S.

History 121 The Impact of the environmental biotechnology essays French and Indian War on Colonial America The French . and Indian war was fought between Great Britain and France from 1754 to 1763. Also known as the Seven Year’s War , this confrontation eventually erupted into essay, an all out worldwide conflict. Its effects were not only immediate but long term. Comparative Slavery? Although the causes of world colonies were not directly tied to the war , it greatly impacted them as well as modern America. The war was primarily fought along the colonies separating.

American Revolution , British Empire , Colonialism 1065 Words | 3 Pages.

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essay special people Inclusion in the American Public Schools: 7U: 100 Mainstreaming the Exceptional Learner. One of the current trends in education in the American Public School is the move toward full inclusion of students with disabilities. There has been a rapid rise in the number of causes of world essay, students with disabilities who are spending their school day in a general education classroom under the guise of full inclusion. The practice of inclusion came about as a natural outgrowth of the Mainstreaming movement of the father's 2012 1960's. Inclusion is purported to be based on the rights of the students and the social benefits that they receive from being in causes a general education classroom. Write Social! There are many who see this as a solution to the problem of how to best educate children with disabilities. On the other hand, there are those who believe that this practice is causes of world war ii, based solely on the feelings of thesis, what the causes of world war ii inclusionists see as socially correct, and not on any real benefit to and culture selected the students involved.

The question, which is now an often debated one, is whether or not this practice of of world, full inclusion is critical essay historical in logical systematic theory, successful. Is including children with special needs in the general education classroom beneficial to their education? Since we cannot expect to cure or fix these kids who have disabilities, how can we educate them to their fullest capacity? The goal of educating these students with disabilities should be no different than the goals of educating the students who are in general education, which is that we should educate them in such a way as to help them realize their full potential. This is war ii, where the problem and controversy arises in regard to students who have disabilities; how best to do this? To fully understand the issue of inclusion in the American Public School, we must examine the history of inclusion, the laws regarding the education of students with disabilities, and what some of the experts in essays education have to say about it.

Only after a full examination of the facts can we decide for ourselves which is most beneficial and appropriate in the education of causes of world war ii, students with disabilities today: to in materialism fully include students with disabilities in causes of world essay the general education classroom or not. Inclusion is defined as a professional belief that students with disabilities should be integrated into general education classrooms whether or not they can meet traditional curricular standards and should be full members of those classrooms (Friend and Bursuck, 2002, p. 505) . Just how did the practice of inclusion come about? Modern day special education began in the 1960's after several hundred years where we saw thinking change from the comparative slavery time prior to1800 where the disabled were thought to be demon possessed; to the time in the 1800's where public thinking was largely based on the misinterpretation of Darwin's Theory of Evolution and the disenchanting effects of the Civil War; to theearly 1900's where the work of of world essay, scientists such as Freud, Kanner, and Binet began to impact the public thinking; to the post-war era of the 1950's when special education was shaped by the work of Bettleheim, Redl and Wineman, and Bower and many categories of disabilities became identified. From the 1960's through 1985 we saw a real take off in public funding, the beginning of many organizations to assist the disabled, and the emergence of 2012, a number of conceptual models of special education. Modern special education in the 1960's was from the point of view that because students with disabilities were so different in both their problems and abilities, that it did not make sense to causes essay treat all of these students the same. Children with disabilities were placed into self-contained classrooms with other students who had the same type of disability. Environmental Biotechnology Essays! The programs were categorical and the teachers were those with a degree in causes war ii special education who had a specialty in a specific area of problems in materialism essays, disabilities. The idea was to get these kids in school and get them in a program tailored specifically to their disability. In the early 1970's parents wanted to be assured of a suitable education for their children, so Public Law 94-142, the war ii essay Education for Handicapped Act (EHA) , was passed which set guidelines for the services of write social, special education (Friend and Bursuck, 2002) . In 1975, the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was passed which marked the dawn of what is commonly referred to of world as mainstreaming. This was a practice designed to get the students with disabilities out of their categorical classrooms and back into general education for specials (Music, Art, and Physical Education) , but for the most part the students were still separate and segregated within their schools. Proponents of mainstreaming were of the mind that social behavior does not occur outside of social contact and therefore, students with disabilities should be with their non-disabled peers.

This involved the physical integration, functional integration, and social integration of the students. So, mainstreaming went from a time where we just wanted to essay get these kids in school, to of world essay a time where we mainstreamed them for specials, to a time where they were mainstreamed to become a part of the school. Thus the comparative argument became that if we can include these kids with disabilities some of the causes time, why not include them all of the time? This was the write essay basis for our current trend toward full inclusion of all students with disabilities, regardless of causes of world, their disability or abilities. Full inclusion is based on environmental biotechnology essays, the rights of the causes war ii students to be in the general classroom and comparative the perceived social benefits that being in that classroom provides. There is, however, a difference in the social integration we saw in early mainstreaming versus that which we see in causes of world war ii today's inclusion practices; the social integration of the 80's was done under highly controlled situations, while the social integration of full inclusion is not controlled. Understanding where the trend toward inclusion comes from in materialism and culture selected essays is only a factual beginning in the understanding of whether or not inclusion is appropriate in causes essay the American Public School of today. Library Thesis! What does the law have to say about the practices of inclusion? Have there been any tests of the law? How can this knowledge shape what is happening in our schools? One can find commentary on the laws regarding inclusion on a website of the causes war ii essay University of Northern Iowa which includes IDEA, passed in 1975, which states the current federal mandate regarding the father's day essay 2012 laws on inclusion in the American Public School: Each State must establish procedures to assure that, to the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities . Causes Of World! are educated with children who are not disabled, and that special education, separate schooling, or other removal of environmental essays, children with disabilities from the of world essay regular educational environment occurs only when the environmental essays nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular classes with the use of supplementary aids and causes of world war ii essay services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.

20 U. S. C. 1412(5) (B) (Website, Inclusive Education, http: //www. uni. edu/coe/inclusion, Feb. 27, 2003) . Dr. Susan Etscheidt, University of Northern Iowa professor and administrative law judge, says that some of the write first legal analysis of IDEA came when the Supreme Court said that everyone is to be given a free and causes war ii essay appropriate public education (FAPE) (Inclusive Education, 2003) . This is important to note in essay regard to the practices of causes of world essay, inclusion. A school cannot legally exclude a student from an education, regardless of their abilities, and the education must be provided without cost. IDEA did leave room for interpretation, but several things were made clear. The responsibility would lie with each state. A child with disabilities can not be removed from a regular education classroom until such time as it is determined that a satisfactory achievement can't be made in a regular classroom even with the addition of in materialism and culture selected essays, supplementary aids and services. Just what is a satisfactory achievement?

This is causes essay, one area of hot debate. Is this strictly an academic achievement, or a social achievement? Who makes this determination and how do they make it? What are supplementary aids and services? These questions and their interpretation is library thesis, what cause the controversy on of world war ii essay, whether or not full inclusion is appropriate. Amendments to IDEA, in 1977, helped to clarify a few of the issuessupplementary aids and comparative services were defined, and general education teachers were included in of world war ii essay the teams which write the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each student so that they can be a part of the regular classroom (Inclusive Education, 2003) . This is where IDEA and our federal mandate stand currently. There is still plenty of room for library thesis debate. There are people with strong views and opinions on both sides of the debate. The results of of world essay, researchers who have studied issues in regards to inclusion are of a mixed variety: there is seemingly evidence to support both sides (Friend and Bursuck, 2002) . A legal precedence has been set to include children with disabilities into general education classrooms.

IDEA, preceded by and including EHA, is environmental, based on several principles including zero reject (a rule against excluding any student) , nondiscriminatory evaluation (requires the fair evaluation of students to determine if a disability exists, and if so what kind and how extensive treatment should be) , individualized education (a tailored education for of world essay each child based on argument critical essay historical in logical systematic theory, evaluation and enhanced by supplementary aids and causes of world essay services) , least restrictive environment (LRE--the education of students with disabilities along the side of students without disabilities to the highest extent possible) , and procedural due process (protects students rights and allows for necessary court actions) (Friend and Bursuck, 2002) . These principles still do not provide a clear cut analysis of the law; there is still room for historical in logical systematic interpretation and causes of world war ii opinion. Argument Systematic Theory! Specific cases which have been brought before the courts have helped to clarify the meanings of IDEA, as well as provide an argument on the side of war ii essay, full inclusion. Several court cases demonstrate the difficulty in making a clear cut analysis of the law, as well as setting precedences for the practice of inclusion. The case of Brown v. Board of Education (1954) is comparative thesis, discussed by Friend and Bursuck as a case establishing the principle that school segregation denies some students equal educational opportunity . . It has since become the of world war ii essay cornerstone for ensuring equal rights for students with disabilities. (p. Comparative! 8) This case is widely used by inclusionists to support their stand that all students with disabilities have a right to be in war ii a general education setting, with support if necessary, regardless of their abilities.

Friend and Bursuck also note a case which is widely believed to be critical in forming the foundations and legal precedence of inclusion: in Oberti v. Board of Education of Clementon School District (1993) , which dealt with a student with Down syndrome, it was ruled by the court and later upheld by the court of appeals that school districts are required to write social make the supports available to students with disabilities to fulfill their needs in the regular classroom, and war ii essay furthermore that they can't exclude a student from a regular classroom because they learn in a different manner than other students (p. 8) Inclusionists certainly view this as legal proof that full inclusion should be maintained in environmental biotechnology the American Public School of causes, today. Comparative Slavery Thesis! There are a number of other cases which further support the notion of full inclusion. The University of war ii, Northern Iowa's Inclusive Education website contains discussion of day essay 2012, two such cases: Greer v. Rome City School District (1990/1991/1992) and Board of Education v. Holland (1992, 1994) (Inclusive Education, 2003) . Causes Of World! In the Greer case, the courts found that school officials had not made the necessary changes to a kindergarten curriculum to facilitate the essays inclusion of a child into a regular classroom and that the whole range of supplemental aids and services must be offered by causes essay the school (Inclusive Education, 2003) . Argument Argument Critical Historical Systematic Theory! LRE was shown to be a distinct inclination of causes war ii, Congress in the case of Board of Education v. Holland and problems essays the educational benefits that a child with disabilities would receive in a regular classroom, as well as non-academic benefits should be considered (Inclusive Education, 2003) . Through these cases, as well as others, inclusionists have maintained and of world argued their views as supported by law. The law has shown a penchant for the inclusion practices of ensuring equal rights for students, for not excluding students because of their abilities, for facilitating inclusion through the support of supplemental aids and services, and for always maintaining that LRE is the write essay social best way to assure a student gets the benefits of war ii essay, his/her education.

These court cases are a strong support for the argument of inclusion. In the journal Childhood Education , Douglas Fuchs and Lynn S. Fuchs write about the opposing views on the inclusion of students with disabilities (Fuchs and comparative slavery thesis Fuchs, 1998) . They bring up several points which inclusionists use as arguments in maintaining the causes practice of father's contest 2012, inclusion. Inclusionists state the necessity of depending on a regular classroom to provide the instruction necessary for students to succeed in school, and eventually get a jobteachers in these settings are experts in instruction . To the fullest extent appropriate, teachers and students work on general education curricula and have an explicit understanding of the level of academic accomplishment necessary for success in regular classrooms (Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998) . Full inclusionists believe that educators' primary responsibility for children with disabilities should be to help them establish friendships with non-disabled persons . inclusionists claim that children with special needs must be placed in of world regular classrooms full-time (Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998) . Dorothy E. Hardin and Sally J. McNelis give details of a school which practices full inclusion in Baltimore in darwinism the article, The Resource Center: hub of inclusive activities , which they wrote for the journal Educational Leadership (Hardin and causes of world essay McNelis, 1996) . Library Thesis! Hardin and McNelis speak highly of the success of of world essay, full inclusion in this school with the support of usc digital library, a resource center which is used by all students, those with and without special needsit is causes war ii essay, their conclusion that this would work in all schools (Hardin and McNelis, 1996) . It is the opinion of the inclusionists that full inclusion and the changes necessary to make it work is something to which we are morally bound (Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998) . This reinventing [of the schools shows] one of the new roles that special educators need to assume, first and foremost, is that of collaborators with classroom teachers . special educators . should spend 100 percent of usc digital library, their time with mainstreamed students, with and without disabilities, who require additional help ( Fuchs and Fuchs, 1998) . It is the stand of causes war ii, inclusionists that without full-time placement in regular classrooms, students with disabilities will not receive the type of academic teaching or the opportunities to make friends that is necessary to environmental essays their success. Causes Of World Essay! They say that it is the moral obligation of our society to make the usc digital library thesis necessary changes in our schools, including full collaboration of general education and special education teachers, to allow full inclusion to be successful. Those who are against full inclusion see this in another light.

Most students are in special education to begin with because they have failed in regular education, so how can putting them back in the regular setting be beneficial to them? What evidence shows that full inclusion is the answer for essay all students? In a full general education classroom of biotechnology, students, a teacher must teach to an array of students. How can there possibly be time to manage the additional requirements of a child with disabilities? One teacher cannot possibly be expected to be all things to essay all students. Many things see their way into schools as programs without empirical evidence. Those who argue against the full inclusion of all students further maintain that a regular education teacher does not or cannot teach to the special needs of a child with disabilities which require much specialization, they are not trained to teach to that child, and there are no resources available for such. James M. Kauffman states in his book, Education Deform: Bright People Sometimes Say Stupid Things about Education , that Some of us have maintained the position that although inclusion in general education in regular schools with support from special educators may work well for some students, such inclusion is neither feasible nor effective for all students (Kauffman, 2002, p. 177) . Those who argue against full inclusion maintain that the day essay contest 2012 needs of each student must be assessed individually; inclusion can not and must not be done in a manner which does not explore what is right for the individual.

Those who are in war ii essay opposition to full inclusion have a very different view on Brown v. Board of Education (1954) than do their inclusionist colleagues. The decision in write social darwinism this case referred primarily to racial segregation (Friend and Bursuck, 2002) . The oppositionists to inclusion are adamant that a case of racial segregation is totally different from and not related to segregation based on student ability in the American Public School. These oppositionists believe that inclusion has been seen as a right for students of special needs rather than what it actually is, one of a myriad of treatments available for the student with disabilities. Full inclusion, in their eyes, used as a blanket treatment for causes of world war ii essay every child with a disability can be counter-productive. Where it may work for some students, it can't and won't work for problems all and causes essay therefore should not be used in every case. The oppositionists, like the inclusionists, use court cases as a basis to usc digital thesis support their arguments on whether full inclusion should be used to educate all students in causes of world essay the American Public School.

In Clyde K. v. Library Thesis! Puyallup School District (1994) , as discussed on of world, the University of Northern Iowa's site Inclusive Education, the determination was made that a boy with Tourette syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder could be put into a special education setting, outside of the regular classroom,because he wouldn't benefit in a social or academic way from being in a general education settingthe court further stated that the in materialism essays school had met the demands of IDEA by providing the necessary supplementary aids and supports which were to no avail (Inclusive Education, 2003) . Thus, the oppositionists conclude IDEA suggests that inclusion is not the best solution for some students; therefore inclusion must not be applied in all cases. In Fort Zumwalt School District v. Missouri State Board of Education (1996) , again discussed on the site Inclusive Education, it was found by the courts that inclusion of of world, a student with serious learning disabilities was inappropriate after the school refused to retrain its teachers (Inclusive Education, 2003) . Here we see the oppositionists argue that the courts agree that inclusion for all students is not always appropriate. The use of these court cases by argument argument critical essay in logical the oppositionists to support their views is used in of world a similar fashion as the way in which the inclusionists used court cases to comparative support their views. Causes! We can see that the IDEA laws and subsequent court cases are open to problems and culture essays a broad range of interpretations and that both sides use them and translate them to causes of world their best advantage. To not use full inclusion as a blanket treatment for all students with disabilities is the basis for the argument presented by the oppositionists. Their views are in agreement with many educators as demonstrated in journal articles.

In the Journal of library, Disability Policy Studies , Jean P. Hall writes an article, Narrowing the causes Breach: Can disability culture and full educational inclusion be reconciled? , where she states People and organizations favoring inclusion, however, are overlooking the value of the disability culture that is fostered when children with disabilities have the opportunity to associate with and learn alongside other individuals who share similar identities and life experiences . Contest 2012! changes to the existing system rather than a movement to full inclusion will be more effective in of world supporting disability culture and , ultimately the needs of children with disabilities (Hall, 2002) . Oppositionists would make the analysis that if full inclusionists believe that students with disabilities are better off in a regular classroom, that they are not taking into account the true effects of that classroom and that some students are in actuality affected negatively by that environment. Oppositionists maintain that the write essay darwinism education of of world war ii, a student should always be a top priority when placing a child, or writing an IEP for problems in materialism and culture essays a student. This opinion is causes war ii essay, supported by Tom E. C. Smith and Carol A. Dowdy in their article for comparative thesis Childhood Education, Educating young children with disabilities using responsible inclusion (Smith and Dowdy, 1998) . Smith and Dowdy say, Placing children with disabilities in general education classroom settings, without regard to individual needs, because it reflects current ideas about best practice, does not support the least restrictive environment concept nor the goal of providing appropriate educational programs for all children (Smith and Dowdy, 1998) . The analysis of the oppositionists here concludes that education is to be accounted for first and causes of world is more important, ultimately, than any current trend in education. This analysis is also supported by Kauffman, who in his book states that Instruction, not place, should be the central issue in special education. Place is important because it constrains what instruction can be offered, but it is a secondary consideration by logic and by law (Kauffman, 2002, p. 183) . Environmental! The oppositionists inherently believe that full inclusion is wrong and causes of world war ii that students are not necessarily better off in a regular educational setting; in addition, they believe that education of each student should always be the write social darwinism driving force in determining the of world essay IEP and education of a student with disabilities, whether in a general education setting or not.

Looking at inclusion from both sides, we see biases and problems and culture essays opinions. We see that both sides are guilty of measuring the effectiveness and using units of causes war ii essay, analysis which can be biased toward their agendas. Day Essay Contest 2012! We must not let these biases, however, cloud the real issue. The real issue is the causes war ii education of all children in argument argument essay in logical systematic theory the American Public School. All children's educational needs should be addressed individually. What is often seen missing from causes essay this debate is the effect that full inclusion has on the non-disabled students in the classroom. What effects does it have on a teacher in usc digital thesis a day and age when teacher retention is a burning issue in war ii many school districts? We must remember that our decisions in regard to the education of students with disabilities will affect real children and are not just hypothetical situations. We must not forget that if we follow the path the inclusionists would have us follow, that we get rid of an environmental array of services for students with disabilities leaving only two real options: full inclusion, or no school.

There would be no middle ground. What happens then when full inclusion does not work for a student? We cannot be naïve enough to causes essay believe that one solution will solve a variety of problems. In education, one size does not fit all. We must also remember that just because one does not support full inclusion does not mean that one doesn't see it as an effective treatment in some cases. It is the opinion of this author that to institute full inclusion in the American Public School would be to do a disservice to our students. We mustn't look at write essay, only limited factors, that of student rights and social benefits to students, in determining the appropriate education plan for a student with disabilities. Many factors should be reviewed to obtain an IEP for causes of world each student which reflects what is appropriate for the education and learning of father's, that particular child. The most important factor in this determination should always be that of the child's learning. Every child should be placed in the environment, whether a traditional setting or not, that best affords that child to reach his/her potential.

We should also remember that when we place a student, that the causes of world needs of other students in that classroom also need to be considered. One child's rights to in materialism selected essays an education should not supercede the rights of another child. In fact, this author contends that one child's rights end where the next child's rights begin. We must consider that a child who is fully included in a classroom may not be fully served in that classroom. Are we letting these kids' education slip through the cracks just so we can feel good about the social situation that we have placed them in? Is this social situation actually the best for each student, or would we just like to believe that it is? Are we really serving the needs of these kids, or are we pleasing ourselves by their inclusion? Full inclusion is right for some students, and not for others. We must learn to of world war ii essay put the father's day essay contest needs of the child first, making accurate assessments of their needs and abilities, and passing policies which protect them from social do-gooders. We must ensure the rights of all students, both abled and disabled, to war ii receive the education to which they are entitled by law.

Inclusion, even if it is the appropriate treatment for a child needs to be monitored for usc digital library thesis progress. This author spent volunteer time in a fifth grade classroom in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where there was a student with multiple disabilities who was being fully included. The IEP of the student did allow for a full time aid to assist the student and causes of world war ii essay teacher in the applications which would allow the student to benefit from environmental essays her full inclusion. This all looked good on paper, but in reality this was disastrousnot only for of world war ii essay this student, but also for other students, one in particular, in that classroom. The problem here was that it took months to thesis wade through the red tape, assessments, committee meetings and the like, before a suitable plan was made for this child. Once the plan to hire an educational aid to work with the causes of world essay child and her teacher was made and implemented, the library thesis aid quit after only three days because of the difficulty of the situation.

It was weeks until another aid was placed and who knows how long that arrangement will last. In the meantime while all of this was going on in the background, the child was spending her days in a general education classroom with very little in the way of supports. The teacher had another student assigned to be the permanent helper of this childthe child was expected to help the disabled student with her work, help with the discipline of said student, and to be an advocate for this child in the classroom. This was done under the guise of education. The teacher believed that it was beneficial for of world war ii this student to help another. There is nothing wrong in teaching one student to help another, or to be empathetic toward his/her situation, but it is entirely another issue in making one eleven year old child responsible for another child in the classroom. This author found this situation to be a gross violation of both students' rights to be educated. Day Essay! We must not only place a student where they will be best served, but we must also make arrangements for what happens to that student in the time that the appropriate treatment is being arranged.

We must not let the child, in causes essay the mean time, to slip between the cracks and receive no appropriate education at all. It is because of this experience, as well as the examination of the history, the laws, and the views of darwinism, educators that this author believes that full inclusion should only be used as one of many treatments for a child with disabilities, not as an answer for all. There are strong points of causes war ii essay, law, court cases, and expert opinion to support both sides of the inclusion debate. Write Essay Darwinism! We know that more and causes war ii essay more students with disabilities are spending their school days in general education settings. The debate on the issue of inclusion will continue for some time. We must remember what we have learned from problems essays both the causes of world essay proponents of full inclusion, as well as those who oppose it. The inclusionists are right to bring special education out into a new light, to consider the rights of children and the social ramifications of their placement. The oppositionist would ask, is this enough to determine the placement of a student with disabilities? The oppositionists are right to see inclusion as one of many treatments available for the disabled student and to consider the education of that student as paramount in determining his/her placement.

The inclusionists would ask, where are the rights of the student? The history and subsequent laws of inclusion can help us to understand how we got to this point. Where will we go from here? When all is critical in logical systematic theory, said and done, it still comes down to the lives of children. We cannot forget that how we proceed in the issue of inclusion will dramatically effect these children and their futures. What if it was your child?

Friend, Marilyn and of world essay Bursuck, William D. (2002). Including Students with Special Needs, A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn Bacon, 2002. Kauffman, James M. (2002). Problems Essays! Education Deform, Bright People Sometimes Say Stupid Things about Education. Lanham, Maryland: Scarecrow Press, Inc. Fuchs, Douglas and Fuchs, Lynn S. (1998). Competing visions for educating students with disabilities: inclusion versus full inclusion. Childhood Education, Midsummer 1998 v74 n5 p309 (8). Hall, Jean P. (2002).

Narrowing the breach: can disability culture and full educational inclusion be reconciled? Journal of Disability Policy Studies, Winter 2002 v13 i3 p144 (9). Hardin, Dorothy E. and McNelis, Sally J. (1996). The resource center: hub of inclusive activities. Educational Leadership, February 1996 v53 n5 p41 (3).

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essay structer Tristanne Connolly, Department of causes war ii, English, St. Jerome's University. You can skip ahead to advice on: Essays usually begin with one introductory paragraph. The first section of this paragraph eases the environmental essays, reader in. You could be writing about causes of world war ii anything at this point, so use your introduction to let readers know what you are writing about, and get them interested. Possible ways to do this are: Find a quotation that reflects your ideas, or sums up what you want to social say in an interesting, snappy way. You have a ready source for quotations in causes war ii, the piece of literature you're writing about.

If you take your quote from another source, make it clear to the reader where it comes from: not just the name of critical essay in logical theory, who said it, but brief background, such as who that person is, and in what context it was said. War Ii Essay? Also relate it clearly to environmental biotechnology the topic (and text) at hand. Give an causes war ii essay, example. Is there an especially interesting instance of what you are writing about? Use it to environmental essays pull the reader in. Remember, though, that in the body of your essay you will be using examples to prove your point; this is a different kind of example, used only to causes of world war ii introduce your point and intrigue your reader.

Start with the general and move to the specific--but not too general. Avoid the society today and most people kind of generalization because they are often untrue and always uninteresting. (William Blake once wrote, To Generalize is to environmental biotechnology essays be an Idiot. Why? Because there is always an exception, and causes essay, because the essay darwinism, details or minute particulars you use to of world prove your general idea are where the truth resides.) Give some background. What does the reader need to know about your topic, not only to get interested, but as a basis for what you intend to say? Explain an issue. Why is your topic important?

What is at stake? Offer a definition. Biotechnology Essays? Beware, just pulling a definition out of the dictionary can seem quite boring. If you do, comment on it, put a twist on it, contest it; or, come up with your own definition for the purposes of of world, your paper. Note that handbooks to father's day essay literature can offer fruitful and even contestable definitions of literary terms and war ii, devices. Ask a question. This gets readers involved, inviting them to answer your question mentally. But keep control of the comparative thesis, situation in causes of world war ii, case they answer in a way that doesn't serve your point. Selected Essays? When you use rhetorical questions in your essays, always make sure to of world war ii answer them.

Make a comparison. The thing you are writing about, what is it like? Does your paper use comparisons that you can introduce right away? Is there a metaphor you can use to shed light on environmental biotechnology, what you are saying? Tell a little story or anecdote related to your topic.

In very formal essays, this is the only place where you might be able to get personal. Make sure your introductory story is not too long. If necessary, give it its own short paragraph and of world, let the next paragraph do the job of the introduction. Present a mystery. Make what you are writing about sound interesting and complicated by addressing its contradictions, or its fascinating unknowns. Problems And Culture Essays? However, simply saying we will never know makes the reader feel as though you have no new insight to provide: go further and make some kind of suggestion, even if it is tentative. Next, give a few transitional sentences to move from your hook or attention-getter to causes your thesis. A good thesis statement or main idea is the key to a good essay. It is usually one sentence but can be two if necessary, and essays, it is causes of world essay traditionally placed at the very end of your introduction (this is the spot where teachers, grading stacks of papers, tend to look for it).

It is the main thing you are trying to say or argue in your essay, and all of argument argument essay historical in logical systematic theory, your body paragraphs will go to prove, support and elaborate on it. It is the pin that holds your essay together. Of World War Ii Essay? A topic is what your essay is slavery about, while a thesis is your stand, your particular, focused statement or argument on that topic, the insight that all of your points come together to show. Here are some ways to improve thesis statements: Make sure your thesis makes a claim . For instance, if you say there are many similarities and differences or this essay will address the characteristics of. , you could get more specific. Of World Essay? What similarities and differences? What characteristics? What do they have in problems, common? And what does it all mean? Are there any interesting contradictions involved, e.g., are there opposite characteristics working together, or characteristics that could have the opposite effect?

Make sure your thesis is not obviously true: a statement of fact or a clich. Instead, can you put a new twist on an old idea, or contest received wisdom? You are not really proving anything if you are restating common knowledge. Make sure your thesis can be proven within the constraints of the assignment. Know what kind of evidence to war ii use for a particular assignment, and make sure your thesis fits. For instance, when you are writing a literary essay, you must make sure your main point focuses on the text itself, and can be supported by textual evidence, rather than some other kind, such as personal experience, or statistics. These might be helpful for some small points, but if they're necessary to the main idea, then it's no longer a literary essay. When your essay assignment requires research, you must make sure your point can be proven reliably using sources you are able to essay find. Make sure your thesis is not based only on of world essay, opinion. Particularly, judgments such as good or bad, true or false, are hard to prove for this reason.

Could you say something about the significance of the topic instead? Or examine why you think something is true or false, good or bad? Iif you are automatically stating your opinion without considering it, you are not thinking very deeply and in logical systematic theory, may be in causes of world essay, the realm of clich. Dealing with a text, think about how the writer seems to feel about the topic, and be aware that she or he may not agree with you (or even the speakers in the text!). In all cases, question your assumptions. Imagine counterarguments and other views. Find out the reasons for your opinion, and that may lead you to a point you can explain and prove. Additionally, it will help you communicate with your reader, who may have a different point of view. Make sure your thesis is library thesis focused: not too broad.

Is your claim too general to causes war ii essay be convincingly proven with a few examples? Try to define it: you do not need to environmental account for everyone or everything. Can you develop your point and prove it within the page limit? Sometimes it is better to say more about less. Causes? You can pick one of the things you intended to address, or concentrate on one particular aspect of the topic.

You will notice that most of these problems with main ideas can be solved by getting more specific and more analytical . Ask the questions, What exactly? and What does it all mean? or What does it all teach us about ___? Complications can actually help you. If you come up against difficulties and problems selected, contradictions in your thinking, don't sweep them under the carpet. Think about how you can turn them around to causes prove your point anyway, or think how you can use them to define your idea more precisely. The thesis must not only state a claim worth proving; it must also give the reader an idea of how you intend to develop your main idea.

For instance, if you have three sub-points to your main idea, you can list them in brief in the same order you will discuss them in your body paragraphs. Also, make sure that your main idea effectively ties together all three (or however many) of library, your sub-topics. What do they have in common? What makes them different? The thesis is like a preview of war ii, your essay. This means that it helps a lot to have an idea of thesis, what you are going to say before you begin to write a first draft -- and that if your idea changes as you write and experiment, you should go back and change the thesis to causes of world fit. Argument Essay Systematic? Do not save your main point for your conclusion: essays are not suspense stories or poker games.

Lay your cards on war ii essay, the table in comparative thesis, the introduction. However, remember that in your body paragraphs you will prove and expand on your main idea: the introduction shows exactly where you are going, and in the body paragraphs you go there. You can have as many body paragraphs as you wish. Causes War Ii Essay? However many sub-topics you have to prove your thesis, that is how many body paragraphs you will have. Argument Argument Essay Historical Systematic? You can place them in any order, so long as it makes sense. For instance, you can:

*place the strongest argument last. *move in causes of world, chronological order. *move from argument argument historical in logical theory causes to of world essay effects. *alternate: if you are writing about more than one thing, move back and forth between them. *chunk: if you are writing about more than one thing, write all about father's day essay contest one then all about the other. Every body paragraph must have a topic sentence which is like a mini-thesis, and which is usually placed at or near the beginning of the paragraph (indicating what you are going to causes of world war ii essay prove), but can also come at father's day essay contest, the end (indicating what you have just proven). The topic sentence expresses the main point this paragraph is out to demonstrate.

Keeping aware of causes of world war ii, your topic sentences can help you make sure your paragraphs are well-developed . Give as much proof and essay social, explanation as you can for of world your sub-point in each paragraph. Go into detail. Make sure in every paragraph you: *offer some kind of evidence . For a textual or literary essay, your evidence will be specific references to the text along with logical argument and comparative slavery, explanation of your interpretation. In a research essay, you will also include references to causes essay respectable scholarly work on the topic, not so much as evidence but as other voices in the debate over the text--you're having a written conversation with fellow scholars. *offer full explanation of how and why your evidence proves your point , and how and why that point relates back to your thesis. If any of contest, your paragraphs are lacking either of these things, something is wrong with them and causes of world war ii essay, they must be fixed.

E.g., a paragraph that is all evidence or summary with no explanation indicates no brain work on your part: you need to analyze your evidence and explain what it means, particularly in relation to your main idea. Write Essay? Conversely, a paragraph that is causes of world war ii all assertions gives the reader the impression you are talking through your hat. Usc Digital? Essay readers will not take your word for it. If you are arguing something reasonable, you should be able to prove it, and of world war ii, if you don't it will look like you can't. For every assertion you make, give proof and explanation. Topic sentences can also help you make sure your paragraphs are all unified . Each paragraph should be about only one thing . If there is write essay darwinism any sentence in a paragraph which is not on topic, it should either be moved to the paragraph where it belongs, or thrown out. If nothing in the paragraph can be clearly related to your essay's main idea, the whole paragraph has to causes war ii go. Your body paragraphs must all work to father's contest prove your thesis: this makes your essay coherent . To assure your reader that your essay is coherent or hangs together, you need to have smooth transitions between paragraphs. A formulaic way to move from one paragraph to causes of world the next is to say something like, Another example. or The third point is. Environmental Biotechnology Essays? , but this is causes of world very mechanical and comparative thesis, so doesn't have the finesse of an A paper! Using such formulae is handy for a first draft, but as you improve your paper, try to replace mechanical transitions with more interesting ones.

Think about the ideas you are trying to causes of world express: what do they have in comparative, common? What is the difference between the last idea and this one? You can use the similarities and differences to compose interesting transition sentences which help you show why you decided to organize your paper the way you did, and of world, also give more significance to your points. Handy comparison and contrast words can assist you here: (of course you will fill in the details!) Although/While this last idea is like this, this next idea is like that; This last idea is argument essay in logical systematic theory like this, and this new idea is also/similarly like this with these important differences or further details. You can also use time sequence (e.g.

Next/Meanwhile ), or cause and causes war ii, effect (e.g. Consequently/If. then ). The conclusion of an essay wraps things up. Usc Digital Library Thesis? It reiterates the main idea in different words, and looks back over causes war ii how the thesis was proven. This is not just repetition: it gives you an opportunity to day essay show how you have developed your idea, to indicate what the reader has learned by reading your essay. As well as summing up , the conclusion should leave the causes essay, reader satisfied that the time it took to read the essay was well spent. So, remember Miles Davis and argument essay historical in logical systematic theory, answer the question, So What?

Why is all this important? What are the implications of what you have argued? What does it mean in causes essay, the big world? As in your introduction, though, be careful not to over-generalize , making a claim that your essay is more important than it is or has proven more than it has. No new information should be offered in the conclusion; only the ideas already presented, seen in environmental biotechnology, a new light. Some ways to put a sting in the tail of causes war ii essay, your essay: Quotation.

Find one that reflects or sums up your point in a clever and memorable way. Figurative language. Metaphors and images can leave a striking idea or picture in the reader's mind, and you can use them to elaborate on argument critical historical theory, your insight. Especially if you use one in the introduction, bring it up again and essay, see how you can use it a bit differently. Example or anecdote. A brief story or example can make the implications of your point more vivid, and place your ideas in usc digital library thesis, a wider context.

Predictions or speculations. What follows from what you have argued? Make sure you don't speculate too far; stick to what seems plausible from essay what you said previously. And a finishing touch: a great title. A good title is not too vague, yet not too long either.

A good way to father's day essay think about it is, if a person were trying to causes of world essay find articles on your topic in a database, would your title have enough of the right keywords to pop up? Be sure to mention the text and/or author you're writing about, and include words which reveal something about the main drift of your argument. These are the write essay social darwinism, mechanics of an appropriate title; of course, you also want it to be interesting. A unique or clever turn of causes of world, phrase can do this for write essay social you. You can also take a short phrase from the text which you think particularly relates to what you have to essay say, and place it before your main title, with a colon to connect them. Here's an example.

Wild Ecstasies and biotechnology essays, Sober Pleasure: The Relationship between William and Dorothy Wordsworth in of world essay, Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey